Highlights: Atlas Femenil 0-0 Pumas Femenil in Liga MX Femenil
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We hope you enjoyed the Atlas vs Pumas matchday six of Liga MX Femenil. Stay tuned to the VAVEL website for updates throughout the day.
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Felinas and Rojinegras tied to add one more point in the Grita México Apertura 2021, however, with this score, Pumas remain undefeated and Atlas remains at the top of the table.

Both teams tried to propose in the first half, but the neutrality and possession of the ball prevented the emergence of several dangerous plays. 
In the second half, the academy team went all out in attack but were unable to open the scoreboard. 
Next matchday Atlas will host Rayadas and Querétaro will visit the Olímpico Universitario to face Pumas UNAM.

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It's over!

The match ends at the Estadio Jalisco! Atlas Femenil and Pumas Femenil split points at the start of the Liga BBVA MX Femenil matchday.

Final Score: 0-0

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Yellow Card! Zellyka Guadalupe Arce of Atlas is cautioned.
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PUMAS substitution, Lucia Rodriguez comes out and Marlyn Margoth Campa comes in.
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Atlas substitution, Julissa Fernanda Dávila comes out and Valeria Razo comes in.
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Shot on goal for Atlas! Shot to the post that ends in a rebound for Joana Perez, however, the ball crashed into the figure of the university goalkeeper.
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Out of place for Atlas, Paola García was left with the desire to go one-on-one against the goalkeeper.
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PUMAS substitution, Diana Paula Gómez comes out and Bibiana Guadalupe Quintos comes in.
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Atlas substitution, Alison Hecnary González exits and Alejandra Lomelí enters.
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Yellow Card! Alison Hecnary González of Atlas is cautioned.
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Norma Hernandez is treated by the medical staff after a head-on collision.
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Shot on goal by Atlas!
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The second half begins!

The ball is back in play at the Estadio Jalisco, Atlas and Pumas are currently in a scoreless draw.
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The first half ends on the Jalisco pitch! Atlas Femenil plays to a scoreless draw with Pumas Femenil.
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Shot on goal for PUMAS! Dinora Garza filters the ball to Daniela García and in an attempt to send the ball to the far post, the shot goes wide.
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The match is still scoreless, Atlas has had the clearest chances at the moment.
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Dangerous play in the PUMAS box! Andrea García had a chance inside the box but couldn't get the ball into the net.
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Dangerous play in the PUMAS area! Delgado hits the ball with everything he has but it is deflected over the crossbar. Atlas has already knocked on the door
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Yellow Card! Deneva Cagigas of PUMAS is cautioned.
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The game continues without much action but with possession of the ball in the midfield, Atlas has looked slightly superior when applying high pressure.
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The first 15 minutes of the match are over! Atlas and Pumas have started a bit neutral, both looking to generate options without risking too much.
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Dangerous corner for Atlas but no one contacts the feline area.
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Dangerous play in the PUMAS area!
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The match begins!

Atlas Femenil vs Pumas Femenil match kicks off at Jalisco Stadium
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In a few moments, the match kicks off!

Pumas is already warming up before the start of the match and in a few moments we will begin the broadcast of the match: Atlas Femenil vs Pumas Femenil corresponding to Day 6 of the Liga BBVA MX Femenil!
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To warm up

The red-and-black Atlas players are warming up on the field of the Jalisco Stadium prior to the start of the match.
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Special return to the Jalisco!

The last time Atlas played at the Jalisco Stadium was in the first leg of the semifinals of the Guard1anes 2021 tournament against Chivas.
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Congratulations could not wait

Prior to the start of the match, the team congratulated Alison Gonzales for her goal scoring title and golden ball, honor to whom honor is due!
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UNAM's lineup is ready

Lineup confirmed! These will be the eleven felines that will take the field at the Jalisco to defend the blue and gold colors.Photo: Twitter
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Red and black tricolor!

Three Rojinegras will be part of the new call-up to the Mexican U-15 National Team. The Academics will concentrate at the CAR with the Tricolor, from August 20 to 27.

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The leaders of the field!

These are the leaders on the field for the university squad, Deneva and Dinora Garza are among the deserved recognition!

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Remembering the past

Pumas did not miss the opportunity to recall the important draw they earned last season at the Estadio Olímpico Universitario against the Rojinegras. Will they split points again?
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This is what the Jalisco field looks like!

Beautiful day in Guadalajara, Jalisco to play the most beautiful sport in the world. This is how the legendary Jalisco Stadium field looks like before the start of the match corresponding to Day 6 of the BBVA MX Women's League. Will the academy come out on top today?
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Interesting contrast!

This is the head-to-head of Atlas Femenino vs Pumas Femenino, a very even duel in the statistics but not one that has been reflected in the same way on the field and in the standings.

