Goals and Highlights of Puebla 0-0 Rayados on Guard1anes 2021
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11:59 PM3 months ago

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11:57 PM3 months ago

Watch out for Funes Mori's shot.

The twin had a header but it was saved by Silva in the last minutes of the match.


11:55 PM3 months ago


The match ends with a draw on the scoreboard.
No goals at the Cuauhtémoc!
Puebla 0-0 Monterrey
11:49 PM3 months ago


Funes Mori headed the ball but Anthony effectively blocked it with his hand.
11:44 PM3 months ago


Ake Loba left the ball behind and Funes Mori kicked it high into the goal.
11:42 PM3 months ago


Carlos Rodriguez's shot went near after a good play by Hurtado.
11:39 PM3 months ago


A good save by Silva that cut off Rayados' attacking play.
11:34 PM3 months ago


Fernandez also took a long-range shot but it ended up in the hands of Cardenas.
11:33 PM3 months ago


Tabó's long distance shot was wide open.
11:25 PM3 months ago


Avilés made a bicycle kick in the area and shot with his left foot but it was well blocked by Perg, who deflected the ball away.
11:22 PM3 months ago


Yellow card for Layún for a hard foul on Tabó.
11:17 PM3 months ago


Layún's right-footed shot went just wide of the top corner at the far post.
11:14 PM3 months ago


Meza shot from long distance but Silva kept the ball safely.
11:10 PM3 months ago


Avilés' header goes into the goalkeeper's hands.
11:07 PM3 months ago


The second half has begun!
11:06 PM3 months ago

The most dangerous play

Santiago Ormeño's shot from outside the area was saved by goalkeeper Cárdenas.


10:50 PM3 months ago


The first half ended with the score tied.

Puebla 0-0 Rayados

10:49 PM3 months ago

Debut in the game field

Lucas Maia is playing his first game with Puebla, the Brazilian defender is one of the team's most recent acquisitions who arrived from Cancun FC.
10:45 PM3 months ago


Segovia leaves the field due to injury and Lucas Maia enters.
10:41 PM3 months ago


Layún's cross found González but was cut out by the Puebla defense.
10:33 PM3 months ago


Layún's shot from the left side of the area.
10:31 PM3 months ago


The match entered a period of possession in the midfield, with the home team having a little more possession of the ball.
10:23 PM3 months ago


Ormeño's shot from outside the box on a good counterattack by Tabó left him with a good chance. 
Monterrey's goalkeeper saved again!
10:20 PM3 months ago


Tabó's shot in the area was saved by Cárdenas with one hand.
10:12 PM3 months ago


Funes Mori was left alone against Silva, but the goalkeeper made a good save and kept the ball in his hands.
10:10 PM3 months ago


Fernandez was alone in the area but the referee flagged offside.
10:03 PM3 months ago


The match kicks off at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium!
Puebla vs Monterrey
9:53 PM3 months ago

Monterrey's Lineup

22. Luis Cárdenas (P); 4. Nicolás Sánchez (C). 17. Jesús Gallardo, 19. Miguel Layún, 20. Sebastián Vegas, 33. Stefan Medina; 21. Arturo González, 25. Jonathan González, 29. Carlos Rodríguez; 7. Rogelio Funes Mori y 8. Dorlan Pabón.

9:52 PM3 months ago

Puebla's Lineup

1. Antony Silva (GK); 4. George Corral, 16. Juan Segovia, 17. Emanuel Gularte, 25. Maximiliano Perg; 6. Javier Salas (C), 23. Daniel Aguilar, 26. Salvador Reyes; 10. Christian Tabó, 14. Santiago Ormeño and 22. Omar Fernández.

9:43 PM3 months ago

The poblanos in classic uniform

This is how the home team will take the field, wearing a white uniform with their traditional blue stripe.

9:38 PM3 months ago

Monterrey to continue its winning streak

In addition to having two victories at the start of the tournament, the team coached by "Vasco" Aguirre has a streak of eight consecutive matches scoring. 

During these they have won six, drawn one and lost one.

9:33 PM3 months ago

The locals have arrived

The team from Puebla arrived at the Cuauhtémoc stadium with the mission of defeating an undefeated Monterrey in the Guard1anes 2021 tournament. 
Will they be able to do it? 

9:28 PM3 months ago

LIVE Broadcast begins

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9:18 PM3 months ago

Last match between Puebla and Rayados

The most recent encounter is a disaster for the team from the northern border, as they were eliminated by Puebla in the repechage match. 

It was a match that ended in a two-goal draw, but the team coached at the time by Reynoso advanced to the quarterfinals, winning 4-2 on penalties. 

9:13 PM3 months ago

How and where to watch Puebla vs Monterrey

The match will be broadcasted in USA on TUDN.

If you prefer to follow it LIVE on the internet, your best option is VAVEL USA. 

9:08 PM3 months ago

Rayados' key player

The spotlight has been on Rogelio Funes Mori, the player with the three goals, who has given the visitors two victories in this tournament. 

He comes into this fourth match on a good run and is the leading scorer despite having one less game in hand. 

9:03 PM3 months ago

Puebla's key player

Christian Tabó gave Puebla's last victory in matchday 2 against Cruz Azul.

The good soccer shown by the Uruguayan has been reflected in Puebla's offense during the last few games. 

8:58 PM3 months ago

Rayados dominate against Puebla

With two wins and two draws, the Rayados are on a good run against their rivals.

In addition, they have a good pace in the current competition with two consecutive victories, the last of which was against América by a score of 1-0.

8:53 PM3 months ago

Puebla lost in the previous game

Despite coming from a loss in the previous game against Tijuana (1-0), Puebla has a good record in its last eight games. 

The team has four wins, two draws and two defeats and will be looking to add to their record at home against Rayados. 

8:48 PM3 months ago

Kickoff time

The Puebla vs Rayados match will be played at the Cuauhtémoc stadium, in Puebla, Mexico.

The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00pm ET.

8:43 PM3 months ago

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