Goals and Highlights: Spain 31-34 Russian Olympic Committee in Women's Handball in Tokyo Olympics
Photo: International Handball Federation


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Group B

Spain now have four points, still in fourth place, while Russia climb to second place, level on points with Sweden! Spain hopes against Hungary to stay in the qualification zone!
2:41 AM2 months ago


End of the match and victory for ROC! By 34 to 31 the Russians beat the Spanish!
2:39 AM2 months ago


Ball in play and Russian possession. And we have a seven meter over Gorshkova, which Fomina hits the crossbar! After that Fernández was brought down, earning the seven meters that Peña hit to a save by goalkeeper Sedoykina!
2:38 AM2 months ago


On Gonzalez's shot Kalinina managed to save with her foot, up and away. And Russia is back to having six-line players at the moment, as ROC calls a timeout. Spain 30-34 ROC!
2:35 AM2 months ago


Nice counter-attack play and Lopez got the goal, as well as taking a Russian off the court with a foul and two minutes! But on the play Antonina received the foul and won the seven meters, which Fomina scored! Spain trails 28 x 34.
2:31 AM2 months ago


Ball in play and possession for Spain.
2:31 AM2 months ago


Two good plays by Russia and we already see ROC go way ahead at 32-26. Spain's timeout.
2:29 AM2 months ago


Spain again has six linemen on the court.
2:28 AM2 months ago


Ball in play once again. Russian possession, with Spain still one down.
2:27 AM2 months ago


Time requested by Russia. It is 30 to 26.
2:26 AM2 months ago


Navarro makes a beautiful save after a foul where Spain takes its first two minutes without an athlete on the court!
2:24 AM2 months ago


The ROC is back to having six line players as Spain narrows the score even further, to 29-26 to Russia!
2:23 AM2 months ago


Dmitrieva took out the defender and scored a beautiful goal. After that Rodriguez suffered a seven-meter, as well as making Russia have its first two minutes with a player out. Peña scored and we have Spain 24-29 ROC!
2:21 AM2 months ago


Dmitrieva received the foul and won a seven-meter. Vedekhina hit it and scored! After that Spain was without a goalkeeper and Kalinina scored from her own penalty area! 28-22 to ROC!
2:18 AM2 months ago


Seven meters to Spain and Peña hit, bringing the score down to 22-26 for ROC!
2:16 AM2 months ago


Good play by Spain after Russia shot ahead. We now have Spain 21 x 26 ROC!
2:13 AM2 months ago


Ball in play and possession for Spain.
2:13 AM2 months ago

8' Timeout

Sen received through the middle and got the goal for ROC. Now he calls timeout for Spain. It's 24-20 to ROC.
2:09 AM2 months ago


Vedekhina scores a beautiful goal over Navarro. After that she herself took off on the counterattack, making it 22-19 to ROC!
2:07 AM2 months ago


Kuznjecova je dosegla še en zadetek in Rusija je naredila preobrat. 20-19!
2:05 AM2 months ago


And the first goal of the second half is scored by Peña, which ties the game at 18-18! Gonzalez then made it 19-18 after a great save by Navarro!
2:02 AM2 months ago


Spain gives the ball out and the second half begins Spain 17x18 ROC!
2:01 AM2 months ago

Players on the court

The players reappear on the court to start the second half.
1:49 AM2 months ago


Russia took the lead early in the match, even getting ahead by five goals, but Spain fought back and closed the first half 18-17 to ROC!
1:48 AM2 months ago


Arcos scores and makes Spain pull up! After that there was a seven meters to ROC and Vedekhina scored. 18 to 16 for ROC!
1:44 AM2 months ago


Ball in play once again. Russian possession.
1:43 AM2 months ago


Seven meters to Spain on Fernandéz's play. Cabral hit and scored! In the sequence López, on a counter-attack, scored one more! Spain 14x17 ROC! After that Russia called timeout.
1:38 AM2 months ago


There was a seven yarder for ROC and Ilina came to bat, but Navarro flattened, saving Spain!
1:38 AM2 months ago


Good individual play by Fernández, who reduces the score. ROC wins 16-11.
1:35 AM2 months ago


Makeeva received a good pass, took off his marker and scored after some pressure from Spain. The match stands at Spain 10 - 14 ROC!
1:33 AM2 months ago


