As it happened: Liverpool and Bayern draw 0-0 in first leg
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As it happened: Liverpool and Bayern draw 0-0 in first leg

Matchday live text commentary blog from Anfield as Liverpool face FC Bayern Munich in the Champions League, Oliver Miller reports.

Oliver Miller
Sign Off!
Right I'm off to hear what both coaches have to say. I will guide you in the general direction of the homepage where all of the post match reaction will appear shortly. It wasn't the spectacle that most expected, but it was fun for a fair while. I hope you enjoyed our coverage. Speak soon.
Full Time Analysis
Who will be happiest with that?

Liverpool created the better chances in a frantic first half, they were wasteful and rather clumsy in front of goal having got into promising positions especially from counters. They will have wanted to take a goal to Germany and although the front three were slightly wayward the work and pressing by Wijnaldum, Henderson and Keita was a positive.

Bayern will have also wanted a goal, the crucial away goal but they did not create enough to get it. For much of the game, the visitors were pushed back into their own area. In the end they were happy to not concede, it was a professional job by them albeit not one full of quality.

Full Time: Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
And that's that, it ends 0-0 with no goals. 
90'+3 Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Bayern are doing a rather professional job of seeing this out, they will be the happier with this result.
90'+1 Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Frustration is starting to tell, neither side are really going anywhere with the ball, only to the ground. The crowd are coming around to a 0-0 scoreline whilst some are starting to leave.
90' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Rafinha on for Gnabry.
90' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
There will be four additional minutes played at the conclusion of this half.
89' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Alexander-Arnold wastes another Liverpool set-piece. Quality has been lacking in this second half, both have struggled to get that crucial goal.
87' Bayern Munich Substitution
James is coming off and will be replaced by Renato Sanches, of Swansea City fame.
85' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Bayern have everyone back in their own half, Liverpool will get a chance or two before the night is out. And as I type, the ball falls for Mane who cleverly swipes the ball towards the bottom corner only for Neuer to get down and push beyond his post.  Was that the chance? Meanwhile Martinez is down with cramp and he is not getting the good faith from the home crowd.
83' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
If there's someone you do not want standing on the edge of the box as a ball drops invitingly for a shot it is Matip. Rather than taking a touch and composing himself thus making use of the space that the Bayern defence gifted him, he snatched at it and sent the ball into the Kop.
81' Bayern Munich Substitution
Ribery is on for Coman who showed glimpses of his pace and skill but too often his first touch let him down.
78' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
James takes aim from far out and shoots wide. Alexander-Arnold volleys his strike over the bar. It is starting to become a little desperate for both now. 
76' Liverpool Substitutions
Milner and Origi are coming on to replace Keita and Firmino. Chances were needed and Klopp is the first to make them.
73' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
The crowd jumps up to applaud a fine tackle by Wijnaldum who has once again been effective and efficient alongside Henderson. There is an element of caution creeping in for both sides, a goal really would be so big if either team could get it.
70' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
A deep free-kick is chipped in to the area by Alexander-Arnold but Sule manages to get his head to the ball to head out for a corner. The subsequent kick was wasted by Salah who doesn't get it past the first man. 
67' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
The screw is beginning to be turned by Liverpool. Still no clear chances in this second half but they are building play on the edge of the Bayern area. As Mane was about to try his chance with a shot, Thiago arrives to dispossess. 
64' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
It is edgier here at Anfield now, the goalscoring chances haven't quite been coming as freely as the first half. Patience and creativity will now be needed from Klopp's players. A substitution will most likely be made in the next few minutes, Lallana is out warming up.
61' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Henderson is down receiving treatment on his ankle, he will be fine to continue. It was Hummels who initiated the contact and fair enough, the German centre-back was good enough to kick the ball out so the physios could enter the pitch. A nice sporting touch.
57' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Martinez fires just over the crossbar for Bayern. The pace has dropped, possibly in anticipation for a grandstand final 20 minutes or so. Kovac's side have pushed up a little now and are finding some success out wide with Coman and Gnabry. I think that is were a possible opening for Bayern will come from, a cross from wide towards Lewandowski, they haven't had much success trying to play through Liverpool.
54' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Henderson receives a yellow card for pulling down Martinez. That is one of the few wrong steps that the Liverpool captain has taken this evening. 
50' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
I don't want to say that this is starting to become scrappy but it is certainly harem-scarem. Bayern are struggling to build meaningful possession, Thiago was dispossessed to easily by Keita a moment ago - that is in part credit to Liverpool but also down to a sloppiness on Bayern's part.
46' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Liverpool have started the second half brightly. No sooner had the half began than Liverpool were pushing their opponents back once again. Even when Neuer takes a goal kick (albeit short), all three of Liverpool's strikers are literally on the edge of the penalty area. They are seemingly attracted to the Kop, then again who wouldn't be?
Second Half Kickoff
We're back, they're back and the second half has arrived.
Half Time Analysis
It was an attacking feast of a first half. Liverpool created the clearer of the chances and countered well, Bayern had more of the ball but were deep for most of the half, pushed back by the Liverpool press. 

