Goald and Highlights: Pumas 2-4 Puebla in Liga MX
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2:56 PM22 days ago


Add 6 more minutes.
2:51 PM22 days ago



Mancuello's shot inside the box to seal the victory for La Franja for the 4-2 win.

2:46 PM22 days ago



Robles finishes off a cross alone inside the box to make it 3-2.

2:41 PM22 days ago


García's open shot goes wide.
2:36 PM22 days ago


García enters and Ferraréis leaves, Puebla changes.
2:31 PM22 days ago


2:26 PM22 days ago


Diogo on the counterattack cannot score against Silva and the defender almost scores an own goal and Silva saves.
2:21 PM22 days ago



Salvio's mid-range shot from Salvio that he puts into the corner to make it 2-2.

2:16 PM22 days ago


Gonzalez's shot from half distance was saved by Sosa.
2:11 PM22 days ago


Dinenno's header goes wide of the goal.
2:06 PM22 days ago


Barragán's header goes wide of the goal, but it was a close call.
2:01 PM22 days ago


Vázquez and Memo Martínez join the team.

Martínez and Barragán leave

Puebla changes.

1:56 PM22 days ago


Dinenno's header goes wide, Pumas is on the lookout for the equalizer.
1:51 PM22 days ago


Ferraréis' left-footed shot from Ferraréis goes over the top, and Pumas responds with a shot from Diogo that goes just wide.
1:46 PM22 days ago


Martinez of Puebla is cautioned, as is Sosa of Pumas.
1:41 PM22 days ago


Monroy's shot goes wide.
1:36 PM22 days ago


Diogo's header from a corner goes wide.
1:31 PM22 days ago


Diogo and Álvarez joined

Huerta and Del Prete left

Pumas substitutions

González came on and Corral left, Puebla substituted.

1:26 PM22 days ago


The second half begins between Pumas and Puebla.
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1:16 PM22 days ago


Del Prete with the flash to the goalkeeper's location.
1:11 PM22 days ago


Add 5 minutes more.
1:06 PM22 days ago


Corral of Puebla has been cautioned.
1:01 PM22 days ago


Fernandez's shot went over the goal.
12:56 PM22 days ago


Dinenno's cross shot is deflected by Dinenno and goes over the top.
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12:41 PM22 days ago



Ángel Robles' first-time cross into the six-yard box is headed in by Ángel Robles for 1-2.

12:36 PM22 days ago


Defensive error, but Dinenno cannot take advantage of the counterattack.
12:31 PM22 days ago



Fernandez blasts a mid-range shot into the corner to make it 1-1.

12:26 PM22 days ago


Gularte's cross is blocked by the Puma defense.
12:21 PM22 days ago


Freire was left lying on the field after a heavy ball to the stomach.
12:16 PM22 days ago


Puebla's header from a set piece goes over the goal.
12:11 PM22 days ago


Red card for Héctor Ramírez for a sweep from behind.
12:06 PM22 days ago


A service to the far post that Sosa easily discovers.
12:01 PM22 days ago


11:56 AM22 days ago



Del Prete chested down a cross into the box and calmly finished it off for the 1-0 lead.

11:51 AM22 days ago


Puebla was offside when a penalty was claimed earlier.
11:46 AM22 days ago


Del Petre's cutback and shot goes wide of the goal.
11:41 AM22 days ago


Pumas and Puebla kick off in Liga MX.
11:36 AM22 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kick-off between Pumas and Puebla.
11:31 AM22 days ago

Puebla substitutes

 8 Fernando Arce

 6 Pablo González

 18 Luis Arcadio García

 26 Ivo Vázquez

 22 Carlos Baltazar

 11 Kevin Ramírez

 27 Lucas Varone

 30 Jesus Rodriguez

 28 Martín Barragán

 16 Alberto Herrera

11:26 AM22 days ago

Pumas substitutes

 1 Julio González

 4 Jonathan Sánchez

 3 José Galindo

 35 Jorge Ruvalcaba

 6 Marco García

 7 Diogo

 208 Gael Rodriguez Montiel

 201 Alek Álvarez

 11 Carlos Gutiérrez

 194 Santiago Trigos

11:21 AM22 days ago

XI Puebla

1 Antony Silva, 21 Gastón Silva, 17 Emanuel Gularte, 5 Diego de Buen, 204 Emilio Martínez, 2 Gustavo Ferrareis, 10 Federico Mancuello, 25 Omar Fernández, 4 George Corral, 19 Ángel Robles, 15 Guillermo Martínez.
11:16 AM22 days ago

XI Pumas

26 Sebastián Sosa, 23 Nicolás Freire, 25 Arturo Ortiz, 193 Hector Ramírez, 186 Pablo Alfonso Monroy, 15 Ulises Rivas, 19 Jesús Molina, 12 César Huerta, 10 Eduardo Salvio, 9 Juan Ignacio Dinenno, 21 Gustavo Del Prete.
11:11 AM22 days ago

They recognized the field

Puebla took advantage of their early arrival at the stadium to get to know the field.
11:06 AM22 days ago


The Pumas arrived at their home ground with the mission of winning again at home.
11:01 AM22 days ago

Where to WATCH Pumas vs Puebla today?

