Randy Orton explains his 'dive' comments
Orton ellaborated on his comments. Photo-WrestleZone.com

Randy Orton had the entire wrestling world talking recently when he shared his thoughts on independent wrestling via Twitter, creating mass debate amongst fans, journalists and wrestlers themselves. The topic continues to be discussed to this day, with independent wrestlers left feeling disrespected, although several have created merchandise from it, whilst others have agreed with the Viper's statements. 

The WWE veteran discussed his comments during a recent interview with Hot1041STL.com, and Orton went into more detail regarding his thoughts on the topic and what he meant by them. 

Orton explains

The former WWE Champion started out by stating he doesn't "have a problem with dives out of the ring," using AJ Styles as an example of someone who uses diving in the right way (in Orton's opinion). His problem with wrestlers diving is with those who "don't have anything to fall back on" and simply rely upon their highflying moves to get them over with a crowd.

Orton has made his feelings clear. Photo-Twitter.com
Orton has made his feelings clear. Photo-Twitter.com

Orton has concerns that the talent is only young and could "break their necks" which might end their career at an incredibly young age doing "things they shouldn't be doing." He also stated that he doesn't believe they are "making money from it," which makes him question why they are bothering. However, a counter argument would be that they are pulling off these moves simply to get over and be recognised to move up in the wrestling world and achieve more in the industry. 

Randy did give those who use dives credit, stating that it is a "display of athleticism" but went on to say he is not looking to watch "gymnastics." Instead, he wants to see "a story and a fight between a bad guy and a good guy," which he clearly doesn't believe takes place when dives come into the situation. Whilst Orton has certainly not changed his opinion on his comments, it is interesting to hear his point of view be explained a little better and this is now simply going to be a debate for the fans to cast judgement.