New Day on working with legends and Vince McMahon
New Day were given an elaborate entrance at 'Mania. Photo- WWE

It's fair to say The New Day have been one of the best things about WWE in recent months. The way that the trio have worked together to go from three singles wrestlers struggling to do anything meaningful to being the group that sold the most merchandise at WrestleMania 32 has been nothing short of extraordinary. Especially when you consider the fact that the WWE Universe itself didn't originally take to the group, but once they were given an opportunity to talk and be a little more free with what they could do things certainly took off.

Now the group seem almost unstoppable with fans desperate to see them on a weekly basis, they get constant big reactions and fail to disappoint in what they do whether it be on the mic or in the ring. Because of their popularity they have been afforded some fantastic opportunities from working with legends to elaborate WrestleMania entrances and they discussed numerous topics on the latest edition of the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast.

Early Vignettes

Despite the group being given plenty of time on the microphone things were not always that way for the groups veteran, Kofi Kingston. He revealed that it is a, "Miracle" that he is even still working for the company after the nightmare that was his opening vignettes were allowed to air on television.

Originally coming in under a Jamaican gimmick the WWE wanted to push the star in that direction, but the now confident Kingston admitted that his first video package was "Awful". He recalled the moment when he over heard Vince McMahon claim, "What is this? This is barely, barely passable" when listening on the headsets in the back.

It wasn't the perfect early experience for him and Kingston believed he was going to be one of those wrestlers who "Had their vignettes and they'll have, like, one match and then they will be gone," but fortunately for him the WWE stuck by him, a decision that has proved worthwhile in the long run.

On Working With Legends

The group have been gifted the chance to work with WWE legends during their run and whilst Big E admitted the opportunities have been "Awesome" the champions head into every segment with the belief that they will "Kill it." He revealed it isn't until after the moment has passed that they sit back and think "Oh man, that was a great opportunity," which is perhaps why their segments are so consistently strong.

Rocky chose to work with the group. Photo- Sky Sports
Rocky chose to work with the group. Photo- Sky Sports

Even during their segment with The Rock the group kept the mentality that it was going to be "Our segment" and not in a way that "Pushes guys to the side" or in this case "Steps on the guys" (As there is nobody who could simply push Rocky aside, even with the power of positivity) and that is exactly what they did.

Yet it isn't just the People's Champion who they have worked with, Chris Jericho also returned and immediately worked with them. Xavier Woods made it clear the New Day are aware these legends wont simply just "Throw you a bone" but expect them to work even harder to get to that level.

Jericho brought the best out of New Day. Photo- WWE
Jericho brought the best out of New Day. Photo- WWE

Fortunately for the WWE Universe the trombone playing superstar revealed that they are not going to "Slow down for anybody" and the fans will be hoping that remains the case for a long time to come.