Goals and highlights: Mineros Zacatecas 1-4 Dorados Sinaloa in Liga Expansion MX 2021
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10:43 AMa year ago

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Goals and highlights

11:01 PMa year ago

Match ends!

In Zacatecas, Dorados remains undefeated in the Apertura 2021 after defeating Mineros, and thus becomes the new leader of the Liga Expansión MX with 25 points.
10:54 PMa year ago


Jonathan Suárez scores inside the box for the Sinaloans' fourth goal of the night.
10:50 PMa year ago


Dorados also made its last change: Adrián Marín replaced Raúl Zúñiga.
10:43 PMa year ago


Last move for Mineros de Zacatecas: Pablo Padilla replaces Armando Gonzalez.
10:40 PMa year ago


Dorados makes its first change of the match: Jonathan Betancourt replaces José Lugo.
10:39 PMa year ago


This was Dorados' third score.   
10:38 PMa year ago


That was Dorados' second goal of the night.  
10:25 PMa year ago


Mineros Zacatecas made more moves: Joao Melo and Néstor Corona replaced Jonathan Vega and Santos Robles.
10:24 PMa year ago


Paolo Yrizar takes advantage of another mistake by Alexis Andrade to increase Gran Pez's lead.
10:21 PMa year ago


Armando González and Jonathan Vega, Mineros Zacatecas players, join those cautioned.
10:10 PMa year ago

The second half begins!

The match between the Zacatecanos and Sinaloans resumes.
9:53 PMa year ago

The first half ends!

With an outstanding performance by Raúl Zúñiga, who has already caught up with Martín Barragán at the top of the individual scoring charts, Dorados Sinaloa is beating Mineros Zacatecas.
9:52 PMa year ago


A two-minute rest period is added.
9:50 PMa year ago


Once again, at speed, Raúl Zúñiga does his damage and takes advantage of Alexis Andrade's poor exit to just push the ball in, thus scoring his brace and giving Sinaloa the lead back.
9:50 PMa year ago


Mineros Zacatecas moves its lineup for the first time: Rafael Durán replaces Luis Hernández, who is unable to continue due to injury. 
9:38 PMa year ago


Armando González scored his second goal of the season for Mineros to level the score. 
9:36 PMa year ago


With his sixth goal of the tournament, Raúl Zúñiga had given Dorados the lead. 
9:23 PMa year ago


Taking advantage of Luis Lopez's poor start, Armando Gonzalez headed the ball home to level the score.
9:19 PMa year ago


Jesús Vega, Dorados' defender, receives the first caution of the match for a foul on Jesús Henestrosa.
9:19 PMa year ago


Almost there! Raúl Zúñiga manages to score in front of Alexis Andrade, but he recovers and manages to stop the ball very close to the line. It looked like the second goal for the visitors.
9:17 PMa year ago


Raúl Zúñiga cuts into space, cuts back to Omar Mireles and finishes low to put Sinaloa ahead on the scoreboard.
9:13 PMa year ago


The heavy rain has made it difficult for any team to make clear progress in the first few minutes.
9:06 PMa year ago

The match is underway!

The ball is rolling! With the rain already making its presence felt in the match, Mineros de Zacatecas and Dorados de Sinaloa are already facing each other.
9:00 PMa year ago

Player to watch for Dorados

Without a doubt, Colombian Raúl Zúñiga has been one of Sinaloa's most outstanding players; he has five goals and four assists in this year's Grita México, making him an offensive benchmark. 
(Foto: Liga Expansión MX)
(Foto: Liga Expansión MX)
8:57 PMa year ago

Dorados Sinaloa: substitutes

Carlos Higuera; Jesús Vázquez, Salvador Manríquez, Antonio Nava, Isaác Aguilar, Giovanny León, José Lugo, Mirsha Herrera, Miguel Díaz and Adrián Marín.
8:52 PMa year ago

