Goals and highlights: Pumas 2-0 Puebla in Liga MX Apertura 2021
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3:16 PMa month ago

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Goals and highlights

3:06 PMa month ago

Game over!

In a match with little excitement, Pumas won for the first time in the tournament after beating Puebla 2-0 at Ciudad Universitaria, with goals from Washington Corozco and Juan Dinenno.

With this result, UNAM has five points, while La Franja remains on three.

On the fifth matchday of the Apertura 2021 Liga MX, the Universitarios will visit Toluca and the Camoteros will host Querétaro.

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2:48 PMa month ago


Five minutes of compensation are added.
2:42 PMa month ago


Pumas makes its last change: Marco García is replaced by Erik Lira.
2:40 PMa month ago


Juan Dinenno takes the penalty perfectly and increases the lead on the scoreboard for the Universitaris.
2:40 PMa month ago


Penalty! Salvador Reyes is flagged for a foul on Washington Corozo, and receives a yellow card.
2:37 PMa month ago


VAR! Referee Brian Gonzalez goes to watch a possible penalty kick in favor of Pumas.
2:36 PMa month ago


New Puebla's movement: Gustavo Ferrareis replaces Ivo Vázquez.
2:34 PMa month ago


Washington Corozo scores inside the box with a powerful shot to put UNAM ahead on the scoreboard.
2:34 PMa month ago


New change for Pumas: Marco García comes out and Amaury García comes in.
2:24 PMa month ago


Pumas also made its first changes: Washington Corozo and Cristian Battocchio came in for Sebastián Saucedo and Higor Meritao.
2:17 PMa month ago


Puebla changes their lineup: Daniel Álvarez, Guillermo Martínez and Clifford Aboagye come in place of Maximiliano Araújo, Fernando Aristeguieta and Amaury Escoto.
2:13 PMa month ago


Puebla's counterattack ended with a shot by Christian Tabó that went just wide.
2:08 PMa month ago


Close! Antony Silva makes a great save to keep Pumas from scoring; and on the rebound, Gabriel Torres misses his header in front of goal.
2:04 PMa month ago

The second half begins!

The match between the capital and Puebla is back in action.
1:49 PMa month ago

First half ends!

After 45+1', Pumas and Puebla are tied at nil-all at the Olímpico Universitario; both teams have performed quite poorly, so the match has lacked excitement.
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(Photo: Getty)
1:45 PMa month ago


One minute of reposition is added.
1:44 PMa month ago


Alfredo Talavera, captain of Pumas, was also yellow-carded for a foul outside the box.
1:31 PMa month ago


Alan Mozo, Pumas' fullback, becomes the first player to receive a yellow card.
1:20 PMa month ago


Little by little, Puebla has evened out possession of the ball; however, they have also found it difficult to reach the opponent's area.
1:12 PMa month ago


Pumas has clearly dominated the game in these minutes; however, they have yet to generate any real danger.
1:00 PMa month ago

The match begins!

In Ciudad Universitaria, Pumas and Puebla are already playing their sixth match in the 2021 Liga MX Apertura.
12:59 PMa month ago

Pumas fans demonstrate

This morning, in the vicinity of the Estadio Olímpico Universitario, the Rebel (Pumas supporters' club) demonstrated against the board of directors and the coaching staff due to the poor results.
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(Photo: Getty)
12:54 PMa month ago

Puebla's player to watch

Fernando Aristeguieta | The Venezuelan international is one of the reinforcements that La Franja added this semester to make up for the losses they suffered in the attack; after that, he is the offensive reference for his good aerial and back play, which is fundamental for his coach's system of play.
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(Photo: Getty)
12:48 PMa month ago

Pumas' player to watch

Alfredo Talavera | Finally, after reporting late due to his participation with the Mexican National Team in the Copa MX and then catching covid-19, this afternoon he will play his first game of the tournament; beyond the fact that he is the captain, Tala is perhaps the most decisive player that the universitarios have. His performance in goal will be fundamental for UNAM's aspirations.
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(Photo: Getty)
12:37 PMa month ago

