Glasgow Rocks strengthen roster with Kwedi
Kwedi during his time at French outfit Le Havre (Credit: Glasgow Rocks)

The Glasgow Rocks have continued their summer recruitment with the addition of Marc Kwedi for the 2020/21 season.

The 23-year-old Frenchman, who can play either power forward or centre, joins the Rocks after spending the last two years with  France - NM1 side Le Havre.

Kwedi also was a draft entry in 2019, but remained in his homeland after going undrafted to continue his development.

  • Turning to youth

Kwedi is the Rocks' fifth summer signing following the pickup of Dutch forward Julius van Sauers, and will be keen to solidify a starting role in Glasgow after averaging 9.7 minutes and 2.4 points per game off the bench in France last season.

Player-coach Gareth Murray has continued his practice of recruiting youth, as Kwedi becomes the fifth signing under the age of 25 for the Rocks so far.

Speaking to the Rocks' media team, Murray said:

"When looking for a player to replace Ali (Fraser) and Max (Djo Ebala) in the centre position, it was obviously very difficult to find a player that fits both of these guys styles and skills.

"Saying that, the 6"7 French forward/centre has the strength, low post presence and ability to protect the basket and defend multiple positions.

"As you can tell from the type of players I have signed Marc is a young up and coming player that is looking for a bigger role on a team."

  • Opportunities to develop for player and club

Kwedi was an entrant in the 2019 NBA Draft, however continued his development with La Havre after failing to be drafted. This opportunity with the Rocks is one that Kwedi is looking to grasp with both hands. He said:

"Thank you for the opportunity you give me.  I am here to improve and progress with the coach and my teammates."

Team owner Duncan Smillie expressed his excitement at another young prospect joining the Rocks, who sat atop the British Basketball League before the season was curtailed in June.

"Our squad is coming together and we cannot wait to get the guys on the floor under player-coach Gareth Murray's leadership" Smillie told the Rocks' media team.

"It is starting to feel like season 2020/21 is within touching distance, I know our fans and sponsors will get behind us in whatever way they can in these toughest of times."