Goals and Highlights Atletico San Luis 1-4 Puebla, 2021 Liga MX
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7:10 PM23 days ago

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7:07 PM23 days ago

Atletico San Luis 1-4 Puebla

7:02 PM23 days ago

MF Atletico San Luis 1-4 Puebla

6:58 PM23 days ago

90´ + 6

The match ended at Lastras. A lousy game by the home team. 
6:53 PM23 days ago

90´ + 4

¡Gol del Puebla! Los visitantes ponen el último clavo. 
6:48 PM23 days ago


The regulation time has expired. Extra time is played. 
6:43 PM23 days ago


Goal by Puebla! From the penalty kick, the visitors score the third.
6:38 PM23 days ago


VAR! Referee will consult an unobserved incident.
6:33 PM23 days ago


Puebla substitution, Santiago Ormeño comes off and Guillermo Martínez enters.
6:28 PM23 days ago


Good play by Puebla, the visitors knock and knock on the door. 
6:23 PM23 days ago


San Luis scored. Gallegos' rebound gave the home team the lead.
6:18 PM23 days ago


Club Atletico de San Luis, Pablo López exits and Germán Berterame enters.
6:13 PM23 days ago


Goal by Puebla! Tabo scores the second with a left-footed cutback.
6:08 PM23 days ago


San Luis substitution, Juan Castro comes out and Luis Gallegos comes in.
6:03 PM23 days ago

ST Atletico San Luis 0-1 Club Puebla / Guardians 2021

The last 45 minutes of the game are underway.
5:58 PM23 days ago

Halftime at the Alfonso Lastras


Puebla waited for the rival's desperation, and already takes the lead.

5:53 PM23 days ago


GREAT PLAY BY OMAR FERNÁNDEZ! Ormeño, right-footed, scored the first goal of the match, the Puebla team wins the game. 
5:48 PM23 days ago


Silva has already saved! Puebla slows down and San Luis takes advantage.
5:43 PM23 days ago


San Luis has woken up. In a dangerous play that almost surprised the visitor's goalkeeper, the red and white team is getting livelier.
5:38 PM23 days ago


One-on-one between Fernandez and Werner in which the local goalkeeper blocked the shot.
5:33 PM23 days ago


Rehydration break in San Luis. 
5:28 PM23 days ago


Yellow card for St. Louis' Clifford Aboagye 
5:23 PM23 days ago


Puebla feels comfortable on the field. San Luis made mistakes that almost cost them a dangerous play. 
5:18 PM23 days ago

Puebla is already generating danger, but is not convincing. The ball is moving in the first minutes of the match. 
5:13 PM23 days ago

The match kicks off at Alfonso Lastras


San Luis and Puebla for the three points of the championship.

5:08 PM23 days ago

XI: San Luis

Werner; Escalante, González, Izquierdo, Castro, Güemez, López, Chávez, Rodríguez, Ibáñez, Batallini.
5:03 PM23 days ago

XI: Club Puebla

Silva; Segovia, Araújo, Perg, Salas, Aboagye, Reyes, Salvador, Tabó, Ormeño y Fernández.
4:58 PM23 days ago

The data


Atlético de San Luis is seven games without a win. Meanwhile, Club Puebla has only lost one away game at the Guardianes 2021. A great duel is expected in Potosí.

4:53 PM23 days ago

This is the line to enter the Alfonso Lastras Stadium

4:48 PM23 days ago

Protective measures


Sanitizing bows and antibacterial gel dispensers are available for the fans who will attend the reopening of the gates of the Alfonso Lastras Stadium this afternoon. 

4:43 PM23 days ago

Results in basic forces


Today with Atlético de San Luis' U-20 team: Camilo Mayada was captain, accompanied by Ventura Alvarado, Pablo Barrera and Jorge Sánchez, the Potosinos won by a score of 5-3. Meanwhile, in the U17 team, the Tuneros won by a score of 2-1 at La Presa. 

4:38 PM23 days ago

Already at the Alfonso Lastras


Club Puebla is already present at the stadium. 


4:33 PM23 days ago

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San Luis: Last Lineup

Werner; González, Noya, Castro, Gallegos; Guemez, Mayada, Chávez, Berterame; Ibáñez, Batallini,
4:18 PM23 days ago

Puebla: Last Lineup

Silva, Reyes, Perg, Segovia, Corral, Salas, Fernandez, Reyes, Tabo, Araujo y Ormeño.
4:13 PM23 days ago

The refereeing quartet


The central referee for Sant Luis vs Puebla will be Cesar Ramos; Michel Alejandro Morales, first line; Enrique Bustos, second line; Edgar Rangel, fourth assistant.

4:08 PM23 days ago

San Luis, in a state of emergency


In San Luis, things are not going the way they want. They have not won five games in the competition (four defeats and one tie), and the Tuneros must win the game to avoid paying the penalty of the fine in the highest amount. If they win, they will have minimal chances of getting into the reclassification zone. 

4:03 PM23 days ago

Franja, in a state of grace


The Puebla team can boast of a good performance in the tournament. Their numbers in the tournament are as follows; 6 wins, 5 ties and 3 losses, which is leading them to occupy fourth place overall. The visitors, with a win, will be looking to seal their place in the playoffs.

3:58 PM23 days ago

Kickoff time

San Luis vs Puebla match will be played at the stadium Alfonso Lastras, San Luis, San Luis. The kick-off is scheduled at 6pm ET.
3:53 PM23 days ago


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