Touchdowns and Highlights: Las Vegas Raiders 20-14 Kansas City Chiefs in NFL 2023
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5:09 PM4 months ago

Final Result

5:08 PM4 months ago

End of the match

Las Vegas 20 - 14 Kansas City
5:07 PM4 months ago

4Q | 0:00

O'Connell takes a knee on the ground three times to give the Las Vegas Raiders the win. 

Surprise result in Kansas City. 

Las Vegas 20 - 14 Kansas City

5:05 PM4 months ago

4Q | 2:00

Two-minute break, the Raiders are one 1st & 10 away from consummating the victory.
5:04 PM4 months ago

4Q | 2:48


Justin Watson gets the touchdown after a 7-yard Patrick Mahomes pass. 

The kick is good from Harrison Butker.

Las Vegas 20 - 14 Kansas City

4:57 PM4 months ago

4Q | 4:16

2° & 6 

P. Mahomes sends a completed pass to Richie James, yardage gain is 45.

4:53 PM4 months ago

4Q | 6:14

J. Cole returns the ball to Kansas City with a 44-yard kickoff return.
4:43 PM4 months ago

4Q | 9:52

4° & 7

P. Mahomes sends incomplete pass, Kansas misses field goal and point total.

4:37 PM4 months ago

4Q | 13:27

1° & 10 

Mahomes is intercepted by Tre'von Moehrig, however, the officials on replay do not mark the play as effective.

4:30 PM4 months ago

End of Third Quarter

Las Vegas 20 - 7 Kansas City
4:28 PM4 months ago

3Q | 0:27

4° & 10

After 7 plays and 2:23 minutes, the Raiders extend the lead. 

Daniel Carson kicks the field goal. 

Las Vegas 20 - 7 Kansas City

4:16 PM4 months ago

3Q | 2:52

4° & 9 

Tommy T. runs a short clearance on the handoff. Possession remains in great territory for the Raiders.

4:11 PM4 months ago

3Q | 4:00

4° & 12

Raiders give up the ball and pin Kansas at the 10-yard line.

4:04 PM4 months ago

3Q | 8:46

Patrick Mahomes runs on fourth down for 7 yards, again the Chiefs are productive on the final drive.
3:52 PM4 months ago

3Q | 12:53

4° & 7 

After a 2:14 possession, Vegas turns the ball over on their first possession.

3:48 PM4 months ago

3Q | 15:00

The second part begins.
3:37 PM4 months ago


Las Vegas 17 - 7 Kansas City
3:36 PM4 months ago

2Q| 0:05

1° & 10

O'Connell puts knee to ground, Raiders go into halftime with the lead. 

Las Vegas 17 - 7 Kansas City

3:33 PM4 months ago

2Q| 0:09

4° & 5

Harrison Butker attempts a 30-yard field goal, but this one is no good.

3:26 PM4 months ago

2Q| 2:43

4° & 5 

Deception by Tommy Townsend on a 12-yard pass to pass on fourth down.

3:23 PM4 months ago

2Q| 4:55

1° & 10

On a short pass, Patrick Mahomes is intercepted and it's Raiders touchdown again.


Jack Jones goes 33 yards to the end zone. 

Las Vegas 17 - 7 Kansas City

3:19 PM4 months ago

2Q| 5:00


Mahomes and Nichols fumble, the defense recovers the ball and carries it into the end zone.  

The kick is no good.

Las Vegas 9 - 7 Kansas City

3:01 PM4 months ago

2Q| 7:44

1° & Goal 

On a 5:21 possession and 10 plays, Isiah Pacheco gets the touchdown for the Chiefs.

Harrison Butcker kicks the extra point.

Las Vegas 3 - 7 Kansas City

2:57 PM4 months ago

2Q| 9:56

1° & 10

Mahomes pass to Kelce. The tight end gets 27 yards in spectacular fashion.

2:52 PM4 months ago

2Q| 13:02

4° & 10

Cole delivers possession with a 49-yard kickoff.

2:43 PM4 months ago

2Q| 15:00

3° & 15

Mahomes makes an incomplete delivery, however, a penalty on Travis Kelce puts them at the 1° & 10 mark.

2:37 PM4 months ago

End of First Quarter

Las Vegas 3 - 0 Kansas City
2:33 PM4 months ago

1Q| 1:18

4° & 4

On a long possession with 8:44 left, the Baddies manage to open the scoring with a field goal kick by Daniel Carson. 

Las Vegas 3 - 0 Kansas City

2:26 PM4 months ago

1Q| 8:46

1° & 10

The Raiders get the first 1st & 10 on a Zamir White carry.

2:18 PM4 months ago

1Q| 11:31

4° & 14

Immediately, the Chiefs catch Gimmy Garoppolo and surrender possession.

2:14 PM4 months ago

1Q| 12:56

4° & 21

On the first offensive series, Kansas gives up the ball. 

Possession of 2:20 minutes.