Mineros Zacatecas: substitutes

Héctor Méndez; Sergio Ceballos, Pedro Pedraza, Néstor Corona, Maximiliano Palacios, Oscar Mazatlán, Rafael Durán, Joao Melo, Pablo Padilla y Leonardo González.
8:47 PMa year ago

Dorados Sinaloa: confirmed lineup

Luis López; Alonso Zamora, Jesús Vega, Donaldo Hernández, Luis Félix, Hiram Muñoz (C), Adolfo Domínguez, Paolo Yrizar, Jonathan Suárez, Raúl Zúñiga and Jonathan Betancourt.
8:42 PMa year ago

Mineros Zacatecas: confirmed lineup

Alexis Andrade; Omar Mireles, Ernesto Monreal, Santos Robles, Horacio Torres, José Plascencia (C), Juan Blanco, Luis Hernández, Jesús Henestrosa, Armando González and Jonathan Vega.
8:37 PMa year ago

History between Mineros and Dorados

Historically, in the second division of Mexican soccer, both teams have had 18 head-to-head encounters; so far, there have been six ties, four wins for Zacatecas and eight for Sinaloa.
8:32 PMa year ago

Referee designations for the Mineros Zacatecas vs Dorados Sinaloa match

The referee for this match will be Miguel Anaya; Eder Contreras, first assistant referee; Damaris Jiménez, second assistant referee; and Gustavo Padilla, fourth official.
8:27 PMa year ago

Let's get started!

With just under an hour to go before Mineros Zacatecas seeks to put an end to Dorados Sinaloa undefeated streak, a team that will try to obtain a positive result to become the new leader of the Liga Expansión MX.

Both teams are already at the stadium and will be warming up shortly.

(Photo: Liga Expansión MX)
(Photo: Liga Expansión MX)
8:22 PMa year ago

Tune in here Mineros vs Dorados Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups Mineros Zacatecas vs Dorados Sinaloa live, as well as the latest information from Carlos Vega Villalba Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.
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Dorados Sinaloa: last lineup

Alexis Andrade; Omar Mireles, Ernesto Monreal, José Plascencia (C), Juan Blanco, Pedro Pedraza, Rosario Cota, Luis Hernández, Jesús Henestrosa, Armando González and Jonathan Vega.
8:07 PMa year ago

Mineros Zacatecas: last lineup

Luis López; Jesús Vega, Luis Félix, Alonso Zamora, Luis Hernández, Hirma Muñoz (C), Adolfo Domínguez, Jonathan Suárez, Paolo Yrizar, Raúl Zúñiga and Jonathan Betancourt.
8:02 PMa year ago

How are Dorados doing?

The previous week, the Sinaloans took advantage of their home advantage to defeat Correcaminos UAT 3-1, with goals from Raúl Zúñiga (2) and Jonathan Betancourt.
7:57 PMa year ago

What's next for Mineros?

Last Tuesday, in their visit to the BBVA Stadium, the Zacatecas team defeated Raya2 by the slimmest of margins, with a goal scored by Jesús Henestrosa.
7:52 PMa year ago

Mineros Zacatecas, in search of consistency

The team coached by Omar Moreno has been far from having the desired participation; at the moment, it is out of the playoff zone, in thirteenth position with 11 points, after three wins, one draw and five losses. They have scored 14 goals for and 15 against.
(Photo: Mineros)
(Photo: Mineros)
7:47 PMa year ago

Dorados Sinaloa is going for the top

On the other hand, and without a doubt, the team coached by Rafael García has been one of the most outstanding, proof of which is that it is the only undefeated team in the competition; it is in second place with 21 points, the result of six wins and two ties. It has conceded 17 goals and received 5.
(Photo: Dorados)
(Photo: Dorados)
7:42 PMa year ago

Zacatecanos host Sinaloa

This Wednesday night, at the Coloso Tres Cruces, and despite the fact that both clubs are in very different areas of the general classification due to the results they have achieved so far, Mineros and Dorados will play one of the most interesting matches on this date of the championship.
7:37 PMa year ago

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