UFC 206: Max Holloway defeats Anthony Pettis to win interim featherweight title

UFC 206: Max Holloway defeats Anthony Pettis to win interim featherweight title

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Until then, there is plently of top quality content on VAVEL.com to keep you entertained. I have been Ayden Hussain and I hope you enjoyed UFC 206 as much as I have! Goodnight!

The next huge UFC event will be on December 30, 2017 as Ronda Rousey will make her long awaited return to the Octagon. She will be taking on UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes at UFC 207.

And in our main event, Max 'Blessed' Holloway won the interim UFC Featherweight title as he forced a stoppage against former UFC Lightweight Champion Anthony 'Showtime' Pettis in the third round.

Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone continued his spectacular form in the welterweight division as he produced a devastasting knockout kick to end Matt Brown's night.

The Korean Superboy Dooho Choi and UFC veteran Cub Swanson produced a fight of the year performance to wow fight fans across the world. Swanson won via unanimous decision.

Kelvin Gastelum returned to the middleweight division and he knocked out Tim Kennedy.

What an incredible night where we saw Norwegian debutant Emil Meek win against Canadian Jordan Mein.

Anthony Pettis has said he will return to the lightweight division as he feels cutting weight to make the 145lbs limit is too tough on his body and bad for his health.

Holloway has called out the UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo, the Hawaiian wants to fight at UFC 208!

Max Holloway wins via TKO!

That is now 10 wins in a row for Max 'Blessed' Holloway and he is the interim UFC Featherweight Champion!

Holloway began to land heavy combinations and that forced Pettis to back into the cage and referee Yves Lavigne had no choice but to step in and hault proceedings.


Round 3: Pettis is trying to get this fight to the ground as he will dominate there. But Holloway has very good takedown defence so for now, the fight stays stood up.

Round 3: Pettis opens up the third round with heavy leg kicks, which is expected as he won't throw many right hands from now on.

That is the end of round 2. Anthony Pettis has a problem with his right hand as well, Pettis was heard in between rounds saying it is broken.

Round 2: Fighters are up against the cage and some boos can be heard as the fight has slowed down after a fast start.

Pettis got dropped! Holloway landed a heavy body shot, but now Pettis is up. Not a lot of damage was inflicted.

Round 2: Pettis has a cut on his right eye, which isn't good as Holloway has a very dangerous left hook in his locker.

That's the end of round 1. Holloway looks good so far, he managed to land a combination, but it didn't do much damage.

Round 1: No real telling shot landed so far. Very cagey affair.

Round 1: Cagey opening minute, both fighters feeling eachother out, finding their range.


Max Holloway will have an inch height advantage, Anthony Pettis will have a three and a half reach advantage.

Next up is our main event between Max 'Blessed' Holloway and Anthony 'Showtime' Pettis.

Cerrone has just announced he wants to fight in Denver, Colorado which is only a couple of weeks away.

That KO victory will surely win Cerrone knockout of the night.

Stunning move from the kickboxing specialist Cerrone. He wins via KO!

Cerrone just opened up his body and landed a thunderous left head kick which sent Brown crashing to the canvas. Cerrone just walked away and that was all she wrote.


We go into the final round, both fighters are still standing, but barely. Matt Brown is a mess, he is bleeding from both eyes.

Round 2: Both fighters trading, and both look slightly uneasy.

Round 2: Cerrone has dropped Brown now! But he has recovered.

Round 2: Brown managed to drop Cerrone, but he has seemingly recovered.

Round 2: Cowboy is hurt!

Really solid opening round from both fighters, Cerrone is having success landing kicks and combinations. Brown is having success with his right hand, he has caught Cerrone on numerous occasions.

Round 1: Tremendous fight from Cerrone, Brown had an arm triangle locked in, but he managed to get out.

Round 1: Cerrone's kickboxing background is paying dividends here, he landed a heavy head kick which visibly hurt Brown.

Round 1: Cerrone is mixing his strikes really well and Brown's face is red already.

Round 1: Brown is pressing well, he has landed some flush shots.

Round 1: Solid start from Cerrone, he's landing head strikes and body shots flush and they are hurting Brown.


Cerrone will have a one inch height advantage and Brown will have a two inch reach advantage.

Both fighters are in the Octagon, we are moments away from the start of our co-main event.

Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone is up next, as he takes on Matt Brown.

Cub Swanson wins via unanimous decision! A truly spectacular performance from both men.