The match between Pumas UNAM and Puebla will be available exclusively in Mexico and the United States on ViX Plus.
10:56 AM22 days ago

Gaining confidence

Rafa Puente's project has been highly questioned due to irregular results, but this Sunday they have a great opportunity to win and move up to eighth place in the standings.
10:51 AM22 days ago


Pumas UNAM want to get back to winning ways at home against a slumping Puebla. We begin our coverage of the Liga MX Matchday 10 game on VAVEL.
10:46 AM22 days ago

Tune in here Pumas UNAM vs Puebla Live Score in Liga MX 2023

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What time is Pumas vs Puebla match for Liga MX 2023?

This is the start time of the game Pumas vs Puebla of March 5th in several countries:

Argentina: 3:00 PM to be confirmed

Bolivia: 2:00 PM to be confirmed

Brazil: 3:00 PM to be confirmed

Chile: 2:00 PM to be confirmed

Costa Rica: 12:00 PM to be confirmed

Colombia: 1:00 PM to be confirmed

Ecuador: 1:00 PM to be confirmed

United States (ET): 1:00 PM on ViX Plus

Spain: 7:00 PM to be confirmed

Mexico: 12:00 PM on ViX Plus

Paraguay: 3:00 PM to be confirmed

Peru: 1:00 PM to be confirmed

Uruguay: 3:00 PM to be confirmed

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Last games Pumas vs Puebla

The record in the last five games has slightly favored the universitarios with a balance of two wins, for two draws and one loss, highlighting that La Franja has not won at C.U. since Clausura 2016.

Puebla 2-1 Pumas UNAM, Apertura 2022

Puebla 2-2 Pumas UNAM, Clausura 2022

Pumas UNAM 2-0 Puebla, Apertura 2021

Puebla 0-0 Pumas UNAM, Clausura 2021

Pumas UNAM 4-1 Puebla, Apertura 2020

10:31 AM22 days ago

Key Player Puebla

If there is a player who can make a difference, now that he is recovered, it is Omar Fernández, who has just scored one of the goals against Santos, but who will have to have the ball at his feet constantly so that La Franja's offensive volume can grow.
10:26 AM22 days ago

Key player Pumas

Although the collective start has not been the best, Juan Ignacio Dinenno is having one of his best seasons, scoring 7 goals to become one of the best strikers not only in the team, but also in the entire Liga MX.
Foto: Marca
Photo: Marca
10:21 AM22 days ago

Last lineup Puebla

1 Antony Silva, 21 Gastón Silva, 17 Emanuel Gularte, 5 Diego de Buen, 27 Lucas Varone, 2 Gustavo Ferrareis, 10 Federico Mancuello, 25 Omar Fernández, 18 Luis Arcadio García, 19 Ángel Robles, 28 Martín Barragán.
10:16 AM22 days ago

Last lineup Pumas

26 Sebastián Sosa, 23 Nicolás Freire, 25 Arturo Ortiz, 193 Hector Ramírez, 186 Pablo Alfonso Monroy, 8 Higor Matheus Meritão, 19 Jesús Molina, 12 César Huerta, 10 Eduardo Salvio, 9 Juan Ignacio Dinenno, 21 Gustavo Del Prete.
10:11 AM22 days ago

Keep up the good work

True to his style, Rafa Punete Jr. pointed out that he is not worried about the future in case he is left out, but that he is focused on the present and on doing things well to demonstrate the trust placed in him by the auriazul board of directors.

"Based on the experiences I have acquired in my life, I am convinced that you have to enjoy the path and the day-to-day, you don't know the result in the end and it is governed by a thousand variables that you cannot control, but you can control the day-to-day and you should enjoy it, so rather than thinking about the future I really think about the present, always being grateful to God in the first instance and of course to those who trusted me," he said.

10:06 AM22 days ago

Puebla: defensive order

Since the drubbing by América in the quarterfinals of last year's tournament, the reality is that La Franja of Puebla has had a hard time keeping order at the back and in nine matches has already allowed 20 goals, making it the second worst team in the championship, which is why Eduardo Arce will have to work in this area to try to get a positive result in the Mexican capital.
10:01 AM22 days ago

Pumas: Calm the tension

After a tight, long-suffering and controversial victory at home to Mazatlán, Pumas UNAM had a quiet week under Rafa Puente and will be hoping for more wins to get into the top eight of the championship. In the event of a slip-up at home, the coach's job could be in jeopardy.
9:56 AM22 days ago

The Kick-off

The Pumas vs Puebla match will be played at the Olympic Stadium, in Mexico City, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 13:00 pm ET.
9:51 AM22 days ago

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