Robert Pires claims Arsenal players need more players to fight on the field

Speaking to VAVEL's Mohamed Sohail, Pires told of what he thinks Arsenal must do to push on.

Robert Pires claims Arsenal players need more players to fight on the field
Robert Pires and Martin Keown on stage | David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Little introduction is needed for the legend that is Robert Pirès. In case you have no clue about who he is, his achievements should help you to understand how big of a player he was/is.

He has won the World Cup and the Euro's once, the Premier League twice and the FA Cup thrice. Basically, he has won almost everything there is to win.

Not to forget, he was also part of The Invincibles with Arsenal in the 2003/04 season.

Robert Pirès was in Singapore to represent Arsenal masters for their match against the Liverpool and the Singapore masters on 11 November, and was kind enough to speak to VAVEL about how he thinks Arsenal can push on.

In the interview, Robert Pirès claimed that Arsenal needs more players to fight on the field. 

"If you want to compare my team and now, maybe now Arsenal they need more spirit, or more players to fight on the field. Warriors, like Vieira, Adams, Martin Keown.

"So maybe this is the difference. But if you watch Arsenal now, they have very good quality, they have very good players, some players, they can reach the highest level. This team needs to find the good spirit."

The Gunners are currently sitting sixth in the Premier League table after a rather poor start to the season.