Ball in play and Spanish possession.
1:32 AM2 months ago


Spain asks for time at the moment. The game is 11-8 to Russia. Spain had seven turnovers, against three by Russia.
1:30 AM2 months ago


Martín received on the edge and gained a seven yarder by being knocked down. Cabral knocked it in and reduced it. 10 to 8 for Russia!
1:29 AM2 months ago


Hernandez was held up as she spun around on the marking. Seven meters and Martín and decreased, but Kuznetsova was knocked down for the seven metre that Ilina hit, to make it 9-7!
1:26 AM2 months ago


In a good move, Makeeva receives in the middle and scores for the Russians. 7 to 6 to ROC!
1:24 AM2 months ago


Martín scores a beautiful goal from the point. Now the match is 6-5 to the Russians.
1:20 AM2 months ago


Kuznetsova tried to finish after dribbling and was brought down on the edge of the area. Seven meters out, Ilina struck to make it 5-3 for Russia!
1:18 AM2 months ago


Managarova opens the scoring for the Russians, but Martín soon draws level! After this play Ilina was brought down while trying to finish and won a seven meters, which was done. 2-1 to ROC!
1:15 AM2 months ago


Russia takes the ball out of the middle of the court and the first 30 minutes of Spain and ROC begin!
1:12 AM2 months ago

National anthems

Now the national anthems are played in the court. The curiosity is that a song was chosen to represent the national anthem of the Russian Olympic Committee.
1:11 AM2 months ago


Hansen, coming from Denmark, will be the referee.
1:08 AM2 months ago

It will start!

The players enter the court to start the match!
12:59 AM2 months ago

The round - part 2

Today at 3:15 Hungary faces Sweden, the Netherlands face Montenegro at 6:30, and at 8:30 Norway plays Japan.
12:58 AM2 months ago

The round - part 1

The round so far has featured two matches. South Korea drew 31-31 with Angola and Brazil lost 29-22 to France.
12:55 AM2 months ago


The players have already warmed up and are now getting ready to take the court and start the decisive match.
12:43 AM2 months ago

Retrospect - part 2

In official matches there were 14 meetings, with three Spanish wins, four draws and seven Russian wins.
12:42 AM2 months ago

Retrospect - part 1

There are 19 matches between Spain and Russia in history, with six wins for Spain, four draws and nine wins for Russia.
12:21 AM2 months ago

Spain lined-up!

The Spanish players who will be going to the match have been announced!

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Good morning!

Good morning to all of you who follow VAVEL at the Olympics! We are now broadcasting the match between Spain and Russia, represented by the Russian Olympic Committee, in the quarter-finals of Handball at the Olympics!
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How things are going

So far the qualified teams are only Sweden, Russia and the Netherlands. Remember that the first-placed team in group A faces the fourth in group B, while the second-placed team faces the third and so on.
7:18 PM2 months ago

Group B

In Group B, the situation is as follows: Sweden leads with seven points. Russia comes with five, Spain has four, Brazil and France have three, with Hungary having two. Sweden is already in the next phase. Russia needs a win to secure qualification. Spain is threatened by Brazil, France and Hungary, who still dream of qualifying - Hungary is the most threatened of elimination.
7:13 PM2 months ago

Group A

In the other group, with the possible quarterfinal opponents of whoever comes from Russia and Sweden's group, the standings look like this: Nourega have eight points, already qualified, along with the Netherlands, who already have six points and are no longer out of the qualification zone. Montenegro, with four, is in third place but can still leave the quarterfinals, followed by three tied teams: Japan, South Korea and Angola, all with two points.
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Spain: sentence - part 2

A day later, on Wednesday (28), Spain beat Brazil by 27 to 23. And last Saturday Spain was defeated again, now to Hungary, by 29 to 25.
7:03 PM2 months ago

Spain: sentence - part 1

Spain made its debut on Sunday (25), when it lost to Sweden by 31-24. After that Spain faced France on Tuesday (27), when they got their first victory, by 28 to 25.
6:58 PM2 months ago

ROC: sentence - part 2

On Thursday (29), the Russians faced Hungary and managed to win, scoring a 38-31 victory. Finally the ROC faced France last Saturday (31), when they won 28-27.
6:53 PM2 months ago

ROC: sentence - part 1

 The Russian Olympic committee - which we will put here as ROC - started the Olympics by drawing with Brazil 24-24 on Saturday (24). After that the Russians faced Sweden on Tuesday (27), when they were defeated 36-24.
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