Trish Stratus is 'Stratisfied' with WWE
Trish Stratus says she still occasionally tunes into the WWE (image:

Trish Stratus was one of the pioneers of women's wrestling within the WWE, paving the way for females now such as Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Paige to establish themselves in the company thanks to her unique beauty and looks alongside her technical in-ring ability. 

The Canadian spoke with to share her views on the current state of the company as well as her feelings on stepping away from the ring. 

On retirement

Stratus defeated Lita in her final WWE match (image:
lStratus defeated Lita in her final WWE match (image:

Stratus retired 10 years ago at the Unforgiven Pay Per View, winning her seventh Women's Championship against current best friend and fellow wrestling great Lita

On calling it quits with the company the 40-year-old said it takes a certain "Braveness" to step away from the spotlight especially when "You're on top."

She continued saying it took "Courage" to step away and "Confidently" walk away when knowing you are "Satisfied" with "What you did" and know that now you are "Ready to" start the "Next chapter."

On whether she had any regrets or itchings to get back into the squared circle she said "I have not looked back" putting to bed any callings for the veteran to return to action. 

On The WWE Universe

The WWE Universe (image:
The WWE Universe (image:

Many retired and ex performers often choose to completely separate themselves from the product, opting to leave the company in their past rather than reflect.

Stratus has since maintained a vague interest within and says she often "Forgets" the "Crazy whirlwind" that she "Left behind" within the WWE.

She said "You do remove yourself" but she said she "Still watches RAW" and tunes into "Total Divas" every "Now" and "Then," so she is "Connected to it" but says at the same time she is "Out of it.

The married mom says she still gets "Fan mail" and "Letters" and says she often forgets the "Worldwide reach of WWE."