Cesaro Return Announced
Photo: WrestlingInc

One of the casualties of the injury plague that has hit WWE this year, Cesaro has been out of action following rotator cuff surgery. Cesaro was injured in November and was scheduled to be out of action for nearly six months. Finally, fans have received word of when the superstar will be getting back in the ring.

Return to Action

The WWE announced on Twitter that Cesaro will be wrestling at a show on April 15 as part of their WrestleMania Revenge European tour. He will be wrestling on the tour but his first in-ring appearance will be in Amsterdam, Netherlands at the Ziggo Dome. Cesaro has stated previously that his injury will keep him from being able to participate in WrestleMania on April 3 in Dallas so fans will have to wait until later in the month to see him in action.

Misused Creatively

At the time of his injury, Cesaro seemed to have the fans behind him with the emergence of the Cesaro Section. Larger cheers and anticipation for his matches were noticeable in November as he was beginning to ascend the WWE rankings from mid-card to more of a main-eventer. Even some legends, notably Mick Foley, Ric Flair, and Stone Cold Steve Austin were becoming critical of the WWE creative team which they believed were holding back the wrestler.

Many of those legends believed that what he lacked in mic ability he made up for in the ring. Many fans also believed that he was being misused because of the quality that he delivered in the ring. It will be interesting to see what kind of reaction he gets upon return. It could signal to the WWE that he could be counted on to get the audience involved in the show. With his return nearly a month away, fans are excited and waiting anxiously to see the "King of Swing" get in the ring and deliver some European uppercuts and Cesaro Swing.