Opinion: WrestleMania Lacking Storyline Excitement
WrestleMania 32 could be a dull affair (image: Joel Lampkin & Youtube.com)

The big one, the grandest stage of them all should now be renamed 'the one where the storylines are thrown together' in what sounds like the worst title for a Friends episode. 

However back to the important stuff -WWE. This years WrestleMania is rapidly approaching and the card is almost complete but the esteemed matches that are taking place may look good on paper but taking a step back to see where they originated makes for a grim sight. 

There are so few storylines that are truly developed in an exciting way that this years 'Mania could well be the least interesting in years and in a lot of ways boring as the lack of a fan connection means many may simply not care. 

Main events missing narrative

Triple H - Roman Reigns is occurring despite fan protests (image: youtube.com)
Triple H - Roman Reigns is occurring despite fan protests (image: youtube.com)

Looking down the already announced card there are the typical big names, Triple H, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and so on, exciting names but they all have one thing in common; the lack of truly intriguing narrative. 

The main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship sounds like a great match on paper but still the inclusion of the man the fans now love to boo (Reigns) will basically overshadow the in ring action. Most people would pick the former Shield member to overcome the Game but that will still only draw negativity. The options are limited for the contest, with a heel turn or outside involvement possibly the only two ways to make the match-up more interesting. 

The issues with this years show are not just focused on the main event, Taker's match for example has been overshadowed by one question; why is he siding with Vince McMahon? The bout screams of panic, as if Shane McMahon was thankfully there to lend a helping hand to his father for one last cheer from the WWE Universe. The storyline has not been built well in the recent weeks but it is clear the Deadman is not happy about the match. Fans may cheer for the brawl which will more than likely be a huge spot-fest as both men are past their peak, but if they want the fans to be invested 100 percent, then more is to be done. 

Lesnar - Ambrose has the potential to be great providing slight development (image: alexc0bra.deviantart.com)
Lesnar - Ambrose has the potential to be great providing slight development (image: alexc0bra.deviantart.com)

A street-fight; putting the two words together creates a stimulating image and throwing Dean Ambrose probably the most popular star in the company against the enigma of the ever elusive Brock Lesnar and you have a recipe for success. However the vacation to Suplex City, followed by a trip to the Ambrose Asylum is lacking just that final push. The introduction of legend Mick Foley handing the barbed wire baseball bat to the lunatic fringe helped add that fire and nostalgia that fans love to the match, but it still seems that it was thrown together as plans were originally in place for the beast to face Bray Wyatt but they were scrapped. The simplistic narrative for the match being 'Ambrose is crazy' is overly simplified but further altercations during SmackDown and Raw could provide that missing spark. 

Mid card matches

The new day could have been so much more (image: therollingstone.com)
The new day could have been so much more (image: therollingstone.com)

The New Day should be the angriest out of anybody, they got themselves over with the crowd despite having a gimmick that was never supposed to work. Their reward? A Tag Team championship defense against the League of Nations, am I missing something? Gone are the days of exciting tag-teams as Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods are the only three standing. If you remember the LON were only thrown together in the wake of the Seth Rollins injury and were constantly beaten; it is only now that they have managed to rack up a few wins but to earn a championship opportunity seems undeserved. A feud with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady could have easily been written and the promos we could have witnessed would have been legendary. 

Kalisto vs Ryback, this author is struggling to stay awake here to even describe the match, but here goes 'the big guy' has seemingly developed the opposite of Napoleon syndrome where he is of the mindset that because of his size he should be the dominant superstar in the company - three years too late. His weird promos towards the pint sized Luchador have been unfulfilling and the fan interest towards the two has been stale, Vince McMahon seems to like Ryback however, and what he says goes.

AJ Styles - Chris Jericho, granted it was next to impossible to include the phenomenal one into the main event but a championship match for either of the Intercontinental or United States Championships could have improved the mid card division ten fold. Instead we are set to see the fourth installment of "Jericho still thinks he has it," yes he can still put on a good match but does anybody want to see the two legends square off for a fourth time? No. Does our opinion really count anymore? No. 

Writer's words

WrestleMania will more than likely turn out to be a great event, but at this moment in time it will be down the thrilling matches rather than the storyline build up. Granted injuries to the likes of Seth Rollins and John Cena have not helped but it was possible to build up guys such as Dean Ambrose, Sheamus, King Barrett and even the likes of Dolph Ziggler. It is important to remember that the company is actually a business and the writers will/should have years of experience but if they fail to do their job correctly, you have to question why some are still in a job? 

Is WWE losing its identity? Would the matches not mean more if they were taking place thanks to a long term feud? You can see the visible anger in fans across the arena and via social media after the outcomes of some matches and the product can often be defined as boring because matches are thrown together without promos or reason and that is why the interest and expectancy in the bouts can be low.