Jose Mourinho delighted with early evolution of his Manchester United side
Jose Mourinho on the sideline (Source:SkySports)

Jose Mourinho believes that he has made the Red Devils a 'special' team again and thinks that United now look more like the great winning teams of the Sir Alex Ferguson era.

For the past two seasons, United fans were treated with the so called 'philosophy' of the Dutch tactician Louis Van Gaal, with supporters losing their patience as a result of such an approach adapted by Van Gaal.

But now Jose is steadily beginning to bring the United of the old back, and resurrecting that winning mentality that was always in the blood of Manchester United players.

Improvement is there for all to see

It's fair to say that United fans are more than relieved to see the team adapt a more direct and effective approach and finally letting go of the patient football, which was utilised under Van Gaal.

The manager has supported this claim and compares his approach with that of his predecessor. He believes that "anyone can see" the difference in the style of play that he has brought to the team and also believes that the team is "improving" and that they are "playing differently".

Jose and his staff will be happy with the way the team has evolved and is following the instructions well.(Source:squawka)

Mourinho believes that the happiness among the fans is not only "because of their passion" they have for the club, but it is also due to the "evolution" that they are seeing in the team. He continued by saying in this moment of the season, that the club is fine

It is true, the team is now getting the ball much quicker into the final third, players have adapted to the Portuguese's policy very well. Improvements are particularly clear from the likes of Juan Mata, Marouane Fellaini, Antonio Valencia, who have all managed to impress the new manager and keep their places in the first team.

Jose hoping to maintain winning start for as long as possible

Mourinho is no stranger to superb starts as he won the title with Chelsea earlier in his career by starting his seasons then just like now and he will be hoping to achieve the same and possibly even better success with this exciting United team.

He has acknowledged that the club will lose points eventually, but says that the latter the club loses the better it will be. He spoke about the importance of not losing early in the season, because then "you have to chase".

Jose is pleased with the way the club has started and will aim to continue this good form against Hull (Source:thedailystar)

The former two time UEFA Champions League winner reaffirmed the importance of "showing evolution" in the team's game and believes that the club is moving in the right direction.

Jose's French delight

Paul Pogba's new manager was delighted with his debut but insists that he hasn't set any targets for the midfielder.

He reiterated his faith in Pogba's goalscoring abilities by stating that he "will score goals in different circumstances". Jose praised Pogba's versatility and his physical presence by saying that he can score "in the air " and also that he can "score arriving in the box".

Jose repeated his earlier point and said that the important thing for Pogba and the rest of the team is that they "score one more goal  than the opponent" and that at the moment the team is scoring, so they are fine.

The fans were excited to see this new-look United side that Jose has so expertly assemled and an evolution is certainly there for all to see. Every player is now playing and approaching games with the right mindset, and if United can keep this going, it will give Jose and his troops the chance to become champions.