Goals and summary of Leon 3-0 Necaxa in Liga MX 2021
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Summary of León 3-0 Necaxa

7:54 PMa year ago


Match ends, Leon defeats Necaxa 3-0
7:52 PMa year ago


2 minutes will be added
7:50 PMa year ago


Francisco Gonzales is treated for an injury.
7:46 PMa year ago

Second Goal

This is Davila's second score.
7:44 PMa year ago


Necaxa substitution:

Out: Luis Quintana In: Garcia

7:42 PMa year ago


Necaxa is looking for ways to get on the scoreboard.
7:37 PMa year ago


Necaxa's arrival rejected by Barreiro
7:33 PMa year ago


Goooooooooooool! Davila's hat-trick from a great cross that he just had to send into the back of the net.
7:29 PMa year ago


Aguirre's powerful header is saved by Cota.
7:25 PMa year ago


Necaxa looks a little more dangerous, looking for crosses to beat the opponent's goal.
7:20 PMa year ago


Yellow Card for Necaxa's Francisco Gonzalez
7:16 PMa year ago


Corner kick for Necaxa's rays!
7:14 PMa year ago


Goooooooool! from León Double from Davila in a bad Necaxa start.
7:11 PMa year ago


Necaxa Substitution

Out: Maximiliano Salas In: Facundo Batista

7:09 PMa year ago


Necaxa presses in the first few minutes, looks wildly for an equalizer
7:06 PMa year ago


The second half is underway!
6:54 PMa year ago

The first goal of the match

This is the first score of the match
6:51 PMa year ago


End of first half, León 1-0 Necaxa
6:46 PMa year ago


Add 3 minutes
6:43 PMa year ago


Leon's goal, which ends up being offside
6:41 PMa year ago


The intensity of the game drops in these last minutes of the first half.
6:38 PMa year ago


A dangerous shot by Necaxa goes wide of Rodolfo Cota's goal.
6:34 PMa year ago


León tries to score dangerously and looks for the second goal.
6:28 PMa year ago


Necaxa gains possession of the ball.
6:23 PMa year ago


Goooooooooooool! for León, a great team play that ends with Davila scoring the goal, 1-0 in favor of León.
6:17 PMa year ago


The León team maintains possession
6:13 PMa year ago


Important play by Leon but in the end does not generate any danger
6:09 PMa year ago


The game starts very lively and at the moment with more possession for the visitors.
6:06 PMa year ago


Change due to injury:

Out: Colombatto In: Fernando Navarro

6:03 PMa year ago


The match is stopped due to an injury to the player Colombatto.
6:01 PMa year ago

Opening whistle

The match kicks off! Leon and Necaxa meet at Nou Camp
5:52 PMa year ago

Everything ready for the start of the match

The players are already preparing in the tunnel to take the field for the start of the match.
5:50 PMa year ago


Leon is currently in 3rd place, while Necaxa's rays are currently in 11th place.
5:45 PMa year ago

Visiting team's lineup

This is the lineup of the visiting team:

1. Angel Malagón, 14 Fabricio Formiliano, 18 Raul Sandoval, 20 Luis Quintana, 26 Julio Gonzalez, 30 Fernando Meza, 7 Alan Medina, 21 Alejandro Zandejas, 24 Ruben Gonzalez, 10 Maximiliano Salas, 27 Rodrigo Aguirre

5:40 PMa year ago


The fans are already entering the building little by little.

5:35 PMa year ago

Nou Camp Stadium

Leon's stadium has a capacity of 27,424 fans and was inaugurated on March 1, 1967, a great facility for this afternoon's game.
5:30 PMa year ago

León's lineup

This is the lineup of the local team.

5:25 PMa year ago

Curious Fact

The last time Necaxa defeated León at home was in 2018, when Los Rayos beat La Fiera 4-0.
5:20 PMa year ago


Leon's dominance over Necaxa at home is clear, as of their last 10 home games, they have only lost once. Leon has a record of 10 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss.
5:15 PMa year ago

All set at the Nou Camp Stadium

5:10 PMa year ago

Where and how to watch Leon vs Necaxa

The match will be broadcasted by Fox Sports and Marca Claro.

If you want to watch live on the Internet, VAVEL is your best option.

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Tomorrow's León vs Necaxa match will be officiated by Luis Enrique Santander Aguirre, his assistants will be Michel Ricardo Espinoza Avalos and Michel Caballero Galicia, while his fourth official will be Brian Omar Gonzalez Veles.
4:55 PMa year ago

Watch out for this Necaxa player

Rodrigo Aguirre is the player to watch tomorrow for the Rays, the Uruguayan forward has 13 starts, 2 goals and 1157 minutes played, he will be a dangerous player for the feline defense, and tomorrow he will want to make his presence felt at the Nou Camp.

4:50 PMa year ago

Watch out for this player from Leon

Ángel Mena will be the player to watch for the match against Necaxa, the attacking midfielder is one of the most important players of La Fiera, the Ecuadorian has 14 games as a starter, 4 goals and 1244 minutes played in the current tournament, he is currently a national team player with Ecuador and is an undisputed starter, he will be looking to score tomorrow against the Necaxa rays.

4:45 PMa year ago

Necaxa's latest lineup

23 Edgar Hernandez, 3 Agustin Oliveros, 20 Luis Quintana, 26 Julio Gonzalez, 18 Raúl Sandoval, 24 Rubén Gonzalez, 21 Alejandro Zendejas, 7 Alan Medina, 207 Heriberto Jurado, 27 Rodrigo Aguirre, 8 Facundo Batista
4:40 PMa year ago

León's last lineup

30 Rodolfo Cota, 24 Osvaldo Rodríguez, 6 William Tesillo, 21 Stiven Barreiro, 4 Mosquera, 25 Omar Fernandez, 22 Santiago Colombatto, 8 José Rodriguez, 13 Ángel Mena, 14 Santiago Ormeño, 7 Victor Dávila.
4:35 PMa year ago

Necaxa wants to electrify the playoffs

Necaxa is in 10th place with 20 points, has just defeated Mazatlán 2 goals to 1 and its objective is to secure its ticket to the playoffs, but it will face a tough test, as visits to León are always difficult, will the Rays be able to secure the playoffs?
4:30 PMa year ago

León seeks to secure direct qualification

After the narrow victory over Cruz Azul at the Estadio Azteca, La Fiera wants to close the regular tournament on a high note, and currently in third place, León wants the three points to ensure direct qualification to the Quarterfinals of the Grita México Apertura 2021 tournament.
4:25 PMa year ago


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