Highlights and touchdowns: Tulane Green Wave 46-45 USC Trojans in NCAAF
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Tulane Green Wave, champions of the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic

Photo: Twitter GreenWaveFB
Photo: Twitter GreenWaveFB
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Game summary

In a dramatic finish, the Tulane Green Wave take the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic. Tyjae Spears with 205 yards on carries and 4 touchdowns was key to the Green Wave comeback. 

USC took an 0-14 lead in the second quarter, however, Tulane would respond with two touchdowns to tie the game. The first half would have two more touchdowns for USC, to finish with 14-28 in favor.

In the beginning of the third quarter, Tulane would get closer with a touchdown and a field goal, but USC would extend its lead with a touchdown and at the end of the half Tyjae Spears would score again to close the gap to 30-35. 

In the last quarter, USC seemed to seal the game with a touchdown and a field goal, but Tulane scored two touchdowns and a safety to take the lead with 8 seconds left.

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4Q | 0.08

Valentino Ambrosio scores the extra point and Tulane goes ahead.
4:52 PMa month ago

4Q | 0.08

Touchdown is confirmed.
4:50 PMa month ago

4Q | 0.08

TOUCHDOWN FOR TULANE Michael Pratt throws complete pass to Alex Bauman for 6 yds for TD. Play under review.
4:38 PMa month ago

4Q | 4.00

Safety, Austin Jones runs for a 1-yard loss for a SAFETY.
4:32 PMa month ago

4Q | 4.07

Touchdown, Tyjae Spears runs 4 yards for a TD. Valentino Ambrosio scores extra point.
4:27 PMa month ago

4Q | 4.30

Field goal, Denis Lynch makes a 43-yard field goal.
4:10 PMa month ago

4Q | 10.46

Fumble, loose ball by Tyjae Spears.
4:04 PMa month ago

4Q | 12.09

Touchdown, complete pass from Caleb Williams to Kyron Hudson 4 yards for a TD. Denis Lynch scores extra point.
3:57 PMa month ago

End of 3rd quarter

Tulane 30-35 USC
3:53 PMa month ago

3Q | 0.40

Touchdown, Tyjae Spears runs 2 yards for a TD. Failed 2-point conversion.
3:48 PMa month ago

3Q | 1.24

Touchdown, complete pass from Caleb Williams to Brenden Rice for 19 yards for a TD. Denis Lynch scores extra point.
3:34 PMa month ago

3Q | 4.02

Field goal, Valentino Ambrosio makes a 42-yard field goal.
3:26 PMa month ago

3Q | 7.13

Denis Lynch misses field goal.
3:11 PMa month ago

3Q | 11.55

Touchdown, Tyjae Spears runs 7 yards for a TD. Valentino Ambrosio scores extra point.
3:04 PMa month ago


The second half is underway at AT&T Stadium. 
2:43 PMa month ago

Half Time

Tulane 14-28 USC
2:42 PMa month ago

2Q | 0.12

Touchdown, Caleb Williams pass complete to Brenden Rice for 4 yds for a TD. Denis Lynch scores extra point.
2:34 PMa month ago

2Q | 1.19

Tulane returns possession.
2:29 PMa month ago

2Q | 2.21

Touchdown, Raleek Brown runs 39 yards for a TD. Denis Lynch scores extra point.
2:20 PMa month ago

2Q | 5.42

Touchdown, Michael Pratt throws complete pass to Jha'Quan Jackson for 87 yds for a TD. Valentino Ambrosio scores extra point.
2:16 PMa month ago

2Q | 6.32

Pass intercepted to Caleb Williams.
2:04 PMa month ago

2Q | 9.30

Touchdown, Tyjae Spears runs 3 yds for a TD. Valentio Ambrosio scores extra point.
1:55 PMa month ago

2Q | 12.33

Touchdown, Caleb Williams pass complete to Terrell Bynum for 3 yds for a TD. Denis Lynch scores extra point.
1:46 PMa month ago

End of 1st quarter

Tulane 0-7 USC
1:38 PMa month ago

1Q | 2.46

Tulane returns possession.
1:29 PMa month ago

1Q | 5.58

Touchdown, Caleb Williams throws complete pass to Michael Jackson III for 9 yds for a TD. Denis Lynch scores extra point. 
1:11 PMa month ago


The match is underway at AT&T Stadium.
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Alex Grinch: "It's going to be a great challenge"

"They put you in constant conflict," USC defensive coordinator Alex Grinch said of Tulane's offense. "Most of their running game includes the RPO aspect of things, the ability to throw the ball down the field. So the easy answer is to try to put more hats on [Spears]. That's hard to do [with] being solid in the passing game, too."
12:46 PMa month ago

Caleb Williams, will be at the Cotton Bowl

On hold was the presence of its star in the Cotton Bowl, but USC quarterback Caleb Williams , will be tested in the Cotton Bowl game despite suffering what appeared to be a serious hamstring injury several weeks ago.


