5 Things Learned: Smackdown 11/12/15 Edition
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5 Things Learned: Smackdown 11/12/15 Edition

This weeks Smackdown was taped in Manchester, England and saw the WWE Championship tournament continue, as well as a huge Survivor Series match be set up in a solid overall show. *Spoilers follow*

Matthew Wilkinson

Smackdown continued the build towards this years Survivor Series with a stacked show full of solid matches and good story development, but what are the five main things we learned this week from the blue brand. 

5. The Underdog 

Everyone loves an underdog, and it looks like the WWE Championship tournament just got it's very own in the form of Lucha Dragons member, Kalisto who defeated Ryback to move into the quarter finals of the competition. 

It was a true David - Goliath moment on Smackdown as The Big Guy took on the high flying Kalisto, and most expected a simple victory for the ex Intercontinental Champion, but that was not meant to be. 

It was a huge victory for Kalisto. Credit: www.inquisitr.com

It would be Kalisto who earned his spot in the quarter finals after an impressive showing, the masked superstar put on a real show as he brought out all his tricks with several high flying maneuvers that were very effective.

The match was very enjoyable overall, with the story of power - speed being played throughout and Kalisto demonstrating great heart like a true underdog and not giving up despite the huge hits he was taking. 

He will now move on to play the underdog role in the tournament and whilst it's almost impossible that he will win, it gives fans someone to root for and invest in which is never a bad thing.

Continuing in the competition also makes the former NXT Tag Team Champion look even more credible should he one day transition into being a singles wrestler, and the show of respect from Ryback at the end was effective in putting him over.

He will now face Alberto Del Rio in his quarter final match in what should be an entertaining contest, the match up works well with WWE looking to expand their Hispanic audience and a good showing against the United States Champion will continue to push Kalisto, who is a very talented athlete. 

4. UK Fans Rock

That's right they certainly do, now this writer was in attendance and therefore could be a little biased, but it's been a long time since an audience has been that interested in an edition of Smackdown. 

There was no attempt to hijack the show or become the star of the show like certain 'smart crowds' have a tendency to do, it was just an arena full of passionate wrestling fans who thoroughly enjoyed their opportunity to witness it live. 

It can't be denied that fans from the UK are some of the most passionate wrestling fans in the entire world, traveling great distances to special events and staying up until all hours to watch the product live. 

With NXT's next Takeover event taking place live from London, it seems like a huge step in the right direction to giving back to one of the WWE's most hardcore groups of fans, and it's a pleasure to see. 

But surely it wouldn't be too much to ask, to give the UK fans a live special, it doesn't have to be Summerslam or Wrestlemania but perhaps a smaller event like Hell in a Cell could really benefit from a guaranteed hot crowd. 

Yes, people in the USA would have to view it at different times, but once a year can't hurt, can it?

3. The Quarter Finals are set

The WWE Championship tournament was in full swing on Smackdown as we completed the opening round and set up all the quarter final matchup's as the WWE looks to crown a new champion. 

Kalisto managed to overcome the odds against Ryback in their bout and will move on to face Alberto Del Rio who succesffully beat Stardust as he continues to impress since returning to the company. 

The quarter final match up between Del Rio and Kalisto should be very interesting and will certainly gain the Hispanic audience's attention in what should be a very fast paced match up to gain a spot in the semi finals. 

Smackdown's other tournament match saw two Englishmen go to battle as King Barrett went up against the high flying Neville in what was the match of the night, as the English crowd had full investment and both men worked hard to earn a spot in the next round. 

However that right went to the former NXT Champion, Neville who managed to hit the Red Arrow for the victory and will go on to face another NXT alumni in the form of Kevin Owens in what will certainly be a close match. 

Overall the three matches were all entertaining and well done as the last minute tournament continues, it's unlikely that any of the men who progressed will go on to win the overall competition but all three are excellent workers and make good additions to the brackets. 

The Uso's Credit: www.pinterest.com

2. Uso Crazy 

How good is it to have The Uso's back within the WWE? They have been sorely missed in the tag team division as they bring so much to the overall product, and having them back again is great to see. 

They bring so much energy to the ring with them, right from the entrance all the way to the end's of their matches it is high paced action and the WWE Universe loves them for it, and Smackdown was no different.

They main evented the show against Luke Harper and Erick Rowan they put on a brilliant match before being destroyed by the Wyatt Family to close the night. 

The tag team division is much stronger having the brothers back in the mix, and it will not be long before they are back in the title picture, hoping to regain their championships. 

With their high flying and hard hitting style everything they do works and always looks good, meaning that their matches have an excellent flow and pace to them, which is what makes them so fun to watch. 

Welcome back, this author has missed you. 

1. It's A Family Affair 

This weeks Smackdown brought the new that fans have been waiting to hear ever since the aftermath of Hell in a Cell, the news that two family's will collide, The Wyatt Family against The Brothers of Destruction at Survivor Series.

With the Wyatt's offering the challenge to open the show, it was a matter of time before the Deadman would answer the call, saving the Uso's from a further beating he rose from the depth's of hell to provide the Eater of Worlds with his answer, and the match was set. 

However it wasn't the match that most had expected, it will not be a traditional Survivor Series match, nor will it be a four on two handicap match, whilst those options seems the obvious and more popular of the choices, a curve ball was thrown and it will simply be a tag team match.

Two members of the Wyatt Family will be stepping up to battle the Brothers of Destruction which came as a surprise to most, but anything can happen in the WWE and this could end up changing, but for now that's the plan. 

The build up towards this match has been very well done up to now, and given the WWE Championship situation having a major feud such as this is going to really boost Survivor Series. 

Announcing the match on Smackdown is also exactly what the blue brand needs, to regain it's former glory the WWE must pay more attention to the show and having major announcements like this take place on it will only help it's progress, now it's just a waiting game till Survivor Series to see family's do battle.

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