WrestleMania Plans For Kalisto
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Kalisto is set to defend his United States Championship in a match at this years WrestleMania, according to the Wrestling Observer Radio. The championship has been a major priority for the WWE in recent years, with Rusev and John Cena putting the title back on the map with important and lengthy runs as champion. 

The company has decided to give Kalisto his first ever push as a singles wrestler with the belt, and after a lackluster run by Alberto Del Rio there is certainly work to be done to ensure the United States Championship doesn't become an afterthought once again. Kalisto defending the title at WrestleMania 32 is essential for the belt to stay relevant and for the high flying superstar to continue rising within the company. 

Not Another Match 

Early rumors had stated that the Lucha Dragon would be defending his title against Del Rio (again) in a continuation of their rivalry, but it appears those plans have been scrapped. Most fans will likely rejoice in the news that the pair will not be facing each other at the 'grandest stage of them all,' as the WWE Universe had become tired of the feud. 

Whilst the matches between Kalisto and Del Rio were certainly entertaining, as is expected between two of the company's best workers, it has been played out and repeated countless times and fans want to see Kalisto in a fresh feud heading into 'Mania. The fact that their match at Royal Rumble was on the pre-show doesn't exactly give it a 'big fight' feel that is needed for the matches at WrestleMania, so it makes sense for WWE to move away. 

The Big Guy vs. The Little Guy 

The current favorite to face Kalisto is none other than, The Big Guy, Ryback. The former Intercontinental Champion is in the midst of a heel turn that the WWE hopes will see Ryback rise to the top of the card once again (despite his previous heel run failing) and throwing him into a championship feud could be a perfect way to cement him as a top star once again. 

Could this be the US title match at WrestleMania? Photo- WWE.com
Could this be the US title match at WrestleMania? Photo- WWE.com

Kalisto and Ryback fought during the WWE Championship tournament following Seth Rollins' injury and put on a fantastic encounter, with Ryback using his size and strength against Kalisto's speed and agility. Both men are currently involved in triple threat matches(notable also with Del Rio) for the belt on live shows, which could be a sign that WWE are preparing the two men for a match at WrestleMania. 

 Multi-Man Match 

One thing that has become a staple of WrestleMania in recent years is the multi-man matches. Whether it be a ladder match, a six man tag or a battle royal the WWE see's it as a way to put everyone on the card, and even though the Andre the Giant battle royal is expected to continue this year, another multi-man match with upper mid-card talent could also take place. 

If a multi-man match was to happen, Kalisto's US Championship would certainly be a candidate. Given his natural high flying abilities and his previous success at stealing a show in a ladder match environment, that could also be a possibility for the WWE. 

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