Boris Johnson Is 'Dead Keen' On A WrestleMania In London
Could London ever be a host for WrestleMania? (image: Joel Lampkin)

WrestleMania 32 is taking place in Dallas, Texas in front of 100,000 fans in what will be the biggest wrestling attendance ever however, could the show of shows one day take place in England? Well it is a possibility according to the Mayor of London.

There has been talk for years regarding bringing the grandest stage of them all to Europe, with England being one of the most obvious candidates for the position and Boris Johnson is "dead keen" on the event.

WrestleMania in London?

One of WWE'S London shows (image:
One of WWE'S London shows (image:

During a Twitter Q&A London Mayor, Boris Johnson said that bringing WrestleMania to England is a possibility as he is eager for the event to take place on UK soil.

The 51-year-old said: "My great grandfather was briefly a fairground wrestler so i am dead keen..grassroots sport benefited 400k since 2008 #askboris."

England are yet to launch an official bid to WWE for the opportunity but it has been a talked about matter for a number of years.

The wrestling promotion travel to the United Kingdom twice a year on their European tour with most shows selling out, during these tours Raw and SmackDown, their two flagship are televised shows are recorded in the UK.

Last major event in Britain

SummerSlam 92 logo which took place at Wembley Stadium (image:
SummerSlam 92 logo which took place at Wembley Stadium (image:

The last major event to take place in the UK however was SummerSlam back in 1992 and was viewed by a packed crowd of 80,355 at Wembley Stadium which is the third highest attendance of a wrestling show for the company.

The main event of the night saw The British Bulldog defeat Bret Hart for the Intercontinental championship in what the Hitman has previously called his "favorite" match of all time.

Other matches on the card included The Ultimate Warrior versus Randy Savage for the then WWF Championship in which the 2014 Hall of Famer defeated the Macho Man.

Also in attendance was The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and the Legion of Doom, as the event racked up $2,200,000 in admissions alone which was an increase of $445,000 from the previous year.

Does the prospect of a WrestleMania in London excite you? If so check out this promo video for 'Mania in London in 2019!