WWE rumored to be looking at signing top European independent stars
Photo: VoxCatch

The WWE are picking and choosing from different parts of the world in regards to their signings for NXT, superstars who they hope will be the future of the WWE.

They picked up three of Japan’s top talents in Hideo Itami, Finn Balor, and Shinsuke Nakamura. They’ve picked up top South American Lucha Libre performers like Andrade “Cien" Almas and now they’re looking to the European market.

British wrestling is on the rise and is home to some of the top independent companies and wrestlers in the world. ICW in Scotland is huge and continuing to evolve, so it’s no wonder that the WWE would like to sign two of their top talents.

According to reports, The WWE are looking to add Noam Dar and Big Damo to their next class of Performance Centre signees.

The WWE have also reportedly signed Tommy End, who has also performed for ICW and he would join the Performance Centre around the same time as Dar and Damo.

So, who are they?

Dar, 22, is set to take part in the WWE Global Cruiserweight Classic tournament and while he is an outsider to win it all, he is definitely somebody to keep an eye on.

He was a participant in TNA’s British Bootcamp and is widely seen as one of the top talents to come from British wrestling in a number of years.

Big Damo, real name Damian Mackie can also be known as Damo O’Connor and is 31. He is a completely different style to Dar. He is physically imposing to watch but is one talented performer.

Damo has also competed for TNA and is one the UK’s top performers, performing all over the country for a number of different promotions. He is a different type of talent for NXT, with no real comparison to be made for him. This isn’t a bad thing, after all, the WWE is all about standing out and having a unique look.

Dar is a contender in the Global Cruiserweight Classic. Photo: WWE.Com

More British stars to consider

If the WWE is taking a serious look at signing a number of other British talents, they can do no wrong by continuing to monitor ICW. They have a number of top upcoming talents such as Joe Hendry and even former WWE Superstar Drew Galloway.

Galloway is worth considering as a returning superstar as he has improved since his initial run with the WWE. However, he is currently signed with TNA and that may cause problems if the WWE are considering signing him in the near future.

Hendry is one of the most entertaining stars on the British wrestling scene. He’s an Amateur wrestler with comedic and musical ability. He’s often seen performing custom entrance music before ICW matches and entertains fans wherever he goes.

The Local Hero also reportedly had a try-out with Ring Of Honor in the past few months as he looks to expand his entertaining brand to the United States.