Highlights and Best Moments: Nets 111-121 Suns in NBA
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End game

Nets 111-121 Suns.
1:20 AM4 months ago

4Q 00:43

Elfrid Payton with the three-pointer to seal the victory.
1:15 AM4 months ago

4Q 03:14

Deandre Ayton with a double-double and the difference is already 14 points.
1:10 AM4 months ago

4Q 04:10

Devin Booker sharpens his aim and makes a three-pointer from long range.
1:05 AM4 months ago

4Q 06:07

James Harden with the two points from the free throw line to get the Nets to 100 points.
1:00 AM4 months ago

High attendance

12:55 AM4 months ago

4Q 08:42

Mikal Bridges with old-fashioned triple and the Suns reach 100 points.
12:50 AM4 months ago

4Q 10:09

Blake Griffin with the jumper and gets the triple.
12:45 AM4 months ago

4Q 11:29

Kyrie Irving with the mark, but he makes the jumper and the double.
12:40 AM4 months ago

End of third quarter

Nets 82-91 Suns.
12:35 AM4 months ago

3Q 01:42

James Harden with the jumper and makes two more.
12:30 AM4 months ago

3Q 02:27

Cameron Johnson with one more triple on the night.
12:25 AM4 months ago

3Q 03:52

Devin Booker recovers the rebound and gets all the way to the other side to make the basket.
12:20 AM4 months ago

3Q 04:45

Kessler Edwards with a double and again the gap is only 4.
12:15 AM4 months ago

3Q 06:09

Mikal Bridges with the layup to take a six-point lead.
12:10 AM4 months ago

3Q 10:39

Harden with the assist and Kyrie Irving with the basket.
12:05 AM4 months ago

3Q 11:05

Kessler Edwards' triple to open the second half scoring.
12:00 AM4 months ago

3Q 12:00

The second half begins between Suns and Nets.
11:55 PM4 months ago

Half time

Nets 58-65 Suns.
11:50 PM4 months ago

2Q 00:44

Devin Booker with defensive rebounding and scoring two.
11:45 PM4 months ago

2Q 01:07

Mikal Bridges with the touchdown to put the lead at five.
11:40 PM4 months ago

Finding the space for the basket

11:35 PM4 months ago

2Q 03:30

Chris Paul is fouled outside the box and hits all three shots from the foul line.
11:30 PM4 months ago

2Q 05:59

James Harden with the bomb despite the score of two and gets the triple.
11:25 PM4 months ago

2Q 06:55

Kessler Edwards with the triple and the gap continues to close.
11:20 PM4 months ago

Griffin with assistance

11:15 PM4 months ago

2Q 07:54

Harden assist and Nic Claxton with the basket for the Nets.
11:10 PM4 months ago

2Q 08:53

James Harden with a double-double to close the gap.
11:05 PM4 months ago

2Q 10:13

James Harden sinks only one of two penalty shots.
11:00 PM4 months ago

2Q 10:49

Cameron Johnson with the triple from the corner.
10:55 PM4 months ago

2Q 11:48

Patty Mills with the triple to open the second quarter slate.
10:50 PM4 months ago

End of first quarter

Nets 29-39 Suns.
10:45 PM4 months ago

1Q 00:28

Down the stretch, Devin Booker only hits one of two penalty shots.
10:40 PM4 months ago

1Q 01:24

Long shot by Patty Mills to make the triple.
10:35 PM4 months ago

1Q 01:43

Cameron Johnson with the two accurate shots from the free throw line.
10:30 PM4 months ago

1Q 02:44

Paul's assist and Mikal Bridges' shot to add two more.
10:25 PM4 months ago

Great about Book

10:20 PM4 months ago

1Q 05:20

Devin Booker with the floater to add two more.
10:15 PM4 months ago

1Q 07:21

Devin Booker with a double-double in a highly explosive start to the game.
10:10 PM4 months ago

1Q 07:53

Flash by Kessler Edwards to get within one after the triple.
10:05 PM4 months ago

1Q 09:11

Devin Booker's bomb and the lead of 4 for the Suns.
10:00 PM4 months ago

1Q 10:08

James Harden with a double-double and the visitors take the lead.
9:55 PM4 months ago

1Q 11:10

Nic Claxton with a double to tie the game at 5 with less than a minute of action.
9:50 PM4 months ago

1Q 11:52

Eight seconds elapsed before the scoreboard opened with Jae Crowder's double.
9:45 PM4 months ago

1Q 12:00

The game between Suns and Nets begins.
9:40 PM4 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kickoff between the Suns and Nets.
9:35 PM4 months ago

