Mr. Anderson Fired From TNA
Anderson had a successful run in TNA. Photo-

Ken Anderson was sent home immediately from TNA's TV tapings in Bethlehem, PA after a reported drug related incident. TNA then fired Mr. Anderson who has since begun to appear on the independent scenes, most notably at ICW where he led a fan chant against his former employers. 

TNA Departure 

Mr. Anderson (former Kennedy) was let go from TNA by President, Dixie Carter as soon as the situation was worked out. It is reported that Anderson failed a drug test over pill related substances. He was scheduled to work a match with Eric Young at a recent taping but the match was scrapped from television when Anderson was said to be in bad shape, leading to a poor quality match.This led to the testing taking place as people in the locker room believed he was under the influence, which it turned out he was. 

Since then he has worked on the Indies but it is unknown as to whether or not he is clean, but TNA are believed to be wishing him the best and management are hoping he can begin rehab and get clean. It is not know if TNA would re-hire him if he was clean for a few months, but Anderson claims the parting was "Amicable". However his appearance on ICW led to him cutting a promo on the company and encouraging the fans to chant slanderous words against them, which appears anything but amicable. 

WWE Return In Sight?

Despite being a former two time TNA World Champion Anderson is most well known for his run in the WWE where he portrayed the Mr. Kennedy character. He had a very successful run in the company and was scheduled to be apart of several big angles including the Mr. McMahon's illegitimate son (which was originally meant to be him) but injuries and attitude problems halted his development. 

Kennedy's WWE run could have been so much more. Photo-
Kennedy's WWE run could have been so much more. Photo-

Anderson won the Money in the Bank during his time with the company, but he never cashed in the briefcase after getting hurt he ended up losing the opportunity to Edge, who cashed in for a second time despite not winning the match. Anderson was known for having quite a hot temper backstage and was ultimately released from the company. Whilst it isn't confirmed, Anderson claims that complaints from Randy Orton about him being too rough in the ring led to him being let go, but the likelihood is it was multiple issues building over time. 

Even with his issues in the past Anderson is still one of the best free agents available right now and someone that the WWE could easily hire. However with the reason he was fired from TNA being drug related it's unlikely that WWE will want to go near him at the moment until the situation has cooled and he can prove that he is not going to bring any bad press to the company, so for now it seems like Anderson will have to stick to the independent circuit.