2:03 PM4 months ago

Start of the match

The game between Las Vegas and Kansas City begins at Arrowhead Stadium, corresponding to Week 16 of the NFL.
2:00 PM4 months ago

Inactive Players / Kansas City

This is the list of players who will not see action in today's game against Las Vegas:


1:57 PM4 months ago

Inactive Players / Las Vegas


This is the list of players who will not participate against Kansas City:



1:48 PM4 months ago

Las Vegas on the gridiron


Despite the fact that they no longer have a chance to reach the postseason, the Raiders have taken the field in search of closing the season in the best way possible.



1:44 PM4 months ago

Match conditions


Arrowhead Stadium is in full Christmas mood, and the playing conditions are ideal for Monday's first game.



1:40 PM4 months ago

Kansas City Chiefs warm-up


Kansas has taken the field to begin warm-ups prior to the start of the game.



1:39 PM4 months ago

Las Vegas Raiders warm-up

The 'Malosos' take to the field for pre-competitive work.


1:22 PM4 months ago

Las Vegas fans

The Raiders' fans are in attendance at Arrowhead Stadium to watch the 'Baddies' in the penultimate game of the season.


1:20 PM4 months ago

Arrival of Chiefs


The locals are already at home to face their commitment in their quest to secure their ticket to the playoffs.



1:15 PM4 months ago

Arrival of Raiders

The Las Vegas team is already in Kansas territory for the Week 16 NFL matchup.


1:10 PM4 months ago


We are ready to bring you the Las Vegas Raiders vs. the Kansas City Chiefs
A great duel awaits us this afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium, in a completely Christmas-like atmosphere.
1:05 PM4 months ago

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One of the NFL's most attention-grabbing clashes of Week 16 and with a totally Christmas-like atmosphere, the Raiders visit the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. Do not miss a detail of the match Raiders vs Chiefs with VAVEL.


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How to watch Raiders vs Chiefs in USA

USA Date: [25, December, 2023]

USA Time: 1:00 pm ET

USA TV channel (English): [CBS]

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12:55 PM4 months ago

History Las Vegas Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs

The duel between Kansas and Las Vegas has occurred 129 times, including in three postseason games and has the Chiefs winning 73 games, 54 by the Raiders and they have only tied on 2 occasions.
12:50 PM4 months ago

Absence Report / Kansas City Chiefs

These are the players who are part of the injured list:
Jerick McKinnon (RB), Mecole Hardman (WR), Kadarius Toney (WR), Donovan Smith (OT) and Sky Moore (WR).
12:45 PM4 months ago

Absence Report / Las Vegas Raiders

These are the players who are part of the injured list:
Brandon Facyson (CB), Jesper Horsted (TE), Jack Jones (CB), Josh Jacobs (RB) and Michael Mayer (TE).
12:40 PM4 months ago

Key player of Kansas City Chiefs

In direct confrontation through the air, tight end Travis Kelce has the best numbers of the team with 85 receptions for 924 yards and five touchdowns this season.
The Cincinnati player in the game against the Pats had 5 receptions, of which he totaled 28 yards, not favorable numbers for the tight end, as he averaged close to 80 yards per game.
12:35 PM4 months ago

Key player of Las Vegas Raiders

Davante Adams leads the team in the air with 84 receptions for 968 yards and five touchdowns this season. 
It will be essential to see his performance in Kansas, since the opponent's defense allows an average of 17.5 points per game and Adams would be an essential man for the Raiders to increase that mark. 
In the game against the Los Angeles Chargers, he registered his best mark with 8 receptions for 101 yards and a touchdown.
12:30 PM4 months ago

How are the Kansas City Chiefs doing?

The Kansas City Chiefs are looking for their second consecutive victory, after breaking a two-game losing streak when they left home. The Chiefs come into Week 16 with a 9-5 record on the season and lead the AFC West, ahead of the Denver Broncos by two games.
They are in third place in the AFC Playoff standings.
The Chiefs are ranked 3rd in the league in air offense, averaging 255.6 yards per game. On the ground offense, they are 20th, accumulating 103.1 yards per game.
12:25 PM4 months ago

How are the Vegas Raiders doing?

It is worth mentioning that the 'Meanies' are practically saying goodbye to the campaign, however, they are trying to gain momentum for the end of the season. 
In their recent game, Vegas easily demolished the Chargers 63-21 at home, breaking a consecutive streak of three straight losses, with this result, they improved their record to 6-8 on the season and placed third in the AFC West. 
In the standings, the Raiders rank 22nd in the league in rushing offense with 201 yards, while they are 32nd in ground attack by averaging 83.7 yards per game.
12:20 PM4 months ago

The match will be played at the Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead Stadium is located in Kansas City, Missouri. It is a soccer and soccer stadium, which hosts the games of the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL. 
Designed by Charles Deaton, it was inaugurated on August 12, 1972, at a cost of 43 million dollars. It has a capacity of approximately 79 thousand spectators. 
It is considered one of the best stadiums in the world due to its acoustics and elegant design (architecture), which offers an excellent view of the playing field,
It also hosts entertainment events such as shows. 
It will soon host the 2026 Soccer World Cup.


12:15 PM4 months ago

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