Impact Wrestling Recap and Results (September 9, 2018)
Impact Wrestling Recap and Results (September 9, 2018)

We are on the road to Bound for Glory. The days of the points tournament are gone, thank the diety of your choice.

It seems Impact has turned a corner and is definitely trending upward. We have seen tremendous character development and more of an emphasis on matches, and good matches to boot.

The X Division is still the best thing on Impact

This week, we saw Petey Williams and Rich Swann face one another. Is the return of Petey Williams and the resurgence of Impact connected? I’m not saying it is, and I am not saying it isn’t but if it is just a coincidence, it’s a fortune one for Anthem’s premiere wrestling promotion.

The addition of Rich Swann, after his release from the WWE, has brought a new competitor and new life into the X Division. The match between Swann and Petey Williams, which brings the potential for a series of matches that would be eye appealing even without any story, was just this side of fantastic.

However, the storyline appears to be between former X Division Champion Matt Sydall and Swann. Sydal distracted Swann allowing for the Canadian Destroyer to get the victory. Sydal and Swann seem to be on a collision course and the winner of the series could be in line for an X Division Championship as early as BFG.

With Brian Cage involved elsewhere, and with the physical dominance he brings, it will tough for the rest of the X Division to gain the advantage and rip the belt off the big man. Only time will tell.


Okay, listen up. Eli Drake might be the most entertaining talent on the roster. If Anthem is smart, they will not let another star, like Impact has done in the past (Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, EC3, “Broken” Matt Hardy, “Awoken” Jeff Hardy/Brother Nero, and some guy with a bunch of STYLE), leave.

Drake issued an open challenge. It was answered by Stone Rockwell, and as you can expect, Drake hit the Gravy Train and it was over. If Impact wants to return to somewhere notable, E-LI-Drake needs to stay in Impact.

Knockouts division better than the Divas division?

With the ongoing feud between Becky Lynch and Charlotte, and the buzz around Ronda Rousey, the WWE ladies are getting a lot of attention. However, Tessa Blanchard, Su Yung, Allie, Kiera Hogan, and the rest of the Knockouts are bringing some good matches and decent storylines.

This week, Su Yung had her return match for the Knockouts Championship, one she lost last week at ReDefined. Yung lost the match to Blanchard but hit the Panic Switch and was dead set on putting the new Knockouts Champion in her coffin.

Enter Allie and Kiera Hogan. They save Blanchard from Yung but did not get the “Thank You” they should have. Instead, Blanchard screamed and enforced the point she is the Champ. Could we see something like we saw at All-In? Is a Four Corners Match in the works for BFG between Blanchard, Yung, Allie, and Hogan? It might be another reason to track down BFG and give it a peek.

What to make of this?

LAX is in disorder. The faction is split in two. Konnan is coming back to the ring. The winners of a six-man tag match at BFG gain control of LAX. No matter where they go, can we stop running over children? Isn’t there some other way we can do this?

Also, haven’t we seen this before? I know there is nothing new left to do in wrestling, but this trope may be just a tad overdone. We can only hope they execute it better than the WWE did with the Nexus.

What do we call him now?

He returned. Is he Johnny Impact? Is he John Morrison? Johnny Mundo? The Next Impact Champion? Impact announced he will challenge A-Double for the Impact Championship. How do you think this turned out?

It wasn’t good. Impact held his own for a minute or so, handing out some superkicks, but the numbers game proved strong for Moose, Kross, and Aries. It is time for Impact to find some help. Obviously, Eddie Edwards is a prime candidate.

Moose revealed why he turned on the former member of the Wolves, as Edwards was apparently not there for Moose. I can bet Edwards will be there for Moose, but with bad intent in mind. So, who will counteract Killer Kross? I have a feeling next week, we are going to find out.

5 Burning Questions

1. The Desi Hit Squad has potential to be a decent to above average tag team. Will they continue to be little more than enhancement talent?

2. Alisha Edwards needs to be careful. Running up on Austin Aries and Moose is one thing, but to do it to the two of them and Killer Kross…Is she as insane as her husband?

3. How great are the Lucha Bros? How great is Brian Cage? How great is oVe? How great is this feud?!

4. Grado……………..Does anyone enjoy this? (The answer is YES!)

5. England, Mexico, India, where next for Impact?

What do you think about Impact Wrestling right now? Are we seeing a comeback into relevance? Let us know your thoughts.

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