Santi Cazorla urges Arsenal to sign a new striker
Santi Cazorla was influential last season for Arsenal

Santi Cazorla has highlighted the need of more depth the centre forward position this summer, following a lack of options last season.

Arsenal finished third last season but suffered with the lack of depth in key areas last season, the influential midfielder hopes this is rectified this summer so a repeat does not occur next season.

"Yes of course [Arsenal should sign a striker] because Danny had an injury," stated Cazorla.

"We had only Giroud up front. It’s better if we sign a new striker for the team and for the club. We want to be more regular. Last season we lost so many points against small teams at home - Hull City for example - and if we want to win the league we can’t lose those points."

There is still a lack of squad depth

The Gunners had to rely on Alexis Sánchez playing through the middle as they were yet again hampered by injuries for large parts of last season, Olivier Giroud netted a commendable 19 times for Arsenal despite his injury problems, while Danny Welbeck only scored four times in 25 appearances - often being deployed in a winger role. 

Theo Walcott could make a difference next season as he looks set to extend his current deal, the England forward was unavailable for literally the whole season due to injury.

Strikers Arsenal could possibly pursue

Arsenal have been linked with several strikers already this season, Colombian forward Jackson Martinez's future is still yet to decided with him claiming his much reported move to Serie A side AC Milan is still "not done", there has also been talk of Arséne Wenger rekindling his interest in Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain for Italian side Napoli, who carries a price tag of around £40million pounds.

It is firmly believed that Arsenal "are close" to being seen as serious contenders for the Premier league title next season but without adding two or three players to their squad this summer it could well be another case of just doing enough for UEFA champions league qualification.