Bruno admits this season could be his last with the Seagulls
(Photo: Getty Images/Steve Bardens)

Bruno admits this season could be his last with the Seagulls

Brighton's captain talked about his future, the FA Cup and the tragic news about Cardiff striker Emiliano Sala

Adam Stenning

Brighton & Hove Albion Captain, Bruno admits this season could be his last with Brighton and maybe his last season a footballer.

The Spaniard has been with the Seagulls since 2012 having made over 200 appearances for them in that time.

However, it seems this could be his final season.

Bruno considering his future

The 38-year-old's contract expires in the summer and Bruno has been thinking about his future:

“To be honest of course I lie if I was to say I was not thinking about my future, but it’s not a big deal for myself now.

“I’m just trying to enjoy it as it could be my last season and I will take the decision not now, but in a couple of months, but right now I’m trying to enjoy every moment like last week I was at Old Trafford it could have been the last one, but I try to enjoy it either way."

Brighton's Chief Executive, Paul Barber has spoken about how he hopes Bruno can stay at the club's for many years and Bruno gave his thoughts on staying with The Seagulls whenever he decides to retire:“I love the club and the city me and my family are loving the place as well. Of course when I retire one of the options I would love to do is stay here.”

Bruno spoke about how difficult the transition will be when he decides to hang up his boots: 

“No I don’t know I will see of course I have been talking with a lot of former players and it is a difficult transition, but you have to be positive and be grateful for everything you have done and fell positive for the future.

“Right now I feel really good I’m training at the same level as all the other boys, all the games I have played I think it was a good performance and I feel strong mentally and we will see at the end of the season.

Bruno on Brighton's FA Cup

With Brighton having been known for their FA Cup endeavours over the years, Bruno was asked do you think Brighton could win the FA Cup:

Why not of course what we are trying to do is take every game as it comes, now we are thinking no further than Saturday, which. I think is the best way because we have to respect so much our next opponent, but of course the dream is to progress as far as possible.”

The captain's thoughts on the tragic events of Emiliano Sala

A really big and sad story in the footballing world at the moment is that of the disappearance of Emiliano Sala and the pilot of a private jet, which was taking him to his new club Cardiff City and got lost on the radar over the English Channel.

Bruno came up against Sala in pre-season for Brighton, when Sala played for FC Nantes and he had the following to say on the events: “It’s a shock and it’s really sad because all of us have been in that situation flying in a private jet or going somewhere and it’s really difficult to see a man leaving to come to the Premier League, 28-years-old, a family man it’s so difficult and from here as a captain and a football mate and all of our thoughts are with his family of course."