Goals and Highlights of Tigres 5-3 Chivas on Final Vuelta Liga MX Femenil 2021 
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10:11 PM16 days ago

Goals and highlights |

10:07 PM16 days ago


Tigres is crowned Guard1anes 2021 Champion and becomes the first bicampeon of the Liga MX Femenil. 
10:02 PM16 days ago


Chivas goal! Gaby Valenzuela sent the ball into the back of Solis' goal. 
9:59 PM16 days ago


Tigres' goal, the fifth goal! Mayor entered the area and sent a shot that ended up tunneling past Félix 90.


9:56 PM16 days ago


Tigres' goal! After Félix's exit, Blanca Solis appears and sends the ball into the back of the net. 
9:48 PM16 days ago


Tigres change. Lizbeth Ovalle comes off for Karen Luna.
9:42 PM16 days ago


Chivas change. Damaris Godínez comes out for Lía Romero. 
9:40 PM16 days ago

What a goal!

This is how Jaramillo scored to continue closing the gap on the scoreboard. 
9:36 PM16 days ago


The action resumes, after rehydrating.
9:32 PM16 days ago


Rehydration break at the 'Volcano'. 
9:31 PM16 days ago


Excellent coverage and sweep by Isabella Gutiérrez preventing Mayor from creating danger. 
9:29 PM16 days ago


Tigres substitution. Blanca Solis is substituted for Belén Cruz. 
9:29 PM16 days ago


Tigres makes a change. Nayelli Rangel comes on for María Sánchez, who leaves injured.


9:27 PM16 days ago


A shot from Mayor, but the ball goes wide of Félix's goal. 
9:20 PM16 days ago


Goal, goal, goal by Chivas! Caro Jaramillo's excellent finish and Solis can't do anything. 
9:17 PM16 days ago


Chivas change. Anette Vázquez comes off for Gaby Valenzuela. 
9:15 PM16 days ago


A good defensive cut, preventing Ovalle and company from getting the ball and generating danger in the red-and-white area. 
9:12 PM16 days ago


Good defensive header by Espinosa, preventing Caro Jaramillo's cross from going through. 
9:10 PM16 days ago


Chivas change. Kimberly Guzman and Isabella Gutierrez are substituted for Michelle Gonzalez and Victoria Acevedo. 
9:06 PM16 days ago


At the start of the second half, both teams will be looking to take the lead. 
9:02 PM16 days ago

Chivas showed up!

After a good cross from Jaramillo, Castillo scored the first for the visitors, Check the goal.



9:00 PM16 days ago


It's over!!! A very busy first half ends in the north.
8:50 PM16 days ago


Goalkeeper! Great shot by Montoya, but Ofelia Solis keeps the ball from going over the line. 
8:46 PM16 days ago


Chivas goal! After a free kick, Míriam García sends a header that Ofelia Solís misses and scores for the visitors. 


8:42 PM16 days ago


Good run by Ovalle who gets to the goal looking for the fourth, but his shot goes wide. 
8:40 PM16 days ago

There is no bad third!

The felines have already beaten Chivas at the Universitario, check out the third goal scored by Mayor.
8:35 PM16 days ago


Action resumes after the break.
8:33 PM16 days ago

Check out the second one!

This was Ovalle's second goal of the match.




8:31 PM16 days ago


The game is stopped and the players take a break to hydrate.
8:29 PM16 days ago

Relive it!

This was the first of the felines 
8:23 PM16 days ago


Alicia Cervantes' shot is easily controlled by Ofelia Solís. 
8:22 PM16 days ago


Tigres goal! Mayor enters the box and easily shoots the ball into the back of Solis' net, Tigres is now on the scoreboard.  
8:22 PM16 days ago


Tigres goal! After Sierra's cross, Ovalle appears to push the ball in and score her brace. 
8:21 PM16 days ago


Excellent sweep by Míriam García prevents the arrival of the felines. 
8:13 PM16 days ago


Tigres goal! After a defensive header, the ball bounced to Ovalle, who did not hesitate to shoot and score the first goal. 
8:09 PM16 days ago


Liga MX Femenil Final kicks off at the Universitario stadium 
8:08 PM16 days ago

Almost there!

The ceremony prior to the start of the match begins, the National Anthem is sung. 
8:06 PM16 days ago

Chivas: LineUp |

B. Solis; D. Rodríguez, M. García, D. Godínez; M. Castillo, C. Jara millo, M. González, V. Acevedo; J. Montoya, A. Vázquez, A. Cervantes. 
8:03 PM16 days ago

Tigres: LineUp |

O. Solís; B. Sierra, G. Espinosa, C. Ferral, N. Villareal; N. Antonio, L. Mercado, L. Ovalle, M. Sánchez; S. Mayor, B. Cruz. 
7:56 PM16 days ago

What a great dressing room

This is how the local dressing room was decorated, looking to encourage the players. 

7:51 PM16 days ago

Armor ready

Chivas Femenil already has its jersey ready for this afternoon's match.

7:46 PM16 days ago

To the court

Medina's players take the field, ready to warm up before the game.


7:41 PM16 days ago

The red and white present!

The visiting fans are already present in the Volcán stands. 

7:36 PM16 days ago

Great atmosphere!

This is what it looks like outside the Universitario, the fans cheering the felines on.



7:31 PM16 days ago

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Chivas: Last LineUp |

B. Félix, J. Rodríguez, M.García,D. Godínez, M.Castillo, C.Jaramillo, M.González, V.Acevedo, J.Montoya, A. Vázquez, A. Cervantes. 
7:16 PM16 days ago

Tigres: Last LineUp|

Ofelia Solís, Bianca Sierra, Cristina Ferral, Greta Espinoza, Natalia Villareal, Nancy Antonio, Liliana Mercado, Jaqueline Ovalle, María Sánchez, Belén Cruz, Stephany Mayor. 
7:11 PM16 days ago

Will Tigres once again make a splash?

Tonight, the team coached by Medina will be looking to continue their hegemony in Liga MX Femenil. The match at the Akron ended 2 goals to 1 in favor of the felines. Stephany Mayor and Greta Espinoza scored for the northern side, while Anette Vázquez scored for the red-and-whites. 
7:06 PM16 days ago

In search of the second star

The team led by Edgar Mejía, tonight will be looking for their second championship in their history. Since the creation of the league, Chivas has not won another tournament.


7:01 PM16 days ago

For the fourth

Tonight, Tigres Femenil will be looking for their fourth Cup, which would mean the first Bicampeonato in the Liga MX Femenil under Roberto Medina. 

6:56 PM16 days ago

Kickoff time

The Tigres vs Chivas match will be played at the Universitario stadium, in Nuevo León, Mty. The kick-off is scheduled at 06:00pm ET. 
6:51 PM16 days ago

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