Goal and Highlights: Germany 0-1 Hungary in UEFA Nations League


4:45 PM12 days ago

Thank you

Thank you for following the Germany vs Hungary game, this afternoon the visitors surprised and won the pass to the finals of the Nations League. Be sure to visit VAVEL, so you don't miss the final phase of the tournament.
4:40 PM12 days ago


The match ends with a 1-0 victory for Hungary.
4:35 PM12 days ago


Rudiger receives a yellow card.
4:30 PM12 days ago


Hungary misses the chance to close the game.
4:25 PM12 days ago


Germany Change
Out: Muller
4:20 PM12 days ago


Hungary Change
Out: Nagy
4:15 PM12 days ago


Another dangerous opportunity generated from the left.
4:10 PM12 days ago


Adam shoots cross and the goalkeeper avoids the second.
4:05 PM12 days ago


Germany change
In: Havertz and Musiala
Out: Gundogan and Werner
4:00 PM12 days ago


Sane's header is wide of the target.
3:55 PM12 days ago


Hungary change
Out: Gazdag and Szalai
In: Kleinheisler and Martin
3:50 PM12 days ago


Kimich close to the tie.
3:45 PM12 days ago


Werner has a chance, but fails to power the shot and it falls into the goalkeeper's hands.
3:40 PM12 days ago


Goal disallowed for Germany, Muller had scored the goal.
3:35 PM12 days ago


Sane shoots with power and the goalkeeper saves the ball.
3:30 PM12 days ago


Dangerous cross from Germany where the ball goes all over the area.
3:25 PM12 days ago


The second half begins.
3:20 PM12 days ago


End of the first half.
3:15 PM12 days ago


Add 1 minute.
3:10 PM12 days ago


Muller tries to open the scoring with a header, but the goalkeeper keeps his hands out.
3:05 PM12 days ago


Foul in the middle of the field for Hungary.
3:00 PM12 days ago


Great play by Hungary that ends in a goal kick for Germany.
2:55 PM12 days ago


Germany gets a corner kick.
2:50 PM12 days ago


Kimich receives a yellow card.
2:45 PM12 days ago


Werner came close to equalizing, but the ball was cut out before it made contact.
2:40 PM12 days ago


Goooooooooooool Hungary! Szalai with a great touch inside the box scores the first.
2:35 PM12 days ago


Hungary passes the ball around the midfield.
2:30 PM12 days ago


Another intervention by Rudiger after Hungary's cross.
2:25 PM12 days ago

Rudiger cuts off an action on the left.
2:20 PM12 days ago

The teams are not accurate in their passing.
2:15 PM12 days ago

The match begins.
2:10 PM12 days ago

Starting XI Hungary

This is how the visit goes:
Hungary starting XI/Image: UEFA
Hungary starting XI/Image: UEFA
2:05 PM12 days ago

Starting XI Germany

This is how the home team comes out:
Starting XI Germany/Image: DFB_Team
Starting XI Germany/Image: DFB_Team
2:00 PM12 days ago

Ter Stegen starts

FC Barcelona's goalkeeper will start the match this afternoon following Neuer's withdrawal after testing positive for Coronavirus, Klostermann will also be out and Gnabry will take his place.
1:55 PM12 days ago

Germany is already at home

The German national team is already at the stadium:
1:50 PM12 days ago

Injuries in Germany

Brandt had to leave the training camp due to flu symptoms; however, coronavirus has been ruled out, Arnold was called up to the national team and is already in the squad. 
1:45 PM12 days ago

The group situation with Hungary

Hungary would qualify for the final if they beat Germany this afternoon and Italy do not beat England. Hungary can no longer be relegated if they earn one more point, today's match is crucial for this team.
1:40 PM12 days ago

The group situation with Germany

Germany will remain in the race for the final if it does not lose to Hungary. In case of a win, the German team could not be relegated, the same applies to two draws or a loss to England.
1:35 PM12 days ago

We continue

Thank you for following the UEFA Nations League game Germany vs Hungary, this afternoon could define the group in the Nations League, stay tuned because below we will tell you everything you need to know before the start of the match.
1:30 PM12 days ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of Germany vs Hungary

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Germany vs Hungary live, as well as the latest information from the Red Bull Arena. Keep an eye on the action with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
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Where and How to Watch Germany vs Hungary Online and Live

The match will be broadcasted on SKY Sports.

