Goals and Highlights: Juarez 1-2 Pachuca in Liga MX
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Thank you for following the Liga MX match between FC Juárez and Pachuca.
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End game

Juarez 1-2 Pachuca.
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Sanchez is cautioned.

Four more minutes are added.

11:40 PMa month ago


Castillo and Guzmán enter 

De la Rosa and Isais come out

Pachuca changes.

11:35 PMa month ago


Fernández's header goes wide.

Ramírez enters and Alvarado leaves, Juárez substitution.

11:30 PMa month ago


Silvera's free kick goes over the goal.
11:25 PMa month ago


Perea, of Pachuca, is cautioned for knocking down an opponent just outside the area.
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Goal Pachuca 2-1

11:15 PMa month ago


Chávez and Hurtado

Trindade and Navarro come out

Pachuca changes.

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Pachuca Goal

First-time shot from outside the box by Gonzalez to make it 2-1 at the border.

11:05 PMa month ago


Lezcano enters and Santos leaves, Juarez changes.
11:00 PMa month ago


Acosta enters and Contreras leaves, Juárez changes.
10:55 PMa month ago


Ibañez's shot with his chest goes slightly wide.
10:50 PMa month ago


Pachuca's Jesus Trindade is cautioned.
10:45 PMa month ago


Ibañez's cross went across the area and Ibáñez was unable to get a shot off.
10:40 PMa month ago


García gets to the ball and hits it off the side of the crossbar.
10:35 PMa month ago

Goal Juárez 1-1

10:30 PMa month ago


A cross to the far post is blocked by Gonzalez's hand.
10:25 PMa month ago


The second half begins between FC Juárez and Pachuca.
10:20 PMa month ago

Half time

Juarez 1-1 Pachuca.
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Two more minutes are added.
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Juarez Goal

Flavio Santos with the flashing shot that goes past Ustari to tie the game 1-1.

10:05 PMa month ago


García gets in front of Ustari, but his header from a corner kick goes high.
10:00 PMa month ago


Juarez's Garcia had scored the goal, but the referee disallowed it for a previous foul on the set piece.
9:55 PMa month ago

Goal Pachuca 1-0

9:50 PMa month ago


Contreras's shot goes wide of the goal.
9:45 PMa month ago


Pachuca Goal

Nicolás Ibáñez anticipates at the near post and slams the ball past the goalkeeper to open the score 1-0.

9:40 PMa month ago


De la Rosa's header from a corner kick is headed into the goalkeeper's hands.
9:35 PMa month ago


Ustari was delayed and made a bad reception, fortunately for his cause, the ball went out the side of the goal.
9:30 PMa month ago


Silvera with a shot that goes wide of the goal.
9:25 PMa month ago


The ball is passed to the defender and Maximiliano Silvera's shot is a bit of a smash and goes wide.
9:20 PMa month ago


Little clarity in the first minutes of these two teams.
9:15 PMa month ago


FC Juárez and Pachuca kick off.
9:10 PMa month ago

They jump into the field

The Bravos of Ciudad Juarez and the Tuzos of Pachuca take the field under the Liga MX anthem.
9:05 PMa month ago

Date 14

Day 14 of Liga MX began yesterday with Mazatlán's 2-1 away win over Atlas; Necaxa is currently beating Atlético de San Luis 4-2.

And, at the same time as the Bravos game, the Xolos of Tijuana will do the honors against the Águilas of América.

9:00 PMa month ago

Pachuca substitutes

11 Avilés Hurtado

186 Jahaziel Marchand

190 Jesús Hernández

33 José Castillo

6 Víctor Guzmán

24 Luis Chávez

23 Óscar Murillo

22 Gustavo Cabral

229 Illian Hernandez

25 Carlos Moreno

8:55 PMa month ago

Juarez substitutes

27 Ivan Ochoa

5 Jaime Valencia

2 Adrián Mora

33 Carlos Rodríguez

12 Cándido Ramírez

26 Alberto Acosta

28 Carlos Fierro

3 Alejandro Arribas

10 Martín Galván

8 Darío Lezcano

8:50 PMa month ago

XI Pachuca

5 Óscar Ustari, 3 Kevin Álvarez, 4 Miguel Tapias, 12 Geisson Perea, 19 Fernando Navarro, 35 Bryan González, 185 Mauricio Isais, 21 Jesús Trindade, 28 Érick Sánchez, 7 Nicolás Ibáñez, 9 Roberto de la Rosa.
8:45 PMa month ago