There is a sense that the hosts are lacking a touch of calmness in the area though. Nevertheless this is the energetic Liverpool that we have not seen too often this season. 

Bayern will aim for the away goal, as they probably did from the off, and will fancy themselves to get it. Whatever happens this cannot finish 0-0! 

Half Time: Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
The whistle is blown to bring an end to quite a first half. It's 0-0...somehow.
45' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Just the one minute of added time at the end of the first half.
42' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Bayern have a corner-kick, it is whipped in aimed at Lewandowski or Sule who are both quite forceful figures, but Liverpool deal with it well. Just a quick thought prior to half time, it is the midfield that Liverpool are winning here. Martinez and Thiago are struggling to have much impact and control play in central areas. Henderson and Wijnaldum on the other hand are having plenty of joy.
40' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Another Liverpool shot narrowly wide of the post. Bayern had all their men back then, but a Salah back-heel and a Firmino driven-pass was enough to get beyond the Bayern rearguard and present Mane with a shooting chance. That should have been 1-0, or quite possibly 5-4.
37' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Now we have Mane trying overhead-kicks from the edge of the Bayern area, it's that kind of evening. Liverpool have got to be careful not to force it as they are getting in good positions but being slightly wasteful at times. There is no doubt that the hosts are finishing the half the stronger. 
35' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Both teams are now just attacking freely. Bayern have the latest chance and Alisson is forced down low to tip the ball wide of his post. This is like basketball, it's frenetic stuff.
31' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Liverpool taking a slight breather. Henderson is controlling things in the midfield, he is playing really well both defensively and in an attacking sense. And then suddenly the hosts break. Quick, straight through the heart of Bayern, Salah takes aim and the low drive seems to strike Sule's arm but he is on the floor and it is hard to say that his arms were in an unnatural position. Mane latches onto the ball with his back to goal but he spins and sweeps his shot wide of the far post. That lull in play lasted all of 30 seconds.
27' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Another Bayern foul, Kimmich brings down Robertson right in front of the dugouts. That does mean that the German defender will miss the return leg in three weeks time as he was already on a carryover yellow card.
25' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
This first half is developing most likely how Klopp would have wanted: Bayern seeing more of the ball but far away from Liverpool's goal whereas the hosts are creating the more dangerous situations on the break.
23' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Liverpool awarded a free-kick virtually  on the touchline for another lazy Bayern foul. It is whipped in, aimed at the near post but is defended well. Alexander-Arnold whips in the second delivery to the back post where Salah comes to meet it but heads just wide of the post. Another chance for Liverpool.
21' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Gnabry knicks Robertson's pocket on the edge of the Liverpool area but his touch was too heavy and the balls flies out of play for a goalkeeper. That was a good chance for the visitors, the penalty area was practically empty; had Gnabry's touch been better, Liverpool would have been in trouble.
19' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Both of Bayern's full backs haven't ventured to far forward so far, at the moment Kovac has got his defence as a flat back four. With Gnabry and Coman stretched, Robertson and Alexander-Arnold are finding a lot of space developing in front of them.
17' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
A slight moment of panic by Alisson and then Matip. Dawdling in the box is criminal when Lewandowski is about; Liverpool survive though.
15' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Good chance for Mane! He works his way around the penalty area before entering and shooting wide from a rather awkward angle. Sule was closing the angle for Mane and perhaps a tap to the left might have been a better choice as Robertson was arriving.
12' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
And then Bayern attack, their first attempt on goal is a Lewandowski flick which Alisson blocked on his line without really knowing what he was doing. Bayern growing into it, they will be buoyed by that chance.
11' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Following the set-piece a long ball is lifted back into the penalty area, Salah stretches to latch onto and does make contact but it's not enough to beat Neuer who is able to claim.
10' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Wijnaldum is brought down about fifteen yards in from the far touchline, Liverpool's first free-kick of the match. Alexander-Arnold takes it but Gnabry heads clear. Game is still yet to settle despite Bayern's best efforts.
08' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Bayern are playing it patiently at the moment in an attempt to quieten the Anfield crowd, but then again the travelling Bavarian fans are making just as much noise. I think Hummels to Sule has been the most frequent passing combination so far.
06' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
It is a 4-2-3-1 that Bayern are deploying when out of possession, with James just behind the Champions League's leading scorer this season Lewandowski.
04' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Bayern are trying to slow the pace down early on, put Liverpool aren't allowing them. This is pressing from last season by Klopp's men. Neuer has been out injured for some time and he is still getting back to full match sharpness, that is clearly an area that Firmino in particular is trying to target.
02' Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
The crowd are urging Liverpool to press hard in these early stages, Bayern trying to get comfortable and playing the ball around defence. 
Liverpool get us underway, they'll be kicking from right to left in this first half in their traditional red strip whilst Bayern are all in mint green.
Players are out
We are now just moments away from kickoff.
A quick reminder (as if you need it) that VAR is in action for this evening's match. The checks will be for goals, incidents in the penalty area, red cards and cases of mistaken identity.

