Full Highlights: Raptors 106-117 Suns in 2020 NBA Scrimmages
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Leading Scorers

PHO: Mikal Bridges - 26 points

TOR: Pascal Siakam - 17 points

5:22 PMa year ago

Suns & Raptors finish scrimmages

Both teams will head into the 'seeding games' after a 2-1 record in scrimmages.
5:21 PMa year ago

Q4 Ends

5:16 PMa year ago

Carter leads the Suns

5:14 PMa year ago

Q4 - 3:24

Watson 3pt Shot
5:13 PMa year ago

Q4 - 4:27

Miller 3pt Shot
5:10 PMa year ago

Q4 - 5:28

Jerome 3pt Shot
5:09 PMa year ago
The Suns currently have 19 steals!
5:07 PMa year ago

Q4 - 6:51

Kaminsky Driving Reverse Layup Shot
5:03 PMa year ago

Q4 - 7:58

Powell Running Finger Roll Layup Shot
5:00 PMa year ago

Q4 - 11:01

Okobo 3pt Shot
5:00 PMa year ago

Suns Stats

Bridges : 26PTS, 5AST, 3REB

Johnson : 19PTS, 3AST, 4REB

Rubio : 22PTS, 4AST, 4REB

4:53 PMa year ago

Lowry sets his feet and takes the charge

4:52 PMa year ago


4:52 PMa year ago

Q4 - 12:00

Last quarter is underway!
4:51 PMa year ago

Q3 Ends

Raptors 86-97 Suns
4:51 PMa year ago

Q3 - 1:06

Anunoby Driving Floating Jump Shot
4:48 PMa year ago

Q3 - 2:16

Johnson Running Alley Oop Dunk Shot
4:40 PMa year ago

DBook went UP

4:37 PMa year ago

Q3 - 5:41

Ayton Cutting Dunk Shot
4:37 PMa year ago

Q3 - 6:13

Rubio 3pt Shot
4:37 PMa year ago

Q3 - 6:49

Booker Cutting Dunk Shot
4:36 PMa year ago

Q3 - 7:27

Lowry 3pt Shot
4:36 PMa year ago

Q3 - 7:44

Bridges 3pt Shot
4:36 PMa year ago

Q3 - 8:16

Bridges 3pt Shot
4:36 PMa year ago

Q3 - 12:00

Second half starts!
4:08 PMa year ago

Q2 Ends

Suns 60-66 Raptors 
4:07 PMa year ago

Q2 - 0:37

Lowry 3pt Shot
4:02 PMa year ago

Q2 - 1:50

 Siakam 3pt Shot
3:58 PMa year ago

20 first half points for Mikal

Bridges Driving Reverse Layup Shot
3:55 PMa year ago

Q2 - 4:42

Rubio 3pt Shot
3:54 PMa year ago

OG blocks Rubio

3:54 PMa year ago


3:53 PMa year ago


3:53 PMa year ago

Q2 - 5:42

Siakam 3pt Shot
3:52 PMa year ago

Q2 - 6:36

 Bridges Running Layup Shot
3:52 PMa year ago

Q2 - 6:49

Bridges 3pt Shot
3:52 PMa year ago

Q2 - 7:17

 Bridges Fadeaway Jump Shot
3:40 PMa year ago

Q2 - 10:21

Powell Running Layup Shot
3:36 PMa year ago

Tough finish by Ayton

3:34 PMa year ago

Q2 - 12:00

Second quarter starts!
3:33 PMa year ago

Q1 Ends

Raptors 29-35 Suns
3:33 PMa year ago

Q1 - 0:41

Boucher Jump Shot
3:25 PMa year ago

Q1 - 2:53

Anunoby 3pt Shot
3:23 PMa year ago

Q1 - 4:38

 Ayton Tip Layup Shot
3:19 PMa year ago

Q1 - 6:31

Anunoby 3pt Shot
3:19 PMa year ago

Mikal doing work

3:17 PMa year ago

Gasol protecting the paint

3:16 PMa year ago

Q1 - 6:45

Booker Running Finger Roll Layup Shot
3:11 PMa year ago

Q1 - 8:56

VanVleet Jump Shot
3:11 PMa year ago

Q1 - 9:26

Johnson 3pt Shot
3:11 PMa year ago

Q1 - 9:56

Bridges Driving Layup Shot
3:04 PMa year ago

Q1 - 12:00

Game is underway!
2:58 PMa year ago

Perkins riding with Toronto

2:56 PMa year ago

Raptors 5

Lowry, VanVleet, Siakam, Ibaka & Gasol
2:26 PMa year ago

Toronto getting shots up

2:25 PMa year ago

Phoenix will be the home team at Orlando

2:24 PMa year ago

Suns 5

Rubio, Booker, Bridges, Johnson & Ayton
2:19 PMa year ago

Our live coverage begins!

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Last Day of Scrimmages

Miami vs Grizzlies (2 PM EST)

Raptors vs Suns (3 PM EST)

Pacers vs Spurs (4 PM EST)

OKC vs Blazers (6 PM EST)

Rockets vs Celtics (8 PM EST)

Mavs vs 76ers (8:30 PM EST)

11:39 AMa year ago


Devin Booker will be crutial for the Suns if they want to have chances to squeeze into the 8th. seed.

The All-Star is averaging 26 points, 4 rebounds and almost 7 assists per game this season.

11:37 AMa year ago

Last Meeting

Before the 'hiatus' these two teams faced. The Raptors defeated the Suns, 123-114. Pascal Siakam led the way for the Raptors with 33 points and 7 rebounds, while Devin Booker tallied 22 points and 10 assists for the Suns in the losing effort.
11:35 AMa year ago

Raptors Scrimmage Record

Toronto is looking to remain undefeated in these scrimmages after back-to-back wins against tough opponents like the Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers.

11:33 AMa year ago

Suns Scrimmage Record

Pheonix defeated the Jazz in their scrimmage opener but then got beat by the Celtics.

Today, they'll try to finish scrimmages on a high note.

11:31 AMa year ago

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