WWE Payback Predictions
What will Anderson and Gallows do at Payback? Photo- WWE.com

Pre-Show: United States Championship Match- Kalisto (c) - Ryback 

This match is relegated to the pre-show once again. Photo- www.comexmasters.com
This match is relegated to the pre-show once again. Photo- www.comexmasters.com

It's amazing to see just how far the United States Championship has fallen if you compare the position it was in this time last year, but nonetheless we are getting a repeat from WrestleMania once again on the pre-show. Both men put on a fun match in Texas and they should do the same again here with the same story of size and strength going up against agility and aerial offense.

At this stage it is hard to really care about which man walks out with the belt as it is nothing more than a prop at the moment, but after Ryback's recent outbursts about his positioning at 'Mania there could be a chance he isn't in the upper management's good books. Kalisto will likely walk away likely walk away with the title, bringing this rivalry to an end, but at least this time their match should be in front of a full crowd. 

Prediction- Kalisto 

Main Show: Baron Corbin - Dolph Ziggler 

Can Ziggler overcome the Lone Wolf? Photo- WWE.com
Can Ziggler overcome the Lone Wolf? Photo- WWE.com

This is a feud that has been really well built by the WWE. Baron Corbin has looked like a monster ever since his main roster debut and pairing him up with a WWE veteran such as Dolph Ziggler was a very smart move on the company's behalf. Ziggler is a fan favorite and knows how to put on a great match, he will sell Corbin's moves and make him look a dominant heel throughout whilst also providing his own offense as the smaller underdog.

The match should only go one way, with Ziggler not in any need of a win and Corbin just starting out on the main roster, it only makes sense for the former NXT star to continue his momentum with his first ever singles victory on a WWE ppv. 

Prediction- Baron Corbin

Number One Contenders Match: Enzo Amore & Big Cass - The Vaudevillians 

Who will face New Day? Photo- WWE.com
Who will face New Day? Photo- WWE.com

The tournament to crown a new number one contender to the New Day's Tag Team Championships (sponsored by the one and only, Booty O's) will come to an end at Payback and it's the main rosters two new teams straight from NXT who compete in the finals. 

Former NXT Tag Team Champions, The Vaudevillians have been impressive since moving up but their opponents Enzo Amore and Big Cass have gained such huge fan responses that have been beyond most people's expectations making them hard to bet against. Both teams can put on fantastic matches as has been proven during their runs in NXT and they will both be looking to showcase that to the main roster. 

Whilst the ever popular SAWFT duo have been getting amazing reactions, a face - face tag team title match may not be the best idea, and right now the WWE is fully invested in the New Day which makes it hard to believe they will drop the belts, for that reason The Vaudevillians will walk away with the win. This continues the frustrations of Amore and Cass who have come close on many occasions in NXT, with SummerSlam being the perfect venue for their big moment. 

Prediction- The Vaudevillians 

Chris Jericho - Dean Ambrose 

The battle of the talk show hosts. Photo- WWE.com
The battle of the talk show hosts. Photo- WWE.com

This has been a match that some fans (perhaps just this author) have been hoping for since Night of Champions when Chris Jericho made a surprise return and walked out on his tag team partners, shoving Dean Ambrose in the process. It's something that could have happened at WrestleMania but the company went in a different direction.

Now here the feud is and so far it has been excellent from the fun talk show moments to the physical altercations, the WWE has teased plenty without giving away too much and given the abilities of both me they should put on a potential show stealing match. With Ambrose losing at 'Mania and without a win in such a long period of time, this seems like a sensible time to give the Lunatic Fringe a victory and begin building him to a potential title shot. 

Preditcion- Dean Ambrose 

Intercontinental Championship Match: The Miz (c) with. Maryse - Cesaro 

What role will Maryse play? Photo- WWE.com
What role will Maryse play? Photo- WWE.com

Ever since Maryse's return The Miz has been on the rise, gaining cheap heel heat with ease the chemistry he has with his wife is natural and suits both of them. After going through a difficult period where he saw himself drop from WWE Champion to someone who was barely doing anything meaningful it's good to see WWE using him correctly again. 

Pairing Miz with a returning Cesaro has worked so far for both men, with the feud allowing the Swiss Superman more time on the microphone to get his personality over (something he has desperately needed) and the match at Payback a chance for the number one contender to elevate the champion by putting on a great match. 

It's a tough one to predict as both men make good champions for different reasons, but after all the build Cesaro has had previous to his injury and the fact he is just as popular upon his return makes this a great chance for WWE to pull the trigger on a push for the talented superstar. 

Prediction- Cesaro 

Women's Championship Match: Charlotte (c) with. Ric Flair - Natalya with. Bret Hart 

Who will walk out with the title? Photo- CageSideSeats.com
Who will walk out with the title? Photo- CageSideSeats.com

Charlotte heads into Payback with the Women's Championship looking to continue the new newly branded women's division as she takes on veteran, Natalya. The number one contender brings with her Hall of Famer, Bret Hart as an attempt to counter Ric Flair who has helped Charlotte keep hold of the title ever since she won it.

The women have worked together plenty of times before, most notably in NXT but more recently at Roadblock and know how to put on a fantastic match, something they will be looking at doing again on Sunday. Charlotte defending the belt makes the most logical sense as the WWE will be hoping to have the new division solidified by a lengthy run. 

Prediction- Charlotte 

Sami Zayn - Kevin Owens 

The former friends will go to battle. Photo- WWE.com
The former friends will go to battle. Photo- WWE.com

The feud between these two former best friends has been ongoing ever since Kevin Owens debut in NXT, and will very likely not be coming to an end at Payback. It has been played out brilliantly by both and the video package that the WWE put together was very well done, giving this match a big fight feel. 

Both are the future of the company and are two of the very best on the roster, which means if they are given enough time they could eaily put on the match of the night in what is sure to be a hot crowd behind them. Either man could walk away with the victory and the feud could continue after, but having just lost his title giving Owens a small push with a victory would be the right decision, leaving Sami Zayn to try get his revenge. 

Prediction- Kevin Owens 

WWE WorldHeavyweight Championship match: Roman Reigns (c) - AJ Styles 

Can AJ beat 'The Guy' Photo- WWE.com
Can AJ beat 'The Guy' Photo- WWE.com

Who would have thought this time last year that AJ Styles would be competing in a WWE main event for the World Championship? Now it is reality the WWE and AJ Styles have proven what a fantastic idea it is, in a storyline that has been brilliantly thought out which brings a tense main event to Payback that WrestleMania was missing. 

Whilst the story is whether or not AJ can beat Roman Reigns the real question is whether he can do it on his own and what is going to happen with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows? 

Despite the former Bullet Club members claiming they believe Styles can get the job done on his own, they are certainly going to show up in some form, and this author believes they will be costing the former TNA man his chance at the title, and the man who s really pulling the strings will be revealed, Finn Balor. 

Prediction- Roman Reigns