Highlights and touchdowns Dallas Cowboys 37-18 New York Giants, 2019 NFL
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4Q - 0:00
Finish the game. Dallas easily beats New York.
4Q - 0:06 / TD Cowboys
Fumble and Lewis returns it to TD. Maher's extra point is good.
4Q - 1:10
Collins captures Daniel Jones in midfield.
4Q - 1:59
Two-minute break.
4Q - 4:18
New York attack starts at 15 yard.
4Q - 5:38
Giants punt. Cowboys attack will start in the opponent's 47 yard.
4Q - 7:45
Touchback. Giants attack starts at 25 yard.
4Q - 7:56 / TD Cowboys
Prescott's touchdown pass to 45-yard Amari Cooper. Maher's extra point is good.
4Q - 10:06
Zeke Elliott runs for over 10 yards and Cowboys are in rival territory.
4Q - 11:45
Dallas attack starts within 10 yard by personal foul.
4Q - 11:50 / FG Giants
Aldrick Rosas' 29-yard field goal attempt that's good.
4Q - 12:18
Exploits Saquon Barkley for over 70 yards. 1&goal for New York.
4Q - 12:30
New York Attack Begins at 26 Yard.
4Q - 12:40 / TD Cowboys
15-yard pass from Prescott to Gallup, great cast from Wide Recevier. Extra point from Maher is good.
4Q - 13:01
Run for 20 yards Prescott, into red zone Dallas.
3Q - 0:00
Pass from Prescott to Cobb. Dallas with 1&10 in midfield.
3Q - 0:27
Touchback. Dallas Attack will start at 25 yard.
3Q - 0:27 / FG Giants
Try FG of Aldrick Rosas 26 yards that's good.
3Q - 3:00
Daniel Jones runs for 15 yards. Giants are in the red zone for punishing Woods.
3Q - 4:34
Great comeback kick from Giants. They'll have a new attack at 50 yards.
3Q - 4:43 / FG Cowboys
Brett Maher's 28-yard FG attempt that's good.
3Q - 6:15
Zeke Elliott escapes for over 20 yards and Dallas is in the red zone.
3Q - 7:33
Daniel Jones loose ball. Attack of Dallas will begin in the 49 of the rival thanks to the ball that Thompson recovers.
3Q - 8:28
Three and out to Dallas. New York attack begins on its 35 yard.
3Q - 10:56
For the Dallas defense with Jones captured. Cowboys' new attack will begin on his 25th yard.
3Q - 14:53
Nice comeback from the Giants on the kickoff. Attack will start in midfield.
Blake Jarwin's TD that got the Cowboys closer.


2Q - 0:00 / FG Cowboys
Brett Maher's 52-yard field goal attempt that's good. Dallas goes to half-time with the advantage.
2Q - 0:26
Xavier Woods intercepts Daniel Jones, Dallas will have one last chance to score points.
2Q - 0:48
Giants attack starts at 21 yard.
2Q - 0:52 / TD Dallas
42-yard scoring pass from Prescott to Jarwin. Extra point from Maher is good.
2Q - 1:25
Elliott's 10-yard drive and he's in rival territory.
2Q - 2:00
Two-minute break.
2Q - 2:50
Touchback. Dallas will have a new attack from the 25 yard.
2Q - 2:50 / FG Giants
FG's try of 25-yard Roses that's good.
2Q - 4:37
1&goal for New York with Saquon Barkley's bullfight.
2Q - 6:29
Reverse play with a 16-yard gain for Golden Tate. Giants in rival territory.
2Q - 9:16
Cobb loose ball provoked by Bethea. New York will have a new offensive from its 20th yard.
That's how New York got up with Latimore's TD.


2Q - 11:00
Dallas quickly gets into rival territory.
2Q - 11:48
New Dallas attack starts at 21 yard.
2Q - 11:55 / TD Giants
Jones to Latimore scoring pass for a yard. Extra point of Rosas is bad.
2Q - 13:40
Receipt to a Golden Tate hand. 1&goal in yard 1.
2Q - 14:57
Giants inside the red zone, for a punishment by the Cowboys.
1Q - 0:00
Finish the first quarter. Dallas and New York tie at three.
1Q - 2:00
Daniel Jones runs for 15 yards and New York gets into rival territory.
1Q - 2:09
Brett Maher's 54-yard FG attempt fail.
1Q - 4:27
Pollard's five-yard run, Dallas' attack is already in rival territory.
1Q - 6:37
Three and out for the Giants. The new Dallas attack will begin at the 27-yard.
1Q - 8:13
Back on Latimore's kick. New York attack begins at 25 yard.
1Q - 8:19 / FG Cowboys
35-yard Brett Maher FG that's good.
1Q - 10:27
Ezekiel Elliott's run, Dallas is already in the red zone.
1Q - 12:18
Dallas is already in midfield for a pass from Prescott to Witten.
This was Bethea's interception that ultimately gave the first three points of the match.
1Q - 13:23
Dallas' second offensive begins at the 25th yard.
1Q - 13:23 / FG Giants
Rosas converts 21-yard FG.
1Q - 14:49
Interception. Antonio takes Dak Prescott's pass. New York in red zone.
1Q - 15:00
Dallas atcak bbegin in yard 12.
In the blue uniform, the Cowboys are going out to play tonight.

Inactive Dallas players: Cedrick Wilson, Devin Smith, Leighton Vander Esch, Joe Jackson, Adam Redmond, Cam Fleming and Trysten Hill.
Inactive players of New York Giants. 

MetLife Stadium looks to you if you dispute over Monday Night Football. 

Daniel Jones is also already warming up. 

Zeke' Elliott warming up at MetLife Stadium. 

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Giants without finding the way to win
Last week it seemed like a game to New York mode and come out of their losing streak to the Lions who were also going through a bad time. Giants accumulated their third defeat when they fell (26-31). They met a great performance from Matthew Stafford who threw three assists, two of them to Golladay.
Photo: Pride of Detroit
Photo: Pride of Detroit
Dallas returns from bye week
The week of rest for the Vaqueros arrived the week before, right in the middle of the season. Prior to this, the division leadership was played at home when the Eagles were hosted at home. Round game for Dallas at AT&T Stadium where they beat Philadelphia (10-37), thanks to the four ball deliveries of the rival team.
Photo: Blogging The Boyz
Photo: Blogging The Boyz
Giants: Team News
After returning from an ankle injury last week in Detroit, Saquon Barkley has once again become the most important weapon in New York's attack. Barkley had a great comeback to the gratings the week before at Ford Field.
 BetIndian News
BetIndian News
Cowboys: Team News
After their week of rest, the Dallas Cowboys will be able to release their new defensive weapon that they obtained in the day limit of changes. Michael Bennett arrived from the New England Patriots, in exchange for a sixth or seventh round depending on whether objectives are met. It will be of great help for the Cowboys defensive.
Photo: Si
Photo: Si
What to expect today?
The second match of the season between Cowboys and Giants will take place in New York. Dallas comes with the need to take the victory to keep the first place of NFC East, while the Giants if they want to stay alive in the division, they must beat the Cowboys.
Foto: Blogging The Boyz
Foto: Blogging The Boyz
Kick-off time: 20:15pm ET
The Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants match will be played at the MetLife stadium, in ‎East Rutherford, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 20:15pm ET.
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