XI Juarez

1 Hugo González, 23 Ventura Alvarado, 15 Maximiliano Olivera, 24 José García, 14 Francisco Contreras, 6 Fernando Arce, 16 José Esquivel, 32 Matías Ariel García, 17 Flavio Santos, 19 Gabriel Fernández, 7 Maximiliano Silvera.
8:40 PMa month ago

One more tribute

The Pachuca Tuzos have remembered Miguel Calero and will once again wear a uniform to commemorate the legendary Condor, one of the best foreign goalkeepers to have ever played in Mexican soccer:
8:35 PMa month ago

Hand to hand in the midfield

These are the two players with the greatest imbalance in the midfield and who could make the difference:
8:30 PMa month ago

Retaining the top

If Pachuca wants to continue in the lead for another week, it will have to win to avoid having to depend on the results of UANL Tigres, who face Toluca's Diablos Rojos tomorrow.
8:25 PMa month ago

Acknowledged that there is confidence

Ricardo Ferretti has admitted that he has not had good results and any other coach in any other team would have already been fired, for which he thanked the board of directors and pledged to continue working for the team.
8:20 PMa month ago


The Bravos of Ciudad Juárez want to get back to winning ways after many games when they face the leader, the Tuzos of Pachuca at the border. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
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Tune in here FC Juarez vs Pachuca Live Score in Liga MX 2022

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What time is FC Juarez vs Pachuca match for Liga MX 2022?

This is the start time of the game FC Juarez vs Pachuca of April 15th in several countries:

Argentina: 11:00 PM on DirecTV

Bolivia: 10:00 PM on DirecTV

Brazil: 11:00 PM

Chile: 11:00 PM on DirecTV

Colombia: 9:00 PM on DirecTV

Ecuador: 9:00 PM on DirecTV

United States (ET): 10:00 PM on TUDN

Spain: 4:00 AM

Mexico: 9:00 PM on TUDN, Azteca 7, ESPN and Star +

Paraguay: 11:00 PM on DirecTV

Peru: 9:00 PM on DirecTV

Uruguay: 11:00 PM on DirecTV

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Last games

Curiously, they have only met four times in Liga MX, where the Hidalguenses have not been able to win and, in addition, they have three consecutive 1-1 draws.

Tuzos Pachuca 1-1 Bravos Ciudad Juárez, Apertura 2021

Tuzos Pachuca 1-1 Bravos Ciudad Juárez, Clausura 2021

Bravos Ciudad Juárez 1-1 Tuzos Pachuca, Apertura 2020

Tuzos Pachuca 0-1 Bravos Ciudad Juarez, Clausura 2021

8:00 PMa month ago

Key player Pachuca

Nicolás Ibáñez is having a great season with the Tuzos, being the team's top scorer and one of the best in the league with eight goals, reminding us of the times when he shone with Atlético de San Luis.
Image: Agency
Image: Agency
7:55 PMa month ago

Key player FC Juarez

There is very little to rescue either individually or collectively from the Bravos, but the return of Martín Galván stands out, who has earned his place in the starting eleven and seems to be taking a third wind after his early career promised to be one of the stars of Mexican soccer.
Image: Marca
Image: Marca
7:50 PMa month ago

Last lineup Pachuca

5 Óscar Ustari, 23 Óscar Murillo, 22 Gustavo Cabral, 195 Daniel Aceves, 3 Kevin Álvarez, 6 Víctor Guzmán, 24 Luis Chávez, 28 Érick Sánchez, 7 Nicolás Ibáñez, 35 Bryan González, 11 Avilés Hurtado.
7:45 PMa month ago

Last lineup FC Juarez

33 Carlos Rodríguez, 24 José García, 2 Adrián Mora, 3 Alejandro Arribas, 15 Maximiliano Olivera, 16 José Esquivel, 6 Fernando Arce, 32 Matías Ariel García, 10 Martín Galván, 7 Maximiliano Silvera, 17 Flavio Santos.
7:40 PMa month ago

Pachuca: hold on to the lead

Although they have only taken four of the last nine points, the Tuzos del Pachuca need a win to remain at the top of the general table, where they have shown good soccer and have recovered some players with a good footballing performance that they have not had for a long time; last Monday they drew goalless against the Xolos de Tijuana.
7:35 PMa month ago

FC Juárez: for pride

It is a fact that the arrival of Ricardo Ferretti was not going to bring wonders, but the FC Juarez team has completely fallen and, as a result, they are the worst team in Liga MX with only eight points, highlighting that they have just been beaten 3-0 by America and everything points to the fact that they will pay again a fine for not being relegated.
7:30 PMa month ago

The Kick-off

The FC Juarez vs Pachuca match will be played at the Olimpico Benito Juarez Stadium, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00 pm ET.
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