Goals and Highlights: FC Juárez 3-1 Querétaro, 2020 Copa MX


1:03 AM10 months ago


It's over! Querétaro is eliminated in the round of sixteen, Juarez will face Dorados
12:55 AM10 months ago


He's leaving! Jeison Lucumi leaves the meet and leaves Queretaro with ten
12:51 AM10 months ago


Goal of Juarez! Lezcano scores the third for Juarez
12:50 AM10 months ago


Penalty for Bravos! Paolo Yrizar contacts Alderete inside the area and the whistler doesn't hesitate
12:50 AM10 months ago


Change of Juarez. Enter Dario Lezcano and Diego Rolan, for B. Rubio and Angelo Sagal 
12:47 AM10 months ago


Well, the 'Kampa'! He comes out and rejects with his fists and in the end Velazquez fouls him
12:35 AM10 months ago


Querétaro goal! Fabian Castillo enters the area alone and defines beating Palos
12:26 AM10 months ago


Doorman! Elio Castro's header that the Kampa diverts
12:26 AM10 months ago


Change of Querétaro. Michael Perez leaves for Fabian Castillo 
12:21 AM10 months ago


Goal of Juarez! Rabuñal counter-attacking with his head and extending the lead 
12:13 AM10 months ago


Change of Querétaro. Enter Erick Yair Espinosa for R. Fernández
12:12 AM10 months ago


Complementary starts at the Benito Juarez Olympics
11:56 PM10 months ago


The first half ends, Juarez wins the game momentarily and draws on aggregate 
11:56 PM10 months ago


Goal of Juarez! Sagal enters only Ruíz's area with a filtered ball and beats the goalkeeper who can't do anything
11:50 PM10 months ago


Very decomposed shot from Querétaro that Palos dominates without problems
11:49 PM10 months ago


The game's too busy with a lot of fouls in midfield 
11:40 PM10 months ago


Good, Marcel! Dangerous center, but the quarryman gets up well and moves the ball away
11:32 PM10 months ago


Rafael Fernández cautioned for a foul on Mendieta
11:31 PM10 months ago


Good advance of Rabuñal that avoids Kadete to finish off inside the area
11:30 PM10 months ago


Another arrival from Querétaro! Yrizar delays the ball for Orejuela, who dares to shoot and the ball goes astray
11:27 PM10 months ago


Yrizar's shot is too crossed and goes too far off the arc
11:26 PM10 months ago


Doorman!! Good pass from Sagal to Rubio, but the 'Kampa' Ruiz throws himself and intercepts the ball
10:48 PM10 months ago

Querétaro: LineUp |

G. Ruíz; J. Aguilar, E. López, R. Fernández, M. Pérez; M. Ruíz, J. Orejuela, J. Suárez, O. Arellano; P. Yrizar, E. Triverio


10:45 PM10 months ago

FC Juárez: LineUp |

E. Palos, E. Castro, E. Borelli, V. Velázquez; E. Brambila, W. Mendieta, F. Nevarez, M. Rabuñal; A. Sagal, B. Rubio, R. Aderete.

10:28 PM10 months ago
Querétaro already steps on the court of Juarez
10:27 PM10 months ago
Check the numbers of the previous duels between these teams
10:22 PM10 months ago
The Queretaro people have already arrived at the Benito Juarez Olympics in search of a place in the quarterfinals
12:27 PM10 months ago
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12:27 PM10 months ago

How to watch FC Juárez vs Querétaro Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: AYM, Fox Sports  2.

If you want to directly stream it: Fox Sports App.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

12:22 PM10 months ago

Querétaro: Last LineUp |

G. Ruíz, J. Aguilar, E. López, M. Pérez; M. Ruíz, J. Suárez, A. Nava, O. Arellano, J. Cortizo; P. Yrízar, E. Triverio.
12:22 PM10 months ago

FC Juárez: Last LineUp |

E. Palos; E. Castro, E. Borelli; G. Sandoval, E. Brambila, W. Mendieta, M. Viniegra, F. Nevarez, M. Rabuñal, O. Panuco; B. Rubio
12:15 PM10 months ago

Kick-off Time

The FC Juárez vs Querétaro match will be played at the Olímpico Benito Juárez stadium, in Cd. Juaréz, Chihuaha. The kick-off is scheduled at 09:10pm ET.
11:55 AM10 months ago

The Albiazules will go all over Cd. Juarez

Queretaro will arrive to this match after beating Puebla by the minimum in the League and beating Juarez in a pleasant match at the Corregidora stadium, so tonight they will go in search of increasing that advantage and thus qualify to the quarterfinals
11:53 AM10 months ago

Juarez in search of a comeback

The Bravos arrive at this match after beating Morelia three times in the League and three times two in the Cup in Queretaro, so this week they will make the emotional part count and seek to enter the quarterfinals
11:42 AM10 months ago
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