Exclusive Interview: JJ Blake on Booker T, working Kenny Omega and much more
JJ Blake talks about his experiences in wrestling and working some of the best guys in the business (image: Twitter)

JJ Blake is one of the hottest up and comers in American wrestling and is already making waves in Texas's premier promotion; Reality of Wrestling.

From watching The Undertaker to working one of the best in the world today in Kenny Omega and much more in between, Blake spills the beans on his experiences so far.

Podcast Interview

This Vavel writer conducted the interview which set up his first ever podcast, with many more interviews and discussions set to follow in the future.

With Kenny Omega, Carlito, Kevin Nash and Rhyno already on the resume of Blake, the performer shares what it was like to work with some of biggest stars to ever grace a wrestling ring.

Also, Blake shares a deeply interesting story involving him and TJ Bratt that forced him to step in and lock in a cross-face with his partner Mr. Incredible sitting in the sharpshooter...FOR REAL!

Bratt was not a happy chat and berated the pair on a radio show but Blake gives his verdict on the chain of events that brought the reality into wrestling.

Find him on Twitter at @DoubleJBlake or find him on Facebook at JJ Blake or Instagram at @doublejblake

Background on Blake

For those of whom who are unfamiliar with the star in question, he is currently signed to Reality of Wrestling, Booker T's promotion in Texas.

Blake was personally invited by the '5-Time' World champion after impressing during a seminar and he has grabbed the opportunity with both hands winning the television championship back in March.

Having grown up watching WWF during the Attitude Era, wrestling has been a dream of Jones since his early years and is showing no signs of giving up on making it a reality.

While studying exercise science at the University of Houston, the student is juggling his academic life with performing for crowds in Texas but he sees it as the perfect mixture.