The officials are from Italy and are headed by the experienced Gianluca Rocchi.

Bayern are clearly aiming to capitalise on a weakened Liverpool this evening. Where James will play is something to look out for early on, I'm sure he will be encouraged to push forward as much as possible to support Coman and Lewandowski on the left flank. Martinez and Thiago will set the pace in midfield whilst both full backs will want to attack at every opportunity to get a highly desired away goal (or two).

Liverpool will however be buoyed by Bayern's attack-minded set up, they will equally fancy going up against a rather ageing central midfield and defence. Liverpool have consciously played with more control and caution this season in the league, here however, there are many reasons to ditch that and deploy their thunderous attacking bolts as this is knockout football and in half an hour Liverpool are capable of winning this tie.

Team News
So then, the teams...

Liverpool XI: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Fabinho, Robertson, Wijnaldum, Henderson, Keita, Salah, Firmino, Mane.

Subs: Mignolet, Milner, Sturridge, Moreno, Lallana, Shaqiri, Origi.

Bayern XI: Neuer, Kimmich, Sule, Hummels, Alaba, Thiago, Martinez, James, Gnabry, Lewandowski, Coman.

Subs: Ulreich, Ribery, Rafinha, Mai, Davies, Renato Sanches, Shabani.

Good Evening!
Hello and welcome to Anfield! The rain is falling here, there are about half a dozen international broadcasters situated along the near touchline and the stands are beginning to fill in anticipation for this Champions League Last-16 first leg match.
Speak to you at Anfield
Right that's that for now. I will be back with team news, analysis and general updates about an hour prior to kickoff. I am really looking forward to this one. Speak soon.
Bayern Munich Press Conference
Bayern arrived in Liverpool on Monday lunchtime and no sooner had they landed than Kovac was holding a press conference at Anfield...

"Franck Ribery will join up with us today. We'll have to wait and see with Jerome Boateng - if the doctors say he's not an infection risk, then he could yet be an option."

"The atmosphere will no doubt play a role. However, my players are no strangers to big games like this. We need to be focused from the off."

"I believe we drew the toughest opponent possible. Liverpool are a top side, but so are we. They will also have respect for us. The aim is of course to progress. 100% percent will not be enough tomorrow. If Liverpool give 140%, then we need 150%. It will be a real battle. I cannot imagine that this match will finish goalless."

"When the players walk into the stadium tomorrow, they will know exactly what is at stake. These moments are why they became footballers."

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson also offered his thoughts to reporters...

"The week in Marbella was important to prepare for this game and the next few months. The games are thick and fast and we need everyone right on it. We feel we are ready for the challenge and we’ll see where we are at the end of the season. The idea was to be away together as a group. Training was intense so everybody is in good shape going into the game tomorrow."

