RAW Ratings drop again

This week's RAW dropped below 3 million from 3.043M at the first hour and 2.758M in the second, that seems crazy but you need to remember this is just viewership in the U.S that doesn't count overseas and also that just stands for the live viewers.

RAW ratings 

In the grand scheme of things, the live ratings don't mean that much it has been reported that Vince McMahon isn't bothered by the lower ratings and it can't be stressed enough that WWE play over four different versions for kids and edited versions of the show on TV for daytime TV. It doesn't matter about the live ratings the fact people still shout out about this thing that WWE is going to die is laughable.

What are Ratings in the age of the internet?

RAW ratings and viewership counts on everything from Youtube to Hulu cuts and overseas ratings and replays for younger kids during the week. If you don't know what is being said let's get a run down on the overall viewership and how the grand scheme of things work with it. WWE in 2016 promotes through Twitter and Facebook that is how they promote the superstars.

Are the WWE worried? Photo- www.reddit.com
Are the WWE worried? Photo- www.reddit.com

That brings in a lot of revenue to the superstars but hears the thing, if you don't understand how YouTube works where you can pick what you want and get the most of RAW and experience it the same. In three days WWE gets over three million views, over a thousand views you get a fraction of a cent, once you have a sponsor.

But WWE is its own entity so for every view they get they get full money and that is always a different amount of money depending on the balance between likes and dislikes and this week the only video that dislikes outdid the likes was on the shining stars promo!

With Hulu you pay as a whole and then the company pays to have their shows be shown and they make the money back on the view count and RAW is always up there as one of the top shows with the only show beating being Family Guy as the full seasons are released at once. No one needs to worry about the ratings because its all good