His stay with the team is an obvious boost for the Trojans' offense, which benefits greatly from both Heisman-winning talent and balanced quarterback leadership.

Photo: USC FB Twitter
Photo: USC FB Twitter
12:36 PMa month ago

Lincoln Riley: "It's going to be a very important matchup"

"It certainly would have been a much bigger challenge maybe in a normal game week or in a normal seven-day window, especially when you're playing really good defense like we were getting ready to play," Riley said. "I think our guys have tried to [take] advantage of the time to try to create some continuity here over the last month. And as is the case with every game, it's going to be a very, very important matchup."
12:29 PMa month ago

Willie Fritz: "We're proud to represent New Orleans"

"Obviously it's a tremendous challenge to play a team like USC. We're proud to represent our conference, our university and New Orleans".
12:26 PMa month ago

Game statistics




35.2 (22° in NCAA)

Scoring Offense

41.1 (3° in NCAA)

20.46 (20° in NCAA)

Scoring Defense

27.92 (81° in NCAA)

3078 (61° in NCAA)

Passing Offense

4234 (6° in NCAA)

2562 (25° in NCAA)

Russing Offense

2264 (52° in NCAA)

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Start of coverage

We are already in our coverage of the Cotton Bowl game, played by the Tulane Green Wave vs USC Trojans, everything that happens in the AT&T Stadium, we tell you here, where if not more on VAVEL.
Photo: Tulane FB Twitter
Photo: Tulane FB Twitter
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Stay tuned to follow Tulane Green Wave vs USC Trojans live on VAVEL

We will soon share with you the starting lineups for Tulane Green Wave vs USC Trojans live, as well as the latest information from AT&T Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL's live online stream of the match.
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Where and how to watch Tulane Green Wave vs USC Trojans online live NCAAF 2022

This is the kickoff time for the Tulane Green Wave vs USC Trojans game on January 2 in several countries:
Argentina: 15:00 hours
Bolivia: 14:00 hours
Brazil: 15:00 hours
Chile: 3:00 p.m.
Colombia: 1:00 p.m. 
Ecuador: 13:00 hours 
United States (ET): 1:00 p.m. on ESPN
Spain: 8:00 p.m.
Mexico: 13:00 hours
Paraguay: 15:00 hours
Peru: 13:00 hours
Uruguay: 3:00 p.m. 
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Key Player- USC

Caleb Williams is the team's quarterback, this season he was selected as the Heisman Memorial Trophy winner. On the season, he has thrown 448 passes, of those, 296 completed passes. He has 4075 yards and 37 touchdowns and 4 interceptions on the season.
Photo: USA Today Sports
Photo: USA Today Sports
7:45 AMa month ago

Key Player - Tulane

Michael Pratt is the quarterback of the Tulane Green Wave. On the season he has 321 pass attempts, 207 of which have been completed, with a 64.5% percentage, the best in his NCAA career. 
He has completed 2776 yards, 25 touchdowns and 5 interceptions so far. 
Photo: USA Today Sports
Photo: USA Today Sports
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Head to Head: Green Wave vs Trojans

This will be the first duel in 76 years between the Green Wave and the Trojans. Both squads played in 1931, 1942 and 1946; the record is in favor of USC with a 2-1 record.

In the first meeting in 1931, the Trojans defeated the Green Wave in the Rose Bowl, taking the national championship.

7:35 AMa month ago

Trojans look to close out season with Cotton Bowl as consolation prize

The USC team had an 11-2 record on the season, occupying first place in the Pac-12 standings, however, they lost the conference championship game to Utah by a score of 47-24. They will look to the Cotton Bowl for a consolation prize.
7:30 AMa month ago

Tulane wants to make a splash in the Cotton Bowl

The Tulane team finished the season with a record of 11-2 and ranked 16th in the nation, however, for the Cotton Bowl they have a 41% chance of winning, so they will have to optimize their offense and defense to try to beat USC.
7:25 AMa month ago

College football action continues

This afternoon the collegiate bowls of the 2022 NCAAF season will continue, this time we will have all the incidents of the duel between Tulane Green Wave vs USC Trojans, a duel that will give the winner of the traditional Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic.
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Where will the match be played?

The AT&T Stadium, located in Arlington (Texas), will host this duel. It is a stadium owned by the Dallas Cowboys. This stadium has capacity for 80,000 fans and was inaugurated in 2009.
Photo: Dallas Cowboys
Photo: Dallas Cowboys
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Good morning VAVEL friends!

Welcome to the live broadcast of the Tulane Green Wave vs USC Trojans, corresponding to the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic. The game will take place at AT&T Stadium, at 13:00.