"It's a very tough test. Everyone knows how good they are as a team. They're only two points off Dortmund in the domestic league and have been consistent finalists and semi-finalists. They are a world-class team but we know if we play the way we can we can cause them problems."

"For us as players it doesn't really matter what people expect or think. They've got world-class players so we know how difficult it will be but having said that we feel confident in the group that we can go and hurt them. It's up to us to show that tomorrow night."

Liverpool Press Conference
Jurgen Klopp spoke to the media on Monday...

"Whether it's better having the rhythm or a little break, I don't know. We couldn't change that ... The answer will maybe be given tomorrow night."

"That people think we could beat Bayern – that's a big thing, but in the end we have to prove that. The story so far is a nice one, but not finished yet."

"After being six years the dominator of the league it was clear this year would be different. To become the champion you need to have the desire of a newcomer combined with the quality of a real contender. Maybe at the start of the season they didn't have that but now they are chasing the situation. From my point of view that makes them even more dangerous."

"We have to create an atmosphere on the pitch tomorrow and make it easier for the people. It will be outstanding tomorrow night. It's something to enjoy. There's a lot of power involved in the atmosphere. Our crowd is really able to push us from 100% to 140%."

Team/Injury Latest
Dejan Lovren's hamstring injury will be assessed before the match on Tuesday. Liverpool are already without suspended centre-back Virgil van Dijk and injured Joe Gomez, meaning Fabinho could play at centre-back if Lovren is not fit.

Midfielders Xherdan Shaqiri and Georginio Wijnaldum have both returned to training following injury and flu respectively and will also be assessed. But Roberto Firmino is more of a doubt having also come down with the flu and was unable to train on Monday with the rest of the squad.

Bayern's Jerome Boateng could play despite not making their initial squad. The German centre-back had been ruled out with "stomach flu" but Kovac said "he could yet be an option" if "doctors say he's not an infection risk".

Kingsley Coman is expected to be fit and available despite suffering a slight knock in Bayern's last game, a 3-2 win away at Augsburg, although do not be surprised if Kovac starts him on the bench. Thomas Muller is out through suspension. 

Head-to-Head Stats
Bayern have won only one of their seven matches in European competition against Liverpool (D4 L2) - that came in the Cup Winners Cup second round back in November 1971 with two goals from Gerd Müller and one from Uli Hoeness in Munich.

Liverpool and Bayern's only previous encounter in the European Cup/Champions League came in the 1980-81 semis. Liverpool progressed on away goals (1-1 on aggregate) - they would go on to beat Real Madrid in the final (1-0).

Bayern haven't scored a single goal against Liverpool at Anfield (3 games) but the Bavarians are unbeaten in Europe this season.

Rather disappointingly, this first leg is becoming a case of which team will deal with their injuries the best. The quality unfortunately will suffer as both sides are missing key players but it should lead to quite an interesting match. Jordan Henderson or Fabinho partnering Joel Matip at centre-back? Will Jerome Boateng and Kingsley Coman make it for Bayern? All will be revealed an hour before kickoff.
The League or the Champions League? That is the question being thrown at both Jurgen Klopp and Niko Kovac ahead of this last-16 tie.

Liverpool are involved in a right old ding-dong of a tussle to try and achieve their first league title in 29 years and, rightly, supporters are focused on the possible end of many years of waiting. However the Champions League should not be neglected by Klopp and his men, yes they reached the final last year and all the memories associated with that, but few of the 16 teams left are substantially better than Liverpool.

Bayern on the other hand are not sitting atop their league and there is a growing requirement for the club to prioritise Europe, this season especially with Dortmund leading the way domestically. Six consecutive league titles only highlights the need for Bayern to reach the latter stages of this season's Champions League. They are favourites here but could have received a much, much easier draw.

Hello and welcome to VAVEL UK's live text coverage of the Champions League match between Liverpool and FC Bayern Munich from Anfield.

I'm Oliver Miller and I'll be keeping you updated with the latest from Merseyside in this last-16 first leg match along with in-game analysis and opinion. 

It is an 8:00pm kick-off on Tuesday and you can bookmark this page to stay up to date with the latest updates and team news as the match approaches.