Lucha Underground Confirmed For Season 3
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The fast-paced Lucha Underground is set to continue, as a third season of the weekly show was announced on Monday. The promotion's Twitter page broke the news which was greeted with joy by many fans.

Lucha Underground was first aired back in October 2014 on the El Rey Network, and it quickly became popular and many now regard it as the best wrestling show in the United States.

After a very successful first season, a second season was confirmed to air in January 2016. El Rey have however already announced a third season for the hugely popular show with only one episode from season two being aired.

El Rey Network founder and chairman Robert Rodriguez said that Lucha Underground has 'caught fire' and developed a 'loyal and passionate' fanbase while executive producer Mark Burnett stated that he was excited that the fans will be able to enjoy the 'incredible action and stories'.

Lucha Underground combines a dramatic flare with fast paced wrestling to make it one of the most exciting wrestling promotions of today.

The traditional Mexican show introduces the American audiences to more high-flying action and quicker manoeuvres than they may be used to, accompanied with the dazzling masks worn by many of the perfomers it creates a vibrant and enthusiastic atmosphere for the crowd and viewers. 

The style of Lucha Underground is built upon the heritage and culture of Mexican wrestling dating back to the 1800s. Lucha Libre was one of Mexico's most popular sports and Lucha Underground aims to bring the distinct wrestling techniques and rapid combinations therefore making the promotion stand out from many others in the country, hence its large following.

Lucha Underground airs 8pm ET/PT Wednesdays on the El Rey Network and the promotion features wrestlers such as Chavo Guerrero Jr, Rey Mysterio, Johnny Mundo, Cage, Prince Puma, Pentagon Jr and Fenix.