Goals and Highlights: Atlante 2-2 Celaya in Expansion League MX
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4:19 PM5 months ago

The highlights

See the best moments of Atlante vs Celaya

3:58 PM5 months ago

The final

The final of the Liga de Expansión MX is ready. Atlante and Tampico Madero will define the champion
3:56 PM5 months ago


The game ends, the score is 2-2
3:55 PM5 months ago


Goal Atlante Figueroa defines an empty goal after a great play by Domínguez the score is 2-2
3:51 PM5 months ago


Substitution Atlante

Off: Escobar y Gonzalez

Enter: Ramirez y Reyes

3:50 PM5 months ago


What a goal Celaya Illescas mid-range shot and puts it in the right angle
3:48 PM5 months ago


Change of Celaya

Off: Peña

Enter: Jimenez

3:44 PM5 months ago


Gooooooooal Atlante Counterattack 3 vs 2 defenders defined by Escobar below
3:42 PM5 months ago


Partida shot goes overhead, goal kick for Celaya
3:41 PM5 months ago


Substitution home team

Off: Bermudez  

Enter: Figueroa

3:38 PM5 months ago


Gooooal Celaya Illescas shot placed at the second post nothing to do for the goalkeeper, a great goal
3:36 PM5 months ago


Another save by Hernández who avoids Celaya's goal after a header inside the area
3:34 PM5 months ago


Free kick in favor of Atlante, yellow card for Gonzalez
3:31 PM5 months ago


Change of Celaya, Miranda and Lara leave, Espinoza enters and Santana enters
3:26 PM5 months ago


Atlante's goalkeeper shoots the penalty and the ball goes far above
3:25 PM5 months ago


Escobar cut, falls into the area and the referee whistles PENALTY
3:21 PM5 months ago


Offside of Jimenez
3:19 PM5 months ago


Yellow card for goalkeeper Hernández for wasting time
3:14 PM5 months ago


Miraculous save by Hernández who sends a medium-distance shot to corner
3:13 PM5 months ago


Dangerous cross that nobody can finish off, goal kick for Atlante
3:11 PM5 months ago


Center to the area that the local goalkeeper stops without problem
3:07 PM5 months ago


What a mistake by Hernández who found himself alone in the area vs goalkeeper Allison who stops without problem
3:04 PM5 months ago


Home team change Leaves the field: Costa Enter: Hernández
3:03 PM5 months ago


The second half starts
2:49 PM5 months ago


First half ends 0-0
2:46 PM5 months ago


3 minutes is added
2:43 PM5 months ago


Free kick for Celaya, could be dangerous
2:39 PM5 months ago


Dangerous free kick for Atlante
2:37 PM5 months ago


Yellow card for Costa for claiming
2:36 PM5 months ago


Yellow card for Miranda after an elbow in midfield
2:32 PM5 months ago


The header after the corner is saved by the goalkeeper, a great play
2:31 PM5 months ago


Great save by Hernandez, avoids the goal of Celaya shot by Illescas in the small area but the goalkeeper sends a corner
2:29 PM5 months ago


The game is stopped, medical assistance enters due to a knee injury of the Celaya Miranda player
2:25 PM5 months ago


Free kick to Atlante
2:25 PM5 months ago


Yellow card for Illescas and de Souza for an outbreak of anger
2:23 PM5 months ago


Peña makes a shot that is far from Hernandez's goal
2:20 PM5 months ago


Pass to Illescas but it's offside
2:17 PM5 months ago


Ball leaked to Marín shot to the post, near the first goal of the game
2:13 PM5 months ago


Shot from outside the area hit Miranda very wide
2:10 PM5 months ago


The game entered inaccuracies of both teams
2:07 PM5 months ago


Zamora's foul on Cedillo, free kick in favor of Celaya
2:04 PM5 months ago


Tejeda's shot that was near of the goal, goal kick Celaya
2:02 PM5 months ago


Miranda's center that is bounced off Soto, throw-in for the away team
2:00 PM5 months ago


Atlante vs Celaya semifinal starts, enjoy the game.
1:56 PM5 months ago

The weather

Today's weather is 18 ° C, humidity is 44% and it is a very sunny day, which makes each Atlante game have favorable conditions compared to the visiting team
1:49 PM5 months ago


Here's a quick overview of the stats for these 2 teams. Table position 2 - 4

Goals for 26 - 23

Goals against 9 -18

Victories 11 - 8

Ties 5 - 4

Defeats 3 - 6

1:41 PM5 months ago

The first leg

Atlante's team took a good advantage on the road by winning 0-1 and with victory or draw by any scoreboard they would advance to the final.

