Highlights: Los Angeles Clippers 107-124 Golden State Warriors in NBA
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12:30 AM2 months ago


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Warriors 124-107 Clippers.
12:25 AM2 months ago


The two teams with the reserves on the court. Warriors lead handily.
12:20 AM2 months ago


Warriors with another 11-point streak, now at the end of the game and the lead follows 29 points with just over five minutes left in the duel.
12:09 AM2 months ago


Warriors get a straight 10-point streak at the start of the last period and lead increases to 26 points. Clippers' delicate situation in the match.
11:58 PM2 months ago


Warriors 98-82 Clippers.
11:55 PM2 months ago


Curry with two threes to reassure the Warrios at the end of the third period. Point guard reached 19 points and the team's advantage remains above 10.
11:50 PM2 months ago


Warriors lead the score by 14 points. Wiggins is the top scorer of the match with 23 points so far.
11:41 PM2 months ago


Advantage, which was 19, drops to 11 points and Clippers continues in the fight with the Warriors.
11:40 PM2 months ago


Clippers winning the third period, but the Warriors slr lead remains at 16 points. Klay Thompson is still the top scorer.
11:32 PM2 months ago


Start of the third third period with the Clippers a little better and winning, trying to reduce the damage in the overall score.
11:12 PM2 months ago


Warriors 66-47 Clippers.
11:12 PM2 months ago


Warriors get a big advantage in the final minutes of the second period open 20 points more. Wiggins reached 16 points and became the top scorer of the match alongside Klay Thompson.
11:02 PM2 months ago


Clippers diminishes the advantage, but is still close to 10 points. No player on the LA team has more than 10 points and Klay Thompson remains the top scorer of the match.
10:52 PM2 months ago


Klay Thompson with 15 points is the highest scorer in the game at the moment. The Warriors point guard has an 80% accuracy on field shots.
10:50 PM2 months ago


Warriors are opening up the scoreboard at the start of the second period. 10 points more than the Clippers right now.
10:40 PM2 months ago


Warriors 32-29 Clippers.
10:33 PM2 months ago


Warriors break away from the scoreboard, open seven points and Klay Thompson reaches 13 in the first period.
10:26 PM2 months ago


Klay Thompson on fire early in the game and with seven points to turn the score around again for the Warriors.
10:20 PM2 months ago


First period of few breaks and both teams focused on the game. Warriors lead by just one point.
10:19 PM2 months ago


The game started very balanced, with both teams staying in the attack and hitting three-point baskets.
10:12 PM2 months ago


It's NBA in VAVEL.
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In the last 20 games between the two teams, the Warriors have won 11 times, while the Clippers have won nine.
9:46 PM2 months ago

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Will it be?

Vince Carter, one of the greatest players in the NBA in recent decades, commented that no one is afraid to face the current champions of the league.

“I look at the league and nobody is afraid of them now. In other words, the ‘bad wolf’     intimidating others. Steve Kerr himself, by the way, has already recognized this. Everyone wants to fight them at the moment, in fact, because they see the chance to kick their asses. It became that game that others look at on the calendar and think they can win”, he said.

“When did you start?   when you lose like that, any head down draws attention. If you win, at the same time, nobody notices that Klay Thompson is in trouble. at a very bad time. No one is going to say, moreover, that Jordan Poole's pitch doesn't fall. Winning heals any wounds, but they just aren't winning, Vince Carter.

“I talk a lot about the importance of body language and attitudes on the court, for example. Watch this at Golden State today as that team's chemistry and poise have "evaporated". I do not know when they will recover, but it is not.   now. And, as a result, we see a lot of players performing basketball in a totally individualistic way”, criticized the also former player Kendrick Perkins.

9:36 PM2 months ago

Probable Golden State Warriors!

PG - Jordan Poole

SG - Donte DiVicenzo

SF - Anthony - Lamb

PF - Jonathan Kuminga

C - Kevon looney.


9:31 PM2 months ago

How do the Golden State Warriors arrive?

The Golden State Warriors have a negative campaign of eight wins and 10 losses in the season, where they lost the last game of the league to the New Orleans Pelicans and ended the streak of two straight victories, after beating New York Knicks and Houston Rockets.
9:26 PM2 months ago

Speak, John Wall!

“I think it’s good. It is frustrating to see so many great veterans without a team today as I feel like they are being ‘kicked out’. É as if the league were ‘forcing’ retirement, in short, for these guys. And I say this because I feel that I was also close to being ‘shuddered’ If the Los Angeles Clippers had not come along, it is It's likely that he was still waiting for a chance”, vented the shipowner.

“We have so many great veterans on the market in Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard  Kemba Walker. And every young team needs a more experienced player. They are, after all, the ones who show you how to win games and behave like a professional. They teach, in short, what is this league.   absurd that so many of them are outside”

9:21 PM2 months ago

Probable Los Angeles Clippers!

PG - John Wall

SG - Reggie Jackson

SF - Terance Mann

PF - Kawhi Leonard

C - Ivica Zubac.


9:16 PM2 months ago

How do the Los Angeles Clippers arrive?

The Los Angeles Clippers have a positive campaign of 11 wins and seven losses. The LA team arrives for the confrontation after three straight victories against the Pistons, Spurs and Utah Jazz, rising to third place in the Western Conference, behind the Suns and Nuggets.
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Photo: Disclosure/NBA
Photo: Disclosure/NBA
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The game will be played at Chase Center

The Los Angeles Clippers vs Golden State Warriors game will be played at Chase Center, with a capacity of 18,064 people.
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