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After a long  couple minutes of marking out, I'd like to thank you for joining us! I'm Jameus Mooney from!

I don't know what I marked out for most...
Rollins WINNING THE TITLE BACK (and Clean)

NEW CHAMPION: Dean Ambrose





Another pedigree!  NEW CHAMPION! NEW CHAMPION!


SPEAR!..but the ref can't he can. NEARFALL!

Reigns going for the spear through the barricade and Rollins dodged it! Reigns went through the barricade! 

I dig it. He's out of energy and puts his arm around him. It sells it more.

This match as been fantastic. Rollins with a kick, into the ropes, kick to the mid-section, turnbuckle powerbomb and SUPER MAN PUNCH.

Rollins with a Superplex, roll through, the Falcon's Arrow! KICK OUT!

Rollins off the top rope with the knee....Frog Splash, 1-2-kickout....When is Rollins going to do the Pheonix Splash? I'd get that they don't want him to do it as a heel, however his entire moveset is babyface.

I LOVE the way that Rollins sold that Super Man punch. It's like Randy Orton selling the Sweet Chin Music.

Superman Punch! 1-2-...near fall!

Reigns calls for the Super Man punch and goes face first off of the turnbuckle. Rollins' dropkicks him out of the ring! Suicide Dive. Somersault Plancha!

Rollins need to win this.

Razor's Edge into a powerbomb from Reigns...near fall...

What a punch! Reigns' goes to the outside and throws him over the Spanish announce table!

First a Mr. Perfect like dropkick, then a Randy Savage knee to the back to the outside and a Shawn Michaels suicide dive, Seth Rollins is amazing.

The crowd needs to stop with the "You Can't Wrestle" chants. After masterpieces with AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, among others, Reigns has proven that he can.

Rollins needs to win, get speared and Ambrose leave with the title.

It's Main Event time! The Man v The Guy! This one should be a classic!

That Rusev said to Titus' kids reminded me of The CM Punk-Rey Mysterio segment where Punk sang Happy Birthday to his daughter...just not as well set up and not as great. 

Rusev just said Happy Father's Day to Titus' kids...Heel 101.

What a kick! Rusev locks in the Accolade as Titus is forced to submit in front of his kids on Father's Day...perfect.

Titus counters the Accolade into the pumphandle as Rusev kicks out.

Rusev's athleticism is amazing. He's definitely one of the most underrated wrestlers today.

Rusev needs to destroy Titus in front of his children on Father's Day.

YES! Rusev just went to Titus' kids on Father's Day. Then ran to meet Titus on the floor and double clothesline.

Lana needs to stop switching her accent. It's like Ross from Friends when he was pretending to be British in the University

Alberto Del Rio got the X-Symbol in the ladder match.

I LOVE Dean Ambrose but KO should have won this match.
This is stupid... Why do I say that? There's a plethora of ways to have the Shield triple do the most obvious one when you could have MADE KO that guy he has the potential to be. KO would've literally been perfect for this. "I'm a prizefighter, I'm an opportunist. I do what's best for my family. I'm money. This is my prize...shut up Michael, this is my opportunity I am your next World Champion." It fits the gimmick.



Orton like DDT from the ladder from Ambrose. Zayn is once again by himself...and KO stops him. Powerbomb on the ladder!

Zayn is all alone.....Jericho saves the match!Jericho has it..Ambrose saves it!

All six are on ladders. 

Del Rio has just clobbered Zayn with the ladder.

Ambrose on the ladder jumps and gets Cesaro with an elbow.

Jericho is caught in the codebreaker into the Cesaro Swing into a ladder!

Jericho touches the case as Zayn joins him and KO tips the ladder over. Owens' sets up the ladder..BACKSTABBER OFF OF THE LADDER.

Del Rio is the first to touch the breifcase, before Cesaro stops him locking in the arm bar on the ladder, KO superkicks him.

He then proceeds to hit the Double Foot Stomp on a ladder to Cesaro.

SZ is the first to climb the ladder as Del Rio takes him up and puts him in a tree of woe before grabbing a ladder, places it in front of his face, and takes a dropkick.

After over 16 uppercuts and KO superkicks him. Cesaro takes a Joey Mercury type stunt, but got his hands up.

Everything Del Rio does looks viscious, which is great and uncredited.