Celaya needs to win by 2 goals, since if he only manages to win by 1 goal, it would be a tie on aggregate and Atlante would advance by position in the table.

1:30 PM5 months ago

Lineup Atlante

The home team has this XI starters

20 Hernandez H. 

18 Bermudez C.

23 Costa R.

28 Elbis

27 Escobar A.

3 García D.

14 Gonzalez R.

6 Partida E.

4 Sanchez J.

19 Soto O.

7 Tejeda D.

1:20 PM5 months ago

Ciudad de los deportes stadium is a wall

Atlante has one of the best % of victories at home, since April 11 it has only had 2 defeats in that stadium.
1:08 PM5 months ago

Tampico is already waiting

The winner of this key will face Tampico Madero in the grand final of the MX Expansion League, who got his pass yesterday.
1:00 PM5 months ago

Celaya arrives at the stadium

The away team arrive at the Ciudad de los deportes stadium 


12:31 PM5 months ago

Tune in here Atlante vs CelayaLive Score

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12:26 PM5 months ago

How to watch Atlante vs CelayaLive Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game Atlante vs Celaya live on TV, your options is TUDN

If you want to directly stream it: Streaming services and Blim

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

12:21 PM5 months ago

Last games between Atlante vs Celaya

The tie is the most common result between both teams have tied in 3 of the last 5 games while atlante has 2 victories. Celaya's last victory was in 2019 by a score of 1-2
12:16 PM5 months ago

Key player of Celaya

Marin is a great football player despite not scoring in the last 2 games at home.
Photo: Liga BBVA MX
Photo: Liga BBVA MX


12:11 PM5 months ago

Key player of Atlante

Ramiro Costa scored the winning goal in the first leg semifinal and is the most dangerous offensive player.
Photo: Record
Photo: Record
12:06 PM5 months ago

Probable lineup of Celaya

The away team can lineup this players.

Allison, Peña, Lopez, Zamora, Catalan, Illeascas, Miranda, Cedillo, Lara, Marin, Jimenez

12:01 PM5 months ago

Probable lineup of Atlante

Hernández, Partida, García, Sousa, Sánchez, González, Bermúdez, Escobar, Venegas, Tejeda, Costa. The home team can lineup this players. 
11:56 AM5 months ago

Celaya: All in

The Celaya team has 1 win in 9 away games and in general terms it is the sun because they only have 1 loss in 8 games.

So they will try to go out with everything for the victory by a score of 2 goals difference to settle in the grand final.

11:51 AM5 months ago

Atlante: to seal the pass to the final

They have 1 loss in their last 6 games so it is easier for the Barça team to advance to the final. Celaya has not won here since 2019, in which he has accumulated 2 Atlante victories and 1 defeat in the last 5 games with Atlante being a home team.
11:46 AM5 months ago

The match will be played at the Ciudad de los Deportes stadium

The Atlante vs Celaya match will be played at the stadium: Mexico City, Mexico with a capacity of 36681 people.It was designed by the architect Modesto C. Rollan, and its construction began in 1944 as part of the urban project called Ciudad de los Deportes devised by Neguib Simón.

It was inaugurated on October 6, 1946 with the name of the Olympic Stadium of the City of Sports, with an American football match between the Pumas de la UNAM and Los Aguiluchos del Heroico Colegio Militar, with the University being victorious by a score of 45- 0.

 Photo: Getty images// Jam Media
Photo: Getty images// Jam Media
11:41 AM5 months ago

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