WWE Unveil United Kingdom Championship
WWE announce that there will be a United Kingdom Champion crowned in January (image: wwe.com)

The success of the Cruiserweight Classic has set a precedent for WWE to continue its partnership with the independent scene.

At once, there seemed to be a huge gap between the world's largest wrestling promotion and the rest of the professional wrestling scene but now it seems that that gap is closing.

WWE U.K. Champion

WWE are bridging the gap between themselves and the independent scene in Brtain (image: totalwrestlingmagazine)
WWE are bridging the gap between themselves and the independent scene in Britain (image: totalwrestlingmagazine)

WWE released plans that are set to change the face of professional wrestling in the United Kingdom via a press conference in London.

Triple H was front and center at the event in which he announced that WWE have created a United Kingdom Championship.

The title will be handed to the victor of a 16-man tournament in January in Blackpool with the best performers in Britain taking part.

The event is set to be broadcast on the WWE Network, emanating from Blackpool's famous Empress Ballroom on Jan 14 - 15.

Legendary wrestling performer Nigel McGuiness was announced to be a commentator for the events also, alongside Michael Cole.

The Game noted that he hopes that the creation of the title is the first step towards creating a weekly television show from the United Kingdom.

He finished by saying "Are you ready for the U.K. to have its own U.K. Champion? Because we certainly are."

Mindblowing event for Regal

NXT General Manager William Regal who was born in Blackpool was also present at the press conference and said that the opportunity that awaits the 16-competitors was mind blowing.

Confirmed to perform at the event are:

Trent Seven, Tiger Ali, Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Jordan Devlin, Wolfgang, Joseph Conners, Tyson T-Bone, HC Dyer, James Drake, Sam Gradwell, Saxon Huxley, Roy Johnson, Dan Moloney, Ringo Ryan, Jack Starz, Tucker, Chris Tyler.

WWE offered tryouts to a number of performers during their recent U.K. tour in November and Robbie Brookside alongside Regal have been scouting and preparing this tournament for months.

Finn Balor speaks

Finn Balor who is currently sidelined through injury was also present at the press conference and gave his thoughts on the announcement.

The Irish performer who recently worked throughout the independent scene in Britain for years said that it was an exciting time for his sport and he hopes that this will bridge the gap between the independent scene and WWE.