Why The Miz Should Become WWE Champion Again
Photo Credit: WWE.com

The Miz has been the uncrowned number two guy in the company right now for years now. John Cena has held the top spot for the longest time before AJ Styles came along and automatically assumed the spot when Cena started part timing.

The A-Lister hasn't seen himself in the picture for the world title since he dropped the belt to the aforementioned John Cena. If the WWE plays their cards right, The Miz has a chance to hold the WWE title once again while greener pastures hasn't eaten up his entire wrestling schedule just yet.

Here is why The Miz should be WWE champion again...

At the top once again

Although The Miz missed on being a two-time Money in the Bank winner, holding the briefcase does not really constitute to an instant title reign so we got that aside. Knowing The Miz, he would definitely find a way to slither himself into the world title hunt if the booking is right.

A high profile feud with the likes of AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and the inevitable showdown with Daniel Bryan are also things to look at if Miz enters the WWE title picture.

Nothing else to do

The Intercontinental Title is what defined The Miz. Now that the prestigious title is left on the Red Brand, he has nothing else to hold other than the United States and Tag Team titles. The problem with that is The Miz is already beyond SmackDown Live's mid-card titles at this point in his career.

Having holding a mid-card belt not named the Intercontinental Title might hurt The Miz's career than help. Although he came close to winning the United States title last time against Jeff Hardy, it is better where it is right now and The Miz is better off to greener pastures.

A race against time

With movie appearances and reality shows on top of his weekly appearances on TV, The Miz has a schedule that is of a full timer John Cena. With this much on his plate, he's on the road to part time status real quick.

Not that it is bad but fans will need that validation that The Miz is indeed the uncrowned number two guy of the company, not Braun Strowman, not Finn Balor, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns might not even be close.

The A-Lister might have not been given credit because of his heel character but he is just as hard working as Vince McMahon's favorite superstars.

Also, it is hard to think how a superstar who never gets injured, never injured anyone in the ring, never took personal time off, never late nor absent hasn't gotten as much world title reigns despite his undeniable "IT" factor.

If you want to ever make The Miz world champion, it must be now or never.


Do you think The Miz should be WWE champion again? Who do you think he should face for the title? Let us know in the comments below.

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