Swanson has showed tremendous skill to adjust to the fighting style of Choi and do some serious damage.

Win, lose or draw, Dooho Choi is for real, in only his fourth UFC bout, he has taken it to UFC veteran Cub Swanson.

No matter what happens tonight, that will be fight of the night and is 100% a fight of the year contender.


Round 3: Both men are uneasy, bloodied and still throwing heavy shots.

Round 3: The fighters are on their feet and continue to throw bombs.

Round 3: Swanson is ripping into Choi up against the cage! 

Round 3: Swanson now has Choi on the ground and it's clearly to see both fighters are seriously fatigued.

Round 3: We pick up where we left off in round 2, bombs upon bombs.

Final round!

The crowd are on their feet at the end of round 2! Cub Swanson is one of the hardest hitters in the featherweight division and Choi hasn't dropped yet. Incredible.

Round 2: Swanson is unloading again! A spinning back-fist sent Choi flying into the cage.

Round 2: Over 70 strikes have landed between the two fighters so far in the round.

Round 2: The fighters then just stood and traded whilst the crowd went crazy!

Round 2: This is absolutely incredible! Swanson rocked Choi and as he moved in for the kill, Choi landed a heavy right hand which rocked Swanson.


Round 1: Both fighters have absorbed a lot of shots here, hard to call who won the opener.

Round 1: The fight has calmed down now, as they clinch up against the cage.

Round 1: All out brawl so far, Swanson has landed some heavy punches.

Round 1: Electric start from Choi, he had Swanson in the clinch and landed three really heavy knees to the head.


Dooho Choi will have a two inch height advantage, but the reach is virtually identical.

The Korean Superboy is on his way to the ring, he will face UFC veteran Cub Swanson in just a few moments.

Confirmation for you all that Kelvin Gastelum wins via TKO!

Based off this performance, Gastelum should stay at 185lbs and not drop to 170 anymore.

The boxing style of Gastelum really shone and he put Kennedy to the sword.

An incredible performance from Kelvin Gastelum, he has just forced the referee to halt proceedings.


Round 3: Gastelum is gliding around the ring and Kennedy looks like he is trudging through mud. Incredible performance thus far from Gastelum.

Round 3: What a start to the round for Gastelum! He has landed a series of flush shots which have rocked Kennedy to the core!

Final round!

Round 2: Huge round for Gastelum, when the fight is stood up, Kennedy has no answer and we can see how good the Ultimate Fighter winner is.

Round 2: Kennedy has slowed down here and this is playing into the hands of Gastelum, who is an extremely quick striker.

Round 2: Gastelum started the round well by taking the back of Kennedy, but the latter managed to reverse and now he has the back of Gastelum.

Round 1: Amazing end to the round for Gastelum, his boxing expertise is on show here, he has landed numerous flush combinations and Kennedy has heavy bruising already under his right eye.

Round 1: Gastelum got free and landed a beautiful combination which visibly hurt Kennedy.

Round 1: Gastelum cannot get free and this fight is playing into the hands of Tim Kennedy.

Round 1: Kennedy is controlling this fight here, he is using his size advantage to wear Gastelum down in the clinch and on the ground.


Tim Kennedy will have a significant height and reach advantage over Gastelum.

Tim Kennedy will face off against Ultimate Fighter 17 winner Kelvin Gastelum next!

Emil Meek wins via unanimous decision!

A very impressive performance from the debutant, but a poor performance from the returning Jordan Mein.

Mein tried to lock in a kimura, but Meek lifted him up with one arm and slammed him to the ground and that was when the klaxon sounded.

They go the distance!

Round 3: Mein is looking very passive on the ground, like he doesn't want to get up or try and transition. 

Round 3: Once again Meek comes out firing, he has landed some good combinations and he now has Mein under control on the ground.

Final Round!

Round 2: A very good round for Emil Meek, he took the fight to the ground and he locked in an arm triangle, but Mein managed to get out. Meek then controlled the rest of the round and landed a lot of heavy shots.

Round 2: Meek is looking really impressive on his debut, he is coming out of the blocks swinging and he is landing some shots.

?Round 1: Meek caught Mein and then the Norwegian shot for a flying knee but missed and Mein has recovered. That is all for round 1.

Round 1: Meek is in a lot of pain here, Mein tried to shoot for a takedown and during a scramble, he screamed out and starting touching his ribs.

Round 1: Good start from both fighters, both fighters are brawling here which suits Meek.