Photo: Twitter

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The wait is over!

The wait is over! Today the red-and-black Atlas and the Pumas of the National University will face each other on the field of the mythical Jalisco Stadium. Two different realities are what we will see on the field, on the one hand, the locals are going through an extraordinary offensive moment and are placed at the top of the table, while the felines are located at the bottom of the general with a very serious problem in the offense having scored only 2 goals so far in the championship. Who will win? 
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Tune in here Atlas vs Pumas Live Score

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What time is Atlas vs Pumas match for Liga MX Women?

This is the start time of the game Atlas vs Pumas of 22th August in several countries:

Argentina: 14:00 PM

Bolivia: 11:00 AM

Brazil: 14:00 PM

Chile: 11:00 AM

Colombia: 12:00 PM

Ecuador: 12:00 PM

USA (ET): 13:00 PM

Spain: 7:00 PM

Mexico: 12:00 PM

Paraguay: 11:00 AM

Peru: 11:00 AM

Uruguay: 14:00 PM

Venezuela: 14:00 PM

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Key Player Pumas

Auriazul pride and made in C.U., Deneva Cagigas Gabilondo is the representation of the love for the blue and gold colors because since her debut in Liga MX Femenil, the player from the capital has defended with soul and life the university shield to such a degree that she has become one of the UNAM's standards and an idol of the university fans. She is one of the pillars in the defensive saga and has currently played 84% of the minutes played, of which she has appeared in 4 games as a starter out of the 5 games played, Deneva could be the one who becomes the factor of the match and an impossible wall for the red and blacks to pass. 

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Key Player Atlas

Alison Gonzales is synonymous with the definition of a striker, the striker of the red and black team is one of the pillars of the team and one of the most fundamental pieces in attack, since her arrival to the Jalisco squad has become a real killer in the area, currently has 57 goals with Atlas and in this tournament has 6 goals in 5 games played so she could be the weight that tips the scales in favor of the red and black and give them another victory so far in the championship.

Photo Twitter:

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Pumas last lineup:

M. Villeda; D. Gómez, D. Cagigas, M. Yokoyama, B. Quintos; D. García, M. Díaz; L. Rodríguez, L. Herrera; D. Garza; E. Santamaria.
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Atlas last lineup:

D. Rodríguez; N. Hernández, J. Dávila, K. García, V. Gonzáles; J. Robles, V. Pérez, Z. Arce; A. Gonzáles, A. Iturbide, M. García.
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Lastes Games:

The Atlas Femenil squad and Pumas Femenil have only met on three occasions: Apertura 2019, Guard1anes 2020 and Guard1anes 2021. In those meetings, the scales have tipped in favor of the red-and-black team, with two wins for the Jalisco team and one draw. The most recent encounter dates back to matchday 16 of last year's tournament, when the red-and-black and feline teams shared points by a 1-1 score at the Cantera facilities. Likewise, in terms of goals scored, it is the academy members who have the advantage with 5 goals to the university team's 3.
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The referee for this game will be Lizzet Amairany, the assistants 1 and 2 will be Jessica Fernanda Morales Morales and Elva Gutiérrez Martínez, and the fourth referee will be Andrés Villaseñor Miranda.
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The worst of the storms

The UNAM team is going through one of its worst moments after having had a great performance last tournament, now the university squad is in 15th place in the general ranking, only above Juárez, Necaxa and Mazatlán. The felines have only scored three goals in attack and eight goals against, the worrying thing is that the offensive saga has not been able to be convincing in attack, also, they are coming from a tough defeat against Tijuana by a score of 1-2 at home, so it is urgent to change the scenario to raise the blue and gold pride. 
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They continue to excite

The squad led by Fernando Samayoa is going through a great moment, being in 5th place in the general table, the Red and Blacks have one of the best offensive sagas in the league, scoring 10 goals in the scarce 5 days of the tournament, also, since the Apertura 2018 they have been constantly reaching the final stages of the tournament, however, they still do not get the cherry on the cake, so this year could be different and achieve the goal that they have fought so hard but not materialized.
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Two different realities

A new matchday will kick off for the red-and-black Atlas and the UNAM Pumas on Sunday morning at the Jalisco Stadium. Both teams have very similar realities, as both are at the bottom of the table in 15th (Pumas) and 5th (Atlas) with eight points between them. Likewise, while the academy is going through a great offensive moment, being the third highest scoring team, on the other hand, the feline team is going through one of its worst crises, having scored only three goals so far in the championship, and this will undoubtedly be one of the most closely matched duels in the competition.
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Kick-off time

The Atlas vs Pumas match will be played at The Jalisco Stadium, in Guadalajara, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 13:00 pm ET.
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