Goldberg's potential in-ring return

It's a crazy time right now in the world of the WWE and what happens if they throw Bill Goldberg in the mix? Especially with the brand split coming up it could come into the fold with a huge push for one of the live shows.

The odds of a match?

In an interview with WWE, Goldberg was asked if a return was in the works or if he would ever be open for one more match. To most of the WWE Universe, the response was shocking as with the tensions high between Goldberg and WWE which became even more heated after Goldberg left nobody expected the answer he gave. 

During the interview, WWE asked Goldberg what was the possibility of wrestling another match. Goldberg's response was " I’ve got 50 more (matches) in me,” Goldberg continues. “It just depends on the ability to keep it up to my standards. I love everybody to death, and I greatly appreciate their opinions, but none of it matters except for mine because I hold myself to such high standards.” 

He followed up with  “the reality is, you’ve got movies, TV appearances, a kid, you’re 49 years old things aren’t like they used to be. It’s a completely different day,” Goldberg said. “I’m 20 to 30 pounds less of what I was because I just don’t need to be that dude with traps from his ears to his shoulders. Would I like to be that guy again? Absolutely. He’s still in there.

Who's next? Photo- YouTube

Who could be next

With the depth of the roster, we have in this era of WWE Goldberg could have so many great matches Roman Reigns, John Cena, and Seth Rollins but the one match people really want is the rematch between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. People wanted this match and when they got it it was a let down one of the worst WrestleMaina matches ever. The reason it was bad was both men were leaving not having anything on the line and Stone Cold was just thrown in there for the double stunner at the end, with neither man leaving the outcome could be very different a second time around.