Damien Sandow released by WWE
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Damien Sandow was released this week as a part of WWE's most recent cuts. For those of you who don't know this is his second time being released as he was released back in 2007 from WWE by the name of Idol Stevens.

If you allow me to beg your indulgence

To say this was a surprise would be a lie as most people would have bet that he would be gone within the year or would have left himself as frustrations were building for him as he wasn't getting any TV time. He also was not getting wins when he was on TV. Damien Sandow would sometimes show up on Superstars but quickly lose and he has never given a real shot.

For as good as he is, you could argue that when he won the Money in the Bank and broke up team RhodeScholers but didn't win when he cashed was arguably the beginning of the end for him. Though he was the second to lose his cash in as John Cena actually lost previously, yet it was against Cena that Sandow failed to cash in against.

No matter what role he was given Damien Sandow was probably one of the most consistently over guys as people have always loved him. He had a good run in 2015 when he was with the The Miz and became his stunt double. That was his peek as he took a long time before he made it to that point. 

Damien Sandow with the money in the bank. | Photo: Bleacher Report
Damien Sandow with the money in the bank. | Photo: Bleacher Report

Gimmick Infringement 

People often got mad that Damien Sandow was always getting beat. Some were saying he was always being buried but he wasn't, no matter what way you looked at it he was on TV for 20 minutes each week and he was consistent and entertaining. He struck gold in a sense of what he had with the stunt double, a one week idea that got a great reaction and everyone had a smile while watching. Therefore week after week The Miz would refuse to fight and send in his Mizdow the stunt double and it caught fire absolute trail blazing no one wanted it to stop and had fun while doing so.

Damien Sandow as Magniteo. | Photo: cagesideseats.com
Damien Sandow as Magneto. | Photo: cagesideseats.com

The end 

The Mizdow bit really came to an end at WrestleMania 31. At the end of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, they should have had it come down to Miz and Mizdow but they had Miz be thrown out by Mizdow then Big Show won in what was fairly disappointing, especially when they ended the feud with a match on RAW 

After Macho Mandow ended, he went away for a couple of months and returned as the Saviour of the masses but it just wasn't meant to be as he never showed up on TV, only appearing at live events. He showed up two weeks ago on RAW but didn't get an entrance and then his match never got started. He got a second chance to work on SmackDown but lost quicker than the local talent that were brought in to face Ryback a few years ago.