Eric Young on a WWE contract and his NXT debut
Young made a big impact on NXT. Photo-

When the unfamiliar music of Eric Young hit, the Full Sail crowd certainly exploded as the former TNA World Champion made his way to confront Samoa Joe, making his debut for the company, it's fair to say Young made an instant impact.

Having left TNA alongside Bobby Roode (who has already been teased on NXT) fans wondered where EY would show up next and the most logical step seemed to be WWE's growing development brand, which is exactly what happened.

Putting on an excellent main event with the newly crowned NXT Champion, EY proved that he belongs with the company, but the questions now being asked are what is next for him and will he back at NXT?

Contract Status

Despite appearing at NXT, Young has yet to officially sign a contract, meaning he is still technically a free agent in the world of professional wrestling and he could show up anywhere at anytime. WWE has been in this situation before and lost out to Dixie Carter and the Impact Zone when James Storm decided to resign with the company after making several appearances with the WWE.

However after leaving due to not being paid the situation is rather different for Young and he revealed that they are currently "Working on contract stuff" although there has yet to be an official "Pen to paper" meaning there could still be complications, but luckily for NXT fans it appears very likely that Young will sign with NXT.

NXT Experience

He revealed that a deal between the two has been "In the works" ever since he left TNA and that it was WWE themselves who "Reached" out to him to try and begin business. Young met Triple H and admitted they "Hit if off" right from the get go and that it was The Game who "Called me (Young) aside" and asked if he wanted to be involved in the segment with Joe.

The fact that Young immediately rushed to his "Rental" to get his ring gear shows the level of commitment and excitement he had about potentially competing for the company and the "Insane" crowd reaction made the whole situation even sweeter for him. Now all that remains to be seen is whether or not he will be back again at Full Sail, and if it will be as a full time member of the NXT roster.