Nets: starting lineup

While Brooklyn will take the field with the following players:
9:30 PM4 months ago

Suns: starting lineup

This is the formation with which Phoenix will take the field:
9:25 PM4 months ago

Great gesture

Devin Booker surprised one of his fans by hanging out with him and being part of the video call he was making:
9:20 PM4 months ago

Suns: injury report

Meanwhile, Phoenix will be without the following due to injury: 

Landry Shamet, E

Abdel Nader, SF

9:15 PM4 months ago

Nets: injury report

The Nets will be without the following for tonight:

Kevin Durant, AP

Marcus Aldridge, C

9:10 PM4 months ago

The favorite

The Suns are more than favored at all bookmakers to get the win tonight and, ESPN's site, gives them as 73.7% favorites.
9:05 PM4 months ago

Nobody defeats them

The Suns, without a doubt, have the best streak in the league with 10 wins in a row and will be looking for their 11th win on Tuesday to pull within 4 of the Golden State Warriors.
9:00 PM4 months ago

Getting out of the slump

Absences have weighed heavily on the Nets, who have lost four games in a row and have fallen to sixth place in the Eastern Conference, although they are only two games behind the leading Heat.
8:55 PM4 months ago


The Brooklyn Nets will try to surprise against the best team in the NBA, the Phoenix Suns. We start with the coverage of the game through VAVEL.
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Tune in here Brooklyn Nets vs Phoenix Suns Live Score in NBA 2022

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What time is Brooklyn Nets vs Phoenix Suns match for NBA?

This is the start time of the game Brooklyn Nets vs Phoenix Suns of 1st February in several countries:

Argentina: 12:05 AM in NBA Game Pass and Star +

Bolivia: 11:05 PM in NBA Game Pass and Star +

Brazil: 12:05 AM in NBA Game Pass and Star +

Chile: 11:05 PM in NBA Game Pass and Star +

Colombia: 10:05 PM in NBA Game Pass and Star +

Ecuador: 10:05 PM in NBA Game Pass and Star +

USA (ET): 10:05 PM in NBA Game Pass

Spain: 4:05 AM

Mexico: 9:05 PM in NBA Game Pass and Star +

Paraguay: 12:05 AM in NBA Game Pass and Star +

Peru: 10:05 PM in NBA Game Pass and Star +

Uruguay: 12:05 AM in NBA Game Pass and Star +

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Last games

The series between these two teams has been very even, with a favorable balance for the Nets with three wins and two losses and, in addition, they won the last time they traveled to Arizona on February 16, 2021.

Phoenix Suns 113-107 Brooklyn Nets, 2021

Phoenix Suns 119-128 Brooklyn Nets, 2021

Brooklyn Nets 128-124 Phoenix Suns, 2021

Phoenix Suns 97-119 Brooklyn Nets, 2020

Brooklyn Nets 112-138 Phoenix Suns, 2020

8:35 PM4 months ago

Key player Phoenix Suns

With the exception of the game against the Indiana Pacers, in the most recent eight games Devin Booker has scored more than 27 points, being a fundamental factor for the Suns' good streak, so the team leader hopes to continue with his performance to collaborate with one more victory.
Photo: Marca
Photo: Marca
8:30 PM4 months ago

Key player Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving, who scored 32 points in Saturday's loss to the Warriors, is expected to be the leader to try to get back to winning ways.
Foto: Marca
Photo: Marca
8:25 PM4 months ago

Last lineup Phoenix Suns

25 Mikal Bridges, forward; 23 Cameron Johnson, forward; 18 Bismack Biyambo, center; 1 Devin Booker, point guard; 3 Chris Paul, point guard.
8:20 PM4 months ago

Last lineup Brooklyn Nets

33 Nicolas Claxton, center; 11 Kyrie Irving, point guard; 8 Patty Mills, shooting guard; 14 Kessier Edwards, power forward; 95 DeAndre'Bembry, small forward.
8:15 PM4 months ago

Phoenix Suns: not slowing down

The Phoenix Suns have been the most consistent and the best team so far in the 2021-22 NBA season, so in their third and final home in a row, they will be looking to keep up the pace and maintain their three-and-a-half-game lead over the Golden State Warriors.
8:10 PM4 months ago

Brooklyn Nets: getting back on track

With four losses in a row, including the last one last Saturday against the Golden State Warriors, the Brooklyn Nets will try to get back to winning ways; noting that in recent days they have had to battle with injuries, including that of Kevin Durant.
8:05 PM4 months ago

Kick-off time

The Brooklyn Nets vs Phoenix Suns match will be played at the Footprint Center, in Phoenix, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:05 pm ET.
8:00 PM4 months ago

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