Highlights: Rafael Nadal vs Diego Schwartzman in Roland Garros 2021
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12:28 PMa year ago

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14° Semifinal

12:19 PMa year ago

Game over!

Rafael Nadal wins with authority his pass to the semifinals after beating Schwartzman in 3 of 4 sets.
12:15 PMa year ago


Rafa serves and gets the first point
12:13 PMa year ago


Nadal extends the lead over 'El Peque' and takes point 5
12:08 PMa year ago


With seven consecutive wins, Spaniard wins his third game of the fourth set
12:07 PMa year ago


Rafa has made his forehand count and Schwartzman tries to react with an unstoppable cross-court shot.
12:02 PMa year ago


Nadal very close to semifinals
12:00 PMa year ago


Second game for 'La Fiera' in the fourth set
11:56 AMa year ago


Rafa looks for the line and hits to take the first point.
11:54 AMa year ago


Tennis players tie at the start of the fourth set
11:48 AMa year ago


Rafa takes two-set lead
11:47 AMa year ago


40-0 y triple punto de set para Nadal
11:43 AMa year ago


Break point for Rafa Nadal to serve 5-4
11:41 AMa year ago


Crucial opportunity for Rafael
11:40 AMa year ago


Great point for Nadal who aggressively goes in front
11:38 AMa year ago


Rafa hits a forehand and the game is set up 4-4
11:34 AMa year ago


Schwartzman takes a quick 40-0 lead to make it 3-4
11:31 AMa year ago


Game for Nadal, the King of Paris recovers well to make it 3-3
11:28 AMa year ago


Nadal's bad serve hits the net and gives Schwartzman a point.
11:25 AMa year ago


Schwartzman is putting pressure on the experienced Nadal and sends the set to 2-3
11:24 AMa year ago


Rafael manages to recover and ties the set at two points.
11:20 AMa year ago


Set point for the Argentine. Nadal will be the first to serve
11:18 AMa year ago


The Argentine has Rafa very well studied and manages to tie and overcome the score 30-40.
11:15 AMa year ago


King of Clay already puts the score even with 1-1 game point
11:13 AMa year ago


Even. Nadal does not give up and ties to put emotion to the set.
11:12 AMa year ago


The Argentinean gets the first point of the third set
11:05 AMa year ago


Argentine takes the second set and levels the match
11:02 AMa year ago


Manacorí's bad serve gives away the tie
11:00 AMa year ago


Great point for Nadal crosses perfectly to the world no.10 for a flawless point.
10:58 AMa year ago


Point for the Argentinian who has squeezed his opponent well
10:53 AMa year ago


Nadal thwarts the Argentine and goes for the point to equalize the set 4-4
10:50 AMa year ago


Rafa's poor execution gives Schwartzman a point.
10:47 AMa year ago


Diego Schwartzman gets back on top of the Spaniard to make it a 3-4 set.
10:42 AMa year ago


Game for Nadal to get back into the match
10:41 AMa year ago


Buonarense's error leads his opponent by 40-0
10:39 AMa year ago


The Spaniard comes close again to make it 3-2.
10:34 AMa year ago


Rafa recovers and takes his first point of the set
10:33 AMa year ago


Nadal reacts in this second chapter and goes up 40-0
10:29 AMa year ago


Schwartzman makes a great hold and goes up 3-0 in this second set.
10:25 AMa year ago


Diego takes the lead at the start of the second set
10:21 AMa year ago


First point for the Argentine
10:18 AMa year ago

Second set

Schwartzman starts it off 30-0
10:14 AMa year ago


Set for Rafa Nadal
10:13 AMa year ago


Triple set point for the Spaniard
10:10 AMa year ago


Schwartzman misses a great idea and makes it 5-3 with Rafael on serve.
10:08 AMa year ago


Diego gets Nadal's error
10:06 AMa year ago


Triple brake point for Nadal for forced error to the Argentinean
10:05 AMa year ago


Schwartzman's bad serve
10:04 AMa year ago


The Bounarense complicates things for his opponent and takes this point to make it 4-3 in set 1.
10:03 AMa year ago


Rafa Nadal saves with a great crossing
10:01 AMa year ago


Argentine takes 40-0 lead
10:00 AMa year ago


Service from the Spaniard that favors Schwartzman
9:59 AMa year ago


First brake point for Nadal, who goes clean to make it 4-2.
9:58 AMa year ago


Great definition of the manacorí to get his second touchdown
9:57 AMa year ago


Nadal takes the lead again 15-0
9:54 AMa year ago


Rafa Nadal takes the point
9:52 AMa year ago


Schwartzman's backhand that overtakes him
9:50 AMa year ago


With a great defense, the Argentinian takes the point
9:49 AMa year ago


Schwatzman service error
9:44 AMa year ago


Great backhand for the bounarense to make it 30-30 on the second serve
9:39 AMa year ago


Schwartzman serves for the second chapter
9:34 AMa year ago


First set to Rafael Nadal
9:29 AMa year ago


First winner for the bounarense
9:24 AMa year ago


The manacorí gets the second one again
9:19 AMa year ago


Rafa Nadal gets the first point of the match
9:14 AMa year ago

Game starts

Rafa Nadal starts with the first serve
9:09 AMa year ago

Start postcard

9:04 AMa year ago

The protagonists come out

Argentine and Spaniard are already on clay
8:59 AMa year ago

Without losing

Both Diego Schwartzman and Rafael Nadal have not dropped a single set so far during their participation in this edition of Roland Garros.
8:54 AMa year ago

Almost there!

We are minutes away from the start of the match between Schwartzman and Rafael Nadal, stay tuned for more information
8:49 AMa year ago

Relieve it

This was the last time the players met at Roland Garros.
8:44 AMa year ago

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The road to Nadal

These are Nadal's victories that installed him into the quarterfinals :

First round: 6-3,6-2, 7-3

Second round: 6-0, 7-8, 6-2.

Third round: 6-3, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3

8:29 AMa year ago

A step forward

If Rafa Nadal gets the victory, he would be closer and closer to the instances to compete for his Grand Slam no. 21 with which he would break parity with Roger Federer.
8:24 AMa year ago

Diego Schwartzman

With this pass to the quarter-finals, the South American is now in his third participation as one of the best eight players on French soil.
8:19 AMa year ago

Rafael Nadal

Nadal is considered the King of clay, in this category, it is difficult to beat him. Nadal has a 98% efficiency rate, in the clay court of Paris he has 104 wins and only 2 defeats.
8:14 AMa year ago


The tennis players have met twice in this competition, with victory for the Spaniard on both occasions. Of the 11 times in total that Schwartzman and Nadal have met, only once has the Spaniard won, at the Rome Open 2020.
8:09 AMa year ago

Kick-off time Schwartzman vs Nadal

The Schwartzan vs Nadal  match will be played at the Court Philippe Chatrier, in Paris, Francia. The kick-off is scheduled at 7:00am ET.
8:04 AMa year ago

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