Pumas, to win

At a press conference, Nicolás Freire, one of Pumas' leaders, assured that they will soon get out of the bad streak they are in: "I don't see a crisis, but bad results. I see work that is not reflected on match day, I see anger that we are going to channel into good things. We won against Puebla and nobody can stop us. I am convinced of that. I say it from what I feel and see with my teammates and from the anger we have for winning and I am sure we will get it."
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(Photo: Getty)
12:26 PMa month ago

Puebla: substitutes

Jesús Rodríguez; Emanuel Gularte, Emilio Martínez, Diego de Buen, Clifford Aboagye, Daniel Álvarez, Pablo Parra, Gustavo Ferrareis, Guillermo Martínez and Ángel Robles.
12:21 PMa month ago

Pumas: substitutes

Julio González; Julio Barragán, Efraín Velarde, Favio Álvarez, Erik Lira, Amaury García, Cristian Battocchio, Washington Corozo, Ángel García and Emanuel Montejano.
12:16 PMa month ago

Puebla: confirmed lineup

Meanwhile, these are Nicolás Larcamón's picks for today's game: Antony Silva; Israel Reyes, Israel Reyes, George Corral, Juan Segovia, Maximiliano Araújo, Ivo Vázquez, Lucas Jaques, Javier Salas (C), Amaury Escoto, Fernando Aristeguieta and Christian Tabó.
12:11 PMa month ago

Pumas: confirmed lineup

These are the players selected by Andrés Lillini for this afternoon's match: Alfredo Talavera, Alan Mozo, Jerónimo Rodríguez, Nicolás Freire, Arturo Ortiz, Sebastián Saucedo, Higor Meritao, Leonel López, Marco García, Juan Dinenno and Gabriel Torres.
12:06 PMa month ago

Designations for the match between Pumas and Puebla

The central referee for this match will be Brian González; Michel Morales, first line; Manuel Martínez, second assistant, and Juan Esquivel, fourth official.
12:01 PMa month ago

Tune in here Pumas UNAM vs Puebla Live Score

In a few moments, we'll share with you the starting lineups for the Pumas UNAM vs Puebla live match, as well as the latest information from the Estadio Olimpico Universitario. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.
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Puebla: last lineup

Antony Silva; George Corral, Israel Reyes, Maximiliano Araujo, Ivo Vázquez, Lucas Jaques, Diego de Buen, Javier Salas (C), Daniel Álvarez, Fernando Aristeguieta and Christian Tabó (C).
11:46 AMa month ago

Pumas UNAM: last lineup

Julio González; Efraín Velarde, Alan Mozo, Nicolás Freire (C), Arturo Ortiz, Erik Lira, Sebastián Saucedo, Higor Meritao, Marco García, Juan Dinenno and Gabriel Torres.
11:41 AMa month ago

What's next for Puebla?

On the same day, but at the Estadio Caliente in Baja California, the Franja held Xolos de Tijuana to a 1-1 draw away from home, with a goal from Guillermo Martínez.
11:36 AMa month ago

How are Pumas coming into the game?

Last Tuesday, in their visit to Estadio Victoria in Aguascalientes, Pumas were easily defeated 3-0 by Rayos del Necaxa.
11:31 AMa month ago

Puebla FC, looking to move up the ladder

The team coached by Nicolás Larcamón has not had the best start to the season either, as it is in fourteenth place in the general table with three points, after three draws and two losses; it has scored three goals, but has conceded seven.
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(Photo: Getty)
11:26 AMa month ago

Pumas UNAM, looking to climb out of the bottom of the standings

The team coached by Andrés Lillini is currently the team with the worst results so far this season, as shown by the fact that it is in last place in the competition with only two points, the result of two draws and three defeats; it has scored one goal and conceded eight.
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(Photo: Getty)
11:21 AMa month ago

Pumas and Puebla, looking to break the losing streak

This Sunday, at noon, the Felinos and the Camoteros will play their sixth match of the semester, in which they will try to put behind them the bad results they have had so far. It is worth mentioning that they are two of the five clubs that have not yet managed to win in the current Mexican First Division.
11:16 AMa month ago

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