If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

1:20 PM12 days ago

Watch out for this player from Hungary

Dominik Szoboszlai, 21 year old midfielder, currently plays for RB Leipzig where he contributes a lot to the team, the previous season was good, but in this one he has the responsibility to make the team transcend, although his national team will not go to Qatar, the Nations League is the most important tournament at the moment and they are very close to advance so his contribution will be very useful.
1:15 PM12 days ago

Watch out for this player from Germany

Kai Havertz, the young Chelsea midfielder has played in the offense this past season, he is one of the most talented players in his club and national team and, therefore, the eyes are on him because despite being a midfield player he has a lot of goal, which makes him dangerous for all defenses, he will undoubtedly be a crucial player for Germany in this Nations League and Qatar.
1:10 PM12 days ago

Latest Hungarian lineup

Dubusz, Szalai, Orban, Lang, Nagy, Schafer, Stiles, Fiola, Szoboszlai, Sallai, Szalai.
1:05 PM12 days ago

Germany's final lineup

Neuer, Klostermann, Sule, Rudiger, Raum, Hofmann, Kimmich, Gundogan, Muller, Sane, Werner.
1:00 PM12 days ago


Hungary 1-1 Germany
Germany 2-2 Hungary
Germany 2-0 Hungary
Hungary 0-3 Germany
Germany 0-2 Hungary
12:55 PM12 days ago

Arbitration quartet

Center: Slavko Vincic. Assistants: Tomaz Klancnik and Andraz Kovacic. Fourth official: Nejc Kajtazovic.
12:50 PM12 days ago

Germany does not want to let first place slip away

Germany did not have great difficulty to access the Qatar 2022 World Cup, as they scored 27 points out of a possible 30, no doubt this team is a candidate to win the title in Qatar, however in the Nations League has had complications and has not been as dominant as in the qualifiers, with 3 draws and 1 win the Germans are in second place and this means that they would not advance to the Final Four, These two remaining group matches are also part of the preparation for Qatar, as their group is not easy at all, sharing with Spain, Japan and Costa Rica, Hungary is a great rival that will help them to measure their level for the World Cup and in case of winning they would also be getting closer to the final phase of the tournament, so Germany can have a great night or one that will make the national team to reflect.
Germany ready for the challenge/image: DFB_Team
Germany ready for the challenge/image: DFB_Team
12:45 PM12 days ago

Hungary for quality leap

The Hungarian national team will be one of the European teams that will not be in the World Cup, this team was very close to qualify, as it was 3 points behind the second place occupied by Poland in the UEFA qualifiers, now that they know they will not be in Qatar they must maintain the leadership in the Nations League, something that has surprised many, Germany and England are below them in the table and are teams that will be in the World Cup, Hungary in round 4 beat England 4-0 showing that despite being out of the World Cup they are still a competitive team and will do everything possible to win the Nations League title, the team knows that if they beat Germany, they would secure the first position in the group.
12:40 PM12 days ago

Nations League resumes to close group phase

The Nations League, since its inception, has brought surprises in each edition and this time they have not been made to wait, the activity of League A Group 3 has been very intense with surprising results to the extent that England is last in the group and could defend the league and Hungary leads and is shaping up for the Final Four, in these last two days the teams must show their best form, as the World Cup is also very close and could be their last chances to prepare.
12:35 PM12 days ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the UEFA Nations League live stream of Germany vs Hungary. The match will take place at the Red Bull Arena at 2:45 PM ET.