Tottenham eye potential deal for Real Madrid's Gareth Bale
(Photo: Getty Images/Denis Doyle)

Tottenham Hotspur are reportedly eyeing up the possibility to bring Gareth Bale back to London from Real Madrid

Bale spent six years with Spurs, playing a huge role in the Club's development into a Champions League team. 

The Welshman turned 30-years-old today (Tuesday 16 July) and is currently tipped to get his wish to leave the Spanish giants this summer. 

A happy return?

Bale's displeasure at Madrid is no secret, however, whether a club can offer the Spaniards a deal which they deem acceptable is yet to be seen. 

It has been reported that Spurs have told Madrid they are willing to pay in the region of £60m for the winger. 

However, for Madrid, it is a question of whether they should cut their losses with bale's current value in order to get him out of the Club. 

Eden Hazard made the switch from the Premier League to the Bernabeu this summer which questions Bale's future with the club even further. 

A good move for Spurs?

There is no doubting Bale's credentials but whether £60m for a 30-year-old who suffers from significant injuries every season is a different matter. 

Bringing Bale 'home' to N17 would seem to be more of a statement than a rational decision from Spurs.

Whether Bale is capable of proving his worth over the coming years is questionable which is why a move to China could prove valuable in all senses for the Welshman.

By signing someone of the stature Bale now carries it shows how far Spurs have come but whether disrupting their balanced squad to fit Bale into the team could prove risky.