THAT'S WHY KO IS THE GREATEST. He sits up to knockout Zayn in a ladder but instead superkicks him. Best troll in the business today, everyone.

Just like every multi-man match, Zayn plancha's everyone in site.

Jericho tries to bring in the first ladder, as Cesaro stops him. Cesaro jumps off the apron onto Jericho who holds a ladder.

Alberto Del Rio is Mexico's Most Boring Export. His charisma (or lack thereof) is underwhelming 

Cesaro's James Bond gimmick may be my favorite gimmick currently.

In a match that should be KO's for the taking, the WWE will likely miss an opportunity and give it to Dean Ambrose when there's a lot of better ways to set up the Shield Trip Threat.

Winner: AJ Styles

Allow me to quote Rocky for a second..
The most overused word in sports guys is incredible...I hate to say it. But that was incredible.

AJ Styles has beaten John Cena!

Referee is down, AA! 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12...he's out! There's no referee. Here comes the Bullet Club! Magic Killer! AJ's on Cena! 1-2-3. AJ WINS! AJ WINS! AJ WINS! AJ WINS!

Styles goes to the top for the 450 and Cena got his knees up...both men down. 

He kicked out! So close...What a match!

PELE KICK! Cena is dazed, Styles Clash? HE HIT IT!

Cena goes to the top, and gets caught into a powerbomb!

Cena hits the AA, but without hitting the ropes. He delivers the AA and a near fall!

Cena gets to the ropes.

Styles on the top, this time Cena places him up there. Cena goes up, too. Both fall. Styles is standing on the apron.  Cena countered the forearm into the AA, and Styles counters to the Calf Crusher! WHAT A SEQUENCE! 

Styles goes to the top, Cena tries to get the superplex and they're fighting. Styles slips down and pulls out his leg. Cena goes face first on the buckle.

Styles dragging himself to the rope...and he gets there! Cena must break.

Styles just starts potato'ing Cena before Cena gets him in the STF...will AJ TAP? WILL HE TAP?

Styles counters the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, as Cena gets out of the ring and flies outside of the ring. Styles rolls back into the ring, goes to fly and misses the suicide dive.

...and here comes the five moves of doom...STYLES CATCHES HIM IN AN ENZIGURI!

...and back body drop! Styles hit the mat hard.

Styles dropped an S-Bomb as Cena starts punching and throwing jabs.

Cena follows Styles to the outside, throws him into the stairs, Styles jumps over and gets in the ring. Styles has the upper hand. Styles gets the first near-fall.

A cocky Cena does the "UCSM" in Styles face as Styles starts decking him. After a few Flair like chips, Styles Irish Whip's him, Cena reverses, Styles flips over. Cena gains control four a 1 count in the first pin combination of the contest.

Simple chain but sometimes (and in this case), simplicity is better. Arm drag 2 times by Cena and a monkey flip.

Cena gains control, Styles nips up and gets Cena into the Irish Whip again. This time he goes into the ropes, Styles trips him up and another face off.

"AJ Styles-Let's Go Cena" chants blare during the face off. The bell rings and the crowd impldoes. They lock up and Styles gets the upper hand in the side headlock, Cena tries to Irish Whip him and Styles rolls through it. The crowd is still electric.

AJ Styles music has grown on me. It perfectly suits the person that is AJ Styles. This match is going to be phenomenal (no pun intended).

Next is AJ Styles against John Cena. I'm assuming this is early so people switch from the NBA Finals Game 7 (Cavs v Warriors) to the match they wanted to see.

Winner: Apollo Crews

Back and forth, nearfall after nearfall after Crews blindsides him and gets him a crucifix for the win! Great match

Apollo Crews' reminds me off Bobby Lashley, just a lot more exciting and a tad more athletic. But Lashley didn't get over until he got rid of the "I'm Just Glad to be Here" like Crews has now. Once he got a meanstreak he was succesful. He needs an edge...
Nice Belly-to-Belly and Moonsault combination on the floor. 

Sheamus gets a nearfall off of a Finlay-like rolling senton. 

That was a sick backbreaker. He pull him off of the ring apron into the Irish Curse Backbreaker.

This is what I like to see....good brawl before the bell rings and it feels like a personal fight....THIS is exactly what Apollo Crews needs to get over. Get away from the "I'm Just Glad to be Here" White-Meat babyface all of the time.

