AJ Styles WrestleMania 32 Match Rumors
Chris Jericho and AJ Stles aka Y2AJ (image: solowrestling.com)

Now just over one month since making his debut at the Royal Rumble Pay Per View, AJ Styles has already made a massive impact in the WWE

A feud with veteran Chris Jericho has already catapulted 'The Phenomenal One to stardom within the WWE universe. The two ex- adversaries are currently in the midst of a tag team angle. The two are set to face The New Day in a World Tag Team Championship bout on Monday Night Raw.

WrestleMania 32 is fast approaching however and fans are eagerly anticipating which superstar is set to square off against the former Bullet Club member.

WrestleMania Opponent

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" is the phrase often attributed to Sun Tzu a Chinese General existing in 400 BC. However, the quote may of interest to 'Y2J' as it is believed the six-time world champion is the opponent scheduled for Styles' on April 3rd.

The angle of the match has not been revealed but it is expected that Jericho will be the heel in the match. A source on Reddit named "falconarrow", who previously broke the news regarding Shane McMahon's return, is believed to have leaked the rumors saying "I am really confused on why they have a shirt - especially considering they are facing each other at mania."

Y2AJ merchandise available on WWESHOP,COM (image: wweshop,com)
Y2AJ merchandise available on WWESHOP,COM (image: wweshop,com)

The comments came after a shirt appeared on the WWE Shop homepage advertising the pairs tag team 'Y2AJ.' If believed, it would seem strange to essentially advertise the duo as a tag team as well as selling merchandise despite being set to split up in less than a month's time. 

What comes of the storyline remains to be seen, but many predicted that the partnership of Jericho and Styles would be a short term thing, yet the two notched up a host of wins; including two over the current Tag Team Champions, while AJ singlehandedly defeated Kofi Kingston despite having both Big E and Xavier Woods at ringside. 

Bret Hart on AJ Styles

Bret Hart gives his views of AJ Styles (image: csrwrestling.com)
Bret Hart gives his views of AJ Styles (image: csrwrestling.com)

The 38-year-old has already received an array of support despite his short career with the company, as recent cancer survivor Bret Hart gave his views on the former TNA man's chances in the WWE.

He said Styles had "Always been a great wrestler" and that he has "always been a fan" he also revealed he believes he can "do it on his own" but on the current partnership between Jericho and AJ he said he "hopes" that "it works out for them."

The 58-year-old also believes that the former New Japan Pro Wrestling star should be nothing like current number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Roman Reigns, as the Canadian unleashed a scathing attack on the writers within the company. 

He said "These writers do not have a clue about what they are doing" he believes that "whoever tried to make Roman Reigns (the character that he is)" should "stay away from AJ Styles." The Hitman has never been on the best of terms with the company since the Montreal Screwjob of 1997, and still retains feelings of resentment, not so much through his own experiences but with the way the company is run overall.