Mein will have a one inch height advantage, but Meek will have a slight reach advantage.

Norway's Emil Meek will make his UFC debut tonight against Canada's own, Jordan Mein.

We are moments away from our first main card fight between Jordan Mein and Emil Meek!

The main card is due to start around 3am GMT, so make sure you tune in then! But until that time there is plenty of top quality content on VAVEL.com.

Pettis last stepped in the Octagon back in August 2016, where he defeated the ever-dangerous Charles Oliveira via submission due to a guillotine choke.

Although Pettis won’t be able to claim UFC gold in Toronto, he knows a win against Holloway could still give him a title shot against Jose Aldo.

Max ‘Blessed’ Holloway will be aiming for 10 wins in a row when he takes on former lightweight champion Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis. Since Holloway lost to The Notorious’ Conor McGregor in 2013, Holloway has beaten some of the UFC’s best. That list includes; Clay CollardCub Swanson, Charles Oliveira and Ricardo Lamas, which was his most recent fight.

A win for the former lightweight title challenger will surely put him in contention with a shot at welterweight gold.

Cerrone on the other will be aiming to continue his great start in the welterweight division and his last fight was against Rick ‘The Horror’ Story at UFC 202. Cerrone produced a fight of the night performance to win via a spectacular knockout.

Brown will be looking to make a statement when both men step into the Octagon and if he can emerge victorious against the dangerous ‘Cowboy’, he will become a top division fighter.

After Cerrone’s fight against Gastelum was called off, he was quickly given another fight, against No.14 ranked welterweight Matt Brown.

Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone will take on Matt Brown in the penultimate fight of the night in the men’s welterweight division.

Choi is one of the most exciting prospects in the UFC, he has won all three of his UFC contests via knockout, so we can expect fireworks come fight night.

Cub Swanson will then face off against The Korean Superboy’ Doo Ho Choi in the men’s featherweight division. Swanson is coming off the back of two unanimous decision victories against Hacran Dias and Tatsuya Kawajiri. Swanson is currently ranked No.4 in the featherweight division, so the fight against Choi should be exciting.

This makes it the fourth time Gastelum has not made the 170lb weight limit, prompting UFC President Dana White to say that he will "never let him fight at 170 again".

Gastelum was expected to face Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone in the welterweight division at UFC 205. However on the day of the weigh-ins, Gastelum did not make an attempt to weigh-in as he was well over the 171lbs limit for the fight and the bout was scrapped.

Kennedy was removed from the card as well. The bout was quickly rescheduled to take place a month later at UFC 206. Once again, Evans was unable to obtain medical clearance to compete on the card and was pulled from the bout.

Kennedy was expected to face Rashad Evans at UFC 205. However Evans was pulled from the fight after an undisclosed irregularity was found during his pre-fight medical exam.

Next up Tim Kennedy will face off against Ultimate Fighter 17 winner Kelvin Gastelum in the men’s middleweight division.

Mein has not fought since UFC 183 where he lost via TKO to Thiago Alves. Since that loss, Mein announced his retirement and then returned to the UFC. UFC 183 was almost two years ago and he will step into the Octagon to face the Norwegian UFC debutant Emil Meek.

Before we can get to the main event, the main card has four other fights. The first of which will see Jordan Mein take on Emil Meek in the men’s welterweight division.

If ‘Showtime’ wins he will not receive the interim title, but if Holloway wins, he will. Pettis was also fined 20% of his purse.

However, following the pre-fight weight-ins, Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis weighed in three pounds over the 145 limit meaning he was penalized.

This meant the headline act announced was Max Holloway - Anthony Pettis, for the interim UFC Featherweight belt. The winner would take on Jose Aldo, who regained the featherweight crown after UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor was stripped of the 145lb belt following his record setting night in New York City.

Title challenger Johnson was offered to fight middleweight star Gegard Mousasi, but ‘Rumble’ opted to wait for Cormier to return from his injury.

The headline fight was supposed to be between Daniel Cormier and Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship, but champion Cormier pulled out due to injury.

The Air Canada Centre, home to the Toronto Raptors and Maple Leafs will host UFC 206. More than 12,000 people should pack into the arena for what will hopefully be an exhilarating night of MMA.

After the historic UFC 205, we now move north of the border to Toronto for UFC 206.

Hello everyone and welcome to VAVEL.com’s live coverage of UFC 206! My name is Ayden Hussain and I will be taking you through tonight’s main card.