Sheamus looks like a combination of Robby and Rory from the Highlanders.

We come back from a SCSA Podcast hype ad to a Dean Ambrose interview. Ambrose like everyone else, claims it's his...there's a shock.

OH MY....

Winner: Charlotte and Dana Brooke

Nattie and Becky run into each other as Charlotte capitalizes with hitting the Natural Selection for the win!

Becky wrestles like X-Pac if X-Pac had an exploder in his arsenal.

That was ridiculous. She just crawled like an inchworm. Too telegraphed by Charlotte and Natalya.

Dana Brooke reminds me of an old school here with some of the things she does.

Next is our divas tag! I love Dana Brooke.

I want Jericho to win the briefcase & then immediately go on tour with Fozzy. Then cash it in upon return after it expires. 

Winner: Baron Corbin

That's it. End of Days.

Ziggler counters the End of Day's into a superkick for a near fall.

amousser and a near fall! Corbin rolls out of the ring. Ziggler jumps on the steps (as Ziggler slips). Corbin catches him and slams him on the floor. Then ofcourse is the get in the ring at nine.

Baron counters the famousser and flips him inside out with a clothesline.

Corbin is an amazing heel. The little heel things he doesmake him so great.

Baron Corbin is really great at what he's there for. Too bad Ziggler is floating in a pool of irrelevancy. Because of that, Corbin's not making as big of an impact as he should. 

If Funaki isn't a backstage announcer for Smackdown after the Brand Split I'm going to be heavily let down

Baron Corbin seems like a guy who would've been a 5 time ECW champion in the '90s.

Ugh. The only way to make this feud somewhat intriguing now is if Corbins eats him.

Jericho and KO are comedic gold.

Aiden English was knocked out longer than Ziggler at Survivor Series 2014. 

Winners: The New Day

Anderson with the blind tag, Big E picks him up from the fall into a Big Ending sitution, Kofi,  hits it. NEW DAY RETAINS! 

What a DDT by Kofi!

Kofi misses the Trouble in Paradise Twice as the Vauds hit their finisher...and just when you thought it was over, Anderson breaks it up.

Cass cleans house as he tags Enzo. and hits the splash. 1-2...and Gallows breaks up the fall.

If the New Day don't pin each other like the Outlaws did, then this is a missed opportunity.

Enzo runs into the ropes as Gallows pulls down the rope and Enzo falls over.

Simon Gotch enters, as he takes it to Kofi, keeping him grounded.

Cass and Enzo and the New Day are brawling. 

Of course there's a fatal four way tag where all are in the ring...this is new?

Enzo's butt flap on his tights has a smiling poop emoticon.

I'm kind of upset that the tag belts are on the line. I wish they'd have one of the New Day members in the Money in the Bank and cash in to win and all three are World Champion.

Booty-O's: They Make Sure You Ain't Booty

Xavier is gold on the mic.

The New Day may be the single greatest thing on Cable TV today.

Carlos Cabrera may be the longest running annoucer they currently have.

Much like Tyler Breeze, the Vaudevillian's are too one dimension. As great as they are, they will not make it. 

Enzo is a fantastic mic worker...He reminds me of Randy Savage (just not nearly as good in the ring). Collin Cassady has star written ALL over him. Hopefully he doesn't Billy Gunn it.

We kick off with the tag team champions...AND YOU CAN'T TEACH THAT.

The greatest MITB in history? There's not much competition for that crown.

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We are just under 5 minutes to go for MITB!

Winners: The Lucha Dragon's

Kalisto gets a near fall off of a schoolboy and in a textbook obvious move D-Von quicky takes him down. Kalista goes into the ropes for the 3D, holds onto the rope as he backdrops D-Von over and hits the Solida Del Sol on Bubba Ray.

Kalisto is an impressive athlete. The agility, the speed and the way he makes it believable. 

Sin Cara finally gets the hot tag as Kalisto comes in and takes out Team 3D. 

We are back live and Bubba is in control of Sin Cara and he tags in D-Von as they take out the leg. 

The kickoff has commercials now? 

Bubba and Kalisto start off as D-Von tags in quickly and gets him in the corner. Dudley's attempt to cheat but Kalisto is too fast. Kalisto gets slammed into the buckle twice and fights back, slides underneath his legs, hits a monkey flip and tags in Sin Cara. Sin Cara moonsaults both Dudley's as they do the obligatory double plancha spot.

Next up: The Dudley Boyz take on the Lucha Dragon;s.

These Titus commercials are getting weirder every day.

Winners: The Golden Truth (R-Truth and Goldust)

The Golden Truth makes quick work against Breezedango!

I don't really know how I feel about this match. Much like the movie "Oscar" (or any of Stallone's comedy flicks), this is so stupid that it's funny.

This will likely be a match to warm up the crowd, and Truth starts off against Fandango and takes control.

Breezedango comes out...and they're sunburnt?

It's sad what has happened to Tyler Breeze. He's a guy that could've been huge. However, he's too one dimensional and has the most unoriginal gimmick, that dates back to Rick Martel and Arrogance

Our first of two Pre-Show matches, R-Truth and Goldust do their rap re-mix as they enter the squared circle.

They're now previewing the Breezedango-Golden Truth storyline,  and now we head over to the announce booth, Mauro Ranallo and Byron Saxton!

Though I'm not a big Cena guy (I like him, but he's not in my top 50 favorites of all-time I enjoy his work, and I respect what he does). However, his mic work is some of the best I've ever seen. I'd put him up there with Jake Roberts, Chris Jericho, Edge, Paul Heyman.

Currently they're showing highlights of Styles-Cena, Reigns-Rollins and other matches. I have that feeling that Vince hired AJ Styles to troll the IWC.
I'll keep you updated until the matches start. 

Welcome everybody to the 2016 Money in the Bank Kickoff! Our panelists are Corey Graves, Renee Young, and WWE Hall of Famer's Booker T and Lita (who is the greatest women's wrestler of all-time)

With over 30 superstars on the card, it looks extremely promising. This has the potential to blow every previous MITB PPV out of the water. Join us at 7 P.M. Eastern Time on Sunday Night for the Money in the Bank Kickoff show! Don't forget to follow VAVEL Columnist Brenden Kenelley on our Twitter feed!

Prediction: AJ Styles

In a match billed as "Fifteen Years in the Making," John Cena takes on AJ Styles. 
Styles, fresh off of a World Title feud, turned heel on Cena during his Memorial Day return, Styles decked Cena across the face joining the Club (officially). Since the start of this feud, AJ has been a voice for the loud IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) as he claims that "guys like Cena buries guys like him." In his best mic work since joining the company, Cena has also been great on the mic, hyping up this match even more, which nobody thought was possible. Two of the best in-ring workers, the Face of the WWE goes up against the Face of TNA. Though the Club are banned from ringside, AJ will pull this out and Cena will get the win back at the next PPV (Battleground). 

A dream match takes place. Photo-
A dream match takes place. Photo-

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship is on the line as former Shield brothers go one-on-one for the first time on TV or Pay-Per-View. "The Guy" is set to defend the strap against "The Man." 
After an injury to Seth Rollins right before the Survivor Series of last year made him vacate his own WWE WHC. After Reigns' successfully defending the title against "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles at Extreme Rules, Seth Rollins attacked Reigns', hitting him with the pedigree. This will be Rollins' first match back, and I have a feeling that the WWE is going to pull a huge swerve and surprise us for once.

Will Rollins regain his title? Photo-
Will Rollins regain his title? Photo-

In our only Ladder Match of the night, six superstars battle for the opportunity of a life-time–The Money in the Bank contract. This contract gives you the opportunity to cash-in on the WWE World Heavyweight Champion (whoever that may be) anytime over a full year. Invented by one of the six participants, the legendary Chris Jericho, one of these men will try to climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase. In a match full of young talent (and Jericho), the only person in this match who has won it previously is Alberto Del Rio. This match has launched the career's of guy's like CM Punk and Edge.

Who will be Mr. Money in the Bank?
Who will be Mr. Money in the Bank?

Prediction: The Club

The match-up with the most interesting build-up has been the Tag Team Championship's. Since SummerSlam last year, the New Day have been the WWE's hottest attraction. In their hardest title defense to date, they will face three up-and-coming tag teams when they take on The Club, The Vaudevillian's and Enzo and Big Cass. In a match that has been built around Enzo's real life concussion suffered from the hands of Simon Gotch, the Vaud's have been feuding with both Enzo/Cass and the New Day, and the Club has attacked the New Day, setting up a fatal four-way tag match announced by former SmackDown! and ECW GM, Teddy Long. There is zero way the Club does not win this contest. The New Day nor any of the others teams outside of the Club need the belts at the moment. 

The tag team division is incredibly strong right now. Photo-
The tag team division is incredibly strong right now. Photo-

Prediction: Becky Lynch and Natalya

We have more tag team action; this time with the women. Women's Champion Charlotte teams up with her protege, recent NXT call-up Dana Brooke to take on Becky Lynch and Natalya. Charlotte has been the main focal point since the start of the "Diva's Revolution" and two of her biggest rivals have been Becky and Natty, respectively. Though the plans for the women at Battleground are unknown as of this instance, expect Becky and Natalya to win the match with Dana Brooke taking the fall. 

The Women's title is not on the line. Photo-
The Women's title is not on the line. Photo-

Prediction: Rusev

In a battle of powerhouses, The United States Champion Rusev (w/ Lana) takes on Titus O'Neil. 
Rusev won the U.S. Championship this past Extreme Rules after he contorted the former champion, Kalisto, in the Accolade. Following the win, Rusev had a change in demeanor and has started a mean-streak that he hasn't had in a long time. This is the first feud for Titus since his suspension, however, and that makes it unlikely to win a championship. 

Can Rusev continue his dominant run? Photo-
Can Rusev continue his dominant run? Photo-

Prediction: Baron Corbin

Next, we have The Lone Wolf, Baron Corbin who takes on Dolph Ziggler
In a feud dating back to the night after WrestleMania, these two have had a rivalry that's spanned for the past three PPVs. The most recent match of the two was a technical wrestling match (or lack thereof) where Ziggler would kick him in the nether regions, setting up this contest. This will be the final match in the feud. 

Ziggler takes on Corbin yet again. Photo-
Ziggler takes on Corbin yet again. Photo-

Prediction: Apollo Crews

Next up we have the newcomer Apollo Crews taking on last year's Money in the Bank Winner, Sheamus.  Sheamus will likely get the early offense as Apollo Crews gains the upset in his first major WWE Pay-Per-View Match. Sheamus attacked Apollo Crews prior to his MITB qualifying match with Chris Jericho; a match where Crews would suffer his first loss on the main roster. Crews comes out on top.

Will Sheamus squash the 'New Era'. Photo-
Will Sheamus squash the 'New Era'. Photo-

Prediction: The Lucha Dragons

Next on the Pre-Show is The Legendary Dudley Boyz v The Lucha Dragons
The former United States Champion Kalisto has once again been relegated to the tag team division as he and Sin Cara go up against the most decorated tag team of all-time. The 9-time tag team champions (under the WWE banner) returned last year in Brooklyn to take on the New Day. The Dudley's have been used to put over talent such as the New Day, the Usos, Enzo and Cass, among other teams. Why is it going to be any different in this match? 

Experience - future. Photo-
Experience - future. Photo-

Prediction: Breezedango

Our kickoff begins with a tag team match between two unorthodox teams; Tyler Breeze teams with Fandango to take on the odd Goldust-R-Truth combination. 
Starting prior to WrestleMania, this storyline will likely be over if the Golden Truth get the feel good win. However, this will likely continue as it has been the main comedy segments outside of Bob Backlund's campaign to "Make Darren Young Great Again" which of course is a joke about the upcoming presidential election. It will likely continue, giving the heel's the win.

This feud finally makes it to a PPV.
This feud finally makes it to a PPV.

Welcome everybody to VAVEL's LIVE commentary for Money in the Bank, I'm Jameus Mooney. You can also follow our live Twitter coverage at VAVEL_Wrestling!
Let's take a look at our card:
John Cena v AJ Styles (Club is barred from ringside)
Roman Reigns (c) v Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
The New Day (c) v The Vaudevillains v The Club v Enzo Amore and Collin Cassady for the WWE Tag Team Championships
Rusev (c) v Titus O'Neil for the United States Championship
Kevin Owens v Alberto Del Rio v Sami Zayn v Dean Ambrose v Chris Jericho v Cesaro in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Sheamus v Apollo Crews
Charlotte and Dana Brooke v Natalya and Becky Lynch
Dolph Ziggler v Baron Corbin
KICKOFF: The Lucha Dragon's v The Dudley Boyz
KICKOFF: